How To Make Money On The Weekends

Weekend jobs are a great idea if you want to add some extra cash to your wallet. You may even make money without working for someone and pursuing a creative side hustle. The best thing about these jobs and side hustles is that there is something for everyone, students, professionals, homemakers, and even retirees. You can pick a job or hustle that matches your skills and may even find a means to make money without skills. All you need to do is explore your options and find a perfect fit. If you are short of ideas for making money on the weekends, here are some you can try.

Make money online spare time

Get a food delivery job

A food delivery job can make you good money over weekends as the employer pays and customers tip. Workers are in high demand in this segment as eating out is passé, and people prefer to order their favorites. It is a great option if you can drive and have a vehicle, so you need not have an extra skill except the ability to impress customers as you drop food at their doorstep.

Try your hand at tutoring

If you are qualified and knowledgeable, trying your hand at tutoring is a good idea. Since you will probably do it as a side hustle, you need not have a certification. As long as you know the subjects and are good at communicating, you can easily have students coming in. Just spread the word around to get kids in the neighborhood for your classes. You may even consider teaching online through a digital platform.

Take up freelancing projects online

The smartest way to make money on the weekends is by taking up freelancing projects online. You may leverage skills like designing or writing or even pocket a few dollars by taking online surveys. Owning a Mac gets you a good start with finding such projects online. Make sure you have the device in top shape before you work on the assignments. Consider cleaning redundant files and apps to start with. You can check https://setapp.com/how-to/how-to-clear-purgeable-space-on-macos to see how it is done. Catch up on the extra space, and you are good to go with your first project.

Working in store

Work in a retail store

Retail businesses are among the few running even during the pandemic, so you can easily work here for weekends. Even students and homemakers can work at retail stores because you need not be qualified. Foot traffic is often higher for stores during the weekends, and owners always need extra pairs of hands. Drop-in at the nearest one, and you will have a job before you expect.


If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can easily spend weekends upcycling your stuff and selling it at a profit. Consider painting old furniture, making crafts with old things at home, or experimenting with furnishings. A little creativity can help you design hot-selling items. You can organize a garage sale or sell online. The idea lets you declutter your home and make money without investment.

Earning money on weekends requires creative thinking and commitment. If you have both, you can definitely find the right ways to do it.


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