How To Monitor How Your Employees Spend Their Time without Being Offensive

Making sure that you have the right employees is just one small part of running a business. The problem is that over time, your employees may get a little too comfortable working for your company and this can lead to extended breaks and even them not trying as hard to meet goals and targets.  Another issue is that they might not even realise that they are doing this, and this can cause real issues for your business.

Late Employees

If your employees are late then there is a high chance that they will have a good excuse for being so. They may have a child who is not feeling well or they may have had their car break down on the way. As an employer, you will never really know if these excuses are real or if they are making them up as the weeks go by and this can all impact your business. One way to get around this would be for you to monitor your employees, so that you can keep track of the hours they are putting in. When you hire a company such as Payroll.Services, you can then use this data to make sure that your employees are actually getting paid for the time that they work.



If you know that one of your employees is not giving 100% to your company or if they are continually showing up late to work then it is a shame to keep them on as a staff member. If they are outperforming someone who puts in the full 8 hours however, then you may not be able to fire them as they do contribute to your company. For this reason, you need to focus on the work that your employees are outputting rather than the hours that they are putting in. Time isn’t always a measure of dedication or success.


Be Careful

You can’t exactly put a tracker on your employees to make sure that they are arriving to work on

time, and there are privacy laws to try and protect this. You can however, monitor an employee’s computer to see when they login and when they logout every single day. You have the legal right to monitor your employees during the hours that they work but if you go ahead and install CCTV without telling anyone then this could land you in some hot water with your staff. For this reason, it’s important to track employees when it’s required, and if you do, you need to respect their boundaries and do it in a way that is not going to spook them or worry them on a daily basis, as this will only impact their performance further.

Employees who work billable hours will probably like something that tracks their working hours as it means that they get paid more accurately, but people who work on a salary may grow to resent the system as it puts them under even more pressure. To find out which option is right for you, it helps to talk with your team, your employees and more, to get to the bottom of the issue so you can implement the right measures.


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