How to Make Money Online – No BS here!

Sorry for not writing for so long!  I was busy with getting my mommy blog sorted out because it was just so slow. I am so chuffed because I got Abid from SeoClerks to sort it out and it is rocking again!

Ok so let’s talk about how to make money online. You have probably been chasing all the ads you find online looking for a way to make money online, right? And you have probably been burned a number of times or you are disheartened trying to find something because everything looks like a scam?

Damn straight it is probably a scam. I have been working on this website since June 2015 and when I started I reviewed a number of different opportunities that I came across and I am so tired of it. I am so tired of seeing the same bullshit with a new name.

These stupid sales videos with people showing their flashy cars, claiming they have made millions, fast, easy and on autopilot (and you can too) are starting to make me feel sick. The internet is riddled with these scams and rubbish opportunities.

I was offered a job on Webfluential last week to write a review on my mommy blog website. I would have been paid $300 to write a post, create a Youtube video and share it on my social networks. That is $300 I could have made easy in one morning.

It sounds great to make money online like that right?

No not really. It was for a multi level marketing opportunity and they were asking me to tell all my mommy fans that they can make money easily and travel the world with their kids… like thousands of other mothers have done.

The problem is two fold here, the first issue being that multi level marketing just sucks.

I’ll say it straight here. I think it is dishonest because most people don’t make money, most people end up losing and being disheartened. Yes some people make some money but the majority lose, just like happens in a pyramid scheme.

So I would have to go against what I believe in and put my fans at risk of losing money.

The second issue is that I have been very vocal about how I feel about MLM on this website, so how can I go onto one of my other websites and rave about this shitty opportunity? What would that do to my reputation? How would anyone be able to trust me?

And this to me is the big part of what I see wrong with what is happening online today. People are just saying whatever they can to get a sale and this to me is wrong.

Some people just don’t care that what they are promoting is an awful opportunity, they know full well but they don’t care as long as they can make a few bucks. And then there are others that do care but don’t investigate the opportunity properly, they believe what they are fed by others and spread these awful things online.

How to make money online without the BS

So really now can it be done? Making money online I mean?

How to Make Money Online

Of course you can make money online, there are loads of people doing it.

I am making money online, but I am not making millions sorry and I don’t make money easy, overnight without doing a thing.

The truth is that I graft my ass off and if you want to make money online you will have to do the same thing. And no I don’t take screenshots of my bank accounts or hire flashy cars to make trashy videos.

The problem is that this is not what people want to hear. They want to hear that they can get rich easily without doing any work.

If that is you then my website is not the place for you, this is a no bullshit space.

My website will show you how to make a full time income online, what steps to take to get there and teach you how to market your website online.

So how do you make money online then? It is quite simple really you just decide what type of online business you want and then you create your website, create content, market it properly and monetize it.

It may sound simple but it is a little more complicated than that.

Decide What Type Of Online Business You Want

The first thing you need to do is decide what type of online business you want.

Do you want to set up an online store and sell physical products? Do you want to create a blog where you share about things you are passionate about?

Just keep in mind that whatever type of business you set up you will be able to monetize it in a number of different ways. As long as you have traffic to your website you can make money.

The way that I make money is blogging and affiliate marketing. I don’t have any physical products, all I do is research and write.

I share what I know, or about my experiences and I absolutely love it.

What you need to look out for with all these “opportunities” is that most of them are limiting you to what they offer. What you need to do to make money online is to have full control over everything that you do, something that you love.

Don’t be limited or controlled by anyone else. Don’t let them tell you how to market their products.

You choose your niche. You choose your business type. You choose the products you promote. You choose the way you market your business.

This is important.

So what do YOU want to do?

Create Your Money Making Website

There are loads of places that offer free websites and there are lots of ways to go about it.

With a free website you will obviously be limited in various ways depending on where you build your website. I can’t tell you what the limitations are, you will need to check this with the website builder.

I have two top recommendations here.

The first one is to build your website through Wealthy Affiliate – you can read my full Wealthy Affiliate review here for why I recommend this if you are a complete beginner. Wealthy Affiliate simply offers the best online marketing training and support you can get.

My second recommendation is to get someone to build you a basic website and then you can take over from there. You will need to buy a domain name and get hosting.

Of course if you know how to set up your own website then go for it. I prefer building my websites at Wealthy Affiliate because it is just so easy. I have three websites set up there, including this one.

I have one website that is not with Wealthy Affiliate simply because I had that one built for me before I joined them.

Create Content for your Website

So once you have your website set up you will need to add content to it, loads of content. This is a big job and it takes time. Not only to add the content but to learn how to do it properly.

It takes time to learn how create great quality content. Learning new skills and implementing them takes time and hard work.

This is something you need to do.

The more content you create the more traffic you will get to your website, the more money you can make.

I have written quite a lot about creating content already so check out these posts and have a look around my website for more information:

The big thing in my opinion is to be true to yourself and really be passionate about the things that you share on your website. This will catch the interest of your readers and they will begin to trust you and follow you. They will be loyal. This is what you need in order to make money onlinel.

Market your website

Creating content is a biggie when it comes to making money online. Now you need to know how to market your website and your content.

So there are different aspects of marketing and they are all parts of the puzzles so I suggest you implement all of these:

Oh and apparently the biggest trend for 2017 will be video marketing!

So get yourself in there and get started. I will be sharing some information on Youtube marketing and social media marketing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instragram and Google Plus soon.

In the meantime check out this post about Mass Planner, oh my gosh that got my social networks pumping and just took almost all the work away.

Monetizing your Website Content

Yes only now do we come to the fun part! There are loads of different ways to monetize your website when you have some traffic.

Here are just a few ways to do this, I make use of most of these, except I stopped selling physical products when I fell in love with affiliate marketing:

  • Sign up for Adsense or another type of ad revenue program
  • Monetize your Youtube channel and earn from your Youtube videos
  • Offer paid banner advertising places on your website
  • Sell physical products
  • Sell services
  • Sell paid advertising on your website such as social media marketing services, events advertising or business/ product reviews
  • Run competitions and get paid for all the sms entries (Yes I do this on my Mommy Blog with Baby Competitions)
  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Create digital products and sell them such as eBooks or training courses

There are plenty more ways to monetize your website, just get creative and have fun!

The whole point of this post is to please stop chasing the next best thing, only choose something that gives you full control over your own business and your choices.

Go with something that will show you how to make money in the way you want to, a place that shows you all the different ways that you can. A place that broadens your mind and leaves all your options open.

I hope you have enjoyed this post about how to make money online, if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will come back to you as soon as possible.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hey Lynne

    Great to read your post.

    I love a no bullshit read, especially when it comes to making money online.

    Too many rip off merchants taking money from those in vulnerable states, and we have all been there.

    I am going to take a look at your Mass planner as I need to start to work smarter for utilising my time online, juggling full-time work and family is sometimes making my online business suffer.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. its with great pleasure that i have i receved this information and i regarded it soo vital and useful on my stage since i have wasted a lots of money and materials such as personal computer with simple thing and with the information you have provided im honestly planning to create and generate my own money by using online of which i have failed to doin the past
    thanks for providing me with good information and hope to see many updates forwards


    • Hi Jose

      There is honestly no need to spend huge amounts of money to make money online. A lot of it can be done without spending anything.

      Stay away from all those get rich schemes and anything that says it will be easy and fast with no work.

      It is quite simple, you do have to put the work in and when you do that you will find that you can earn online.

  3. Thanks for writing this article. First and foremost I have to applaud you for standing your ground. A lot of people would have just taken the $300 and did what that MLM wanted. But clearly you have a conscious. Your visitors will respect that and trust you for it. That all said I agree with your approach to making money and your recommendation. It’s how I’ve been able to make a full time income for over a decade. So I know it works. You’re giving people solid advice here!

    • Hi Eddy

      Oh my it is Eddy with a Y! How lovely to have you visit my website since I have spent so much time on yours 🙂

      It was a no brainer really. I can’t think of a faster way to kill my websites and my online trust than to rave about an MLM opportunity. I can’t stand them and everyone knows it too.

  4. Hi, Lynne. I agree with you and I too hate to see sites that claimed to make millions with photos of big houses and flashy expensive cars.
    But their sales pitch is so convincing and newbies can be easily fooled.
    I joined Wealthy Affiliate, initially on a free membership. After going through the free courses, I was convinced and hungry to learn more. I signed up as a Premium member and it was the best online investment I made to date.

    • Yes it is refreshing that Wealthy Affiliate offers such a great platform for learning all you need to know about working online.

      I am so over even reviewing all these other ridiculous schemes. If something is really trending and I can save a few people from wasting all their money I might just do a review but it has become so boring!

  5. This is definitely a great straightforward no pulling punches article about how to effectively make money online. My type of read. No fluff, no making it sound like champagne and roses. Just honest material that if someone takes in and digests, and takes action, will find some success. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Robert

      I am so glad you enjoyed it, I just don’t have the time and energy for BS anymore or to fluff my words up to try and not offend anyone. I like to just say it like it is!

  6. Thanks so so much for the informative read!

    Especially explaining all the different ways its possible to earn online. SEO really intrigues me and will definitely read more of your posts/pages to learn more things!

    There are just so many other programs out there that are out to waste your time and money!

    Thanks for the great read!!

    • Hi Clayton

      It is a pleasure and yes there are loads of ways to make money online, you are honestly just limited by your own creativity!

      You really should start learning about SEO techniques, it will make such a difference to your online efforts. If you have any questions let me know.

  7. Lynne, great info and good to see your straight forward and no nonsense approach. There are so many out there that are ready to take our money and provide us with nothing. I’ve been with WA now for a while and it is good to see how there is actually a big, reputable company out there that is showing people how to make money in this business without ripping people off. Given my WA experience (short though it is) everything you say on your site here makes sense to me, and you’ve given my quite a few good ideas to try as well. Thanks again!


    • Hi Randy

      Then you are at the best place you can be in my opinion.

      I am not an expert or anything, but I have gone through all the step by step courses that WA has to offer and I stay there for all the extra training that is offered, especially the weekly live Webinars (oh I love those!), support and of course for networking.

      It is almost like a professional social network for online marketers! I have no problem paying the Premium fee… I see it as an investment into my future for sure!

  8. Aw… I tried to join you on Webfluential but I don’t have a Twitter or Instagram account. Please let me know if they ever add Pinterest, Google Plus, Linked In or Flipboard. Ta!

    • Hi Lauren

      I am sure you can join without those social networks, you do have a Facebook page don’t you? I’m sorry you were having difficulty, if you contact their support they are really quick and efficient so maybe give that a go?

  9. Hi Lynne

    Loved reading this article and I applaud you for not taking the money and maintaining your principles.
    Making money online is hard but totally doable with hard work and consistency.
    One reason I think there are so many failures in this industry is because people are led to believe it’s easy to make money by unethical marketers who just want you to buy the next shiny object. I am on the list of a few and they have no problem sending different make money courses week after week. How is that helping your subscribers?
    I really enjoyed this no BS approach you took in writing this article, it needs to be said and needs to be said more often.

    • Yes I know exactly what you mean, there is always something new on the market and most of it is rubbish! I don’t even bother looking at anything anymore because it is just a waste of my time. 

  10. When I click on Mass Planner! I get this message???
    Sorry, our service is discontinued.

    • Hey Luther – yes they closed down to new members, but they are still running for old members. They had problems with Facebook and Instagram taking action against them for going against their terms and conditions regarding automated software. So they are still running for some social networks but the one that I need was Facebook since I have so many followers. I have yet to update all my content with that update, so thanks for the reminder! I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I am now using Social Jukebox, the paid version so I can link up to 10 accounts. They don’t have close to the same features that Mass Planner had on offer but it does the job for me. Social Jukebox also has a free account you can use which is quite handy, feel free to give them a go.

      On the bright side it is much easier to work and it is online, not a program you download to your computer. I have not done any training on it as yet.

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