How to Learn how to Make Money Online

Do you want to know how to learn how to make money online?

How to learn how to make money online piggyThere are so many scams out there, get rich quick schemes and websites offering to make you money overnight! I know this because I have come across them all the time looking for a real, honest way to make money online.

How many of these websites actually explain to you in detail how to make money before you have to pay something? The websites are flashy, claiming to make you rich with empty promises but no real information!

I have come across various websites offering:

None of these options fit my idea of firstly real work, nor does it fit my idea of being an honest way to make a living. How does liking Facebook pages for a income equal doing something honest and fulfilling for a career?

I have been working online for 4 years now and I have had to figure out how to do everything on my own. I researched online for information every step of the way. The problem is that so many people use “blackhat” techniques to try and rank their websites and then share this information as the correct way to do things. It was very hard for me in the beginning to figure out what is the correct way to do things and what is wrong.

Very often so called SEO experts have given me advice that has been wrong for my business, wrong for any online business.

The main thing I have been focused on during the last 4 years is how to learn how to make honest money online. Finding one place that gives me all the information I need has been impossible (until now, keep reading). My goal for this website is to share everything I have learned so you too can make honest money online.

This means that nothing I share will be a “get rich quick” scheme. If you are looking to make money overnight this is not the place for you. Your best bet would be to try the lottery.

If you are prepared to put in the effort and make an investment into your future then carry on reading. I have some wonderful things to share with you!

The best part? It is FREE!How to learn how to make money online free

What do you need to start your own online business?

Just 3 simple things!

  • Training & Support
  • A Website
  • Learning & Practice

What I am going to share with you will provide you with all these things and more. The only thing you need to add in is dedication and you will succeed!

How to Learn How to Make Money Online

Firstly the things I am going to show you are all free, or free to use and try before you buy. I will share powerful tools to show you how to succeed online and make money online.

The first and best thing I am going to share with you is how to set up an online business for free, yes for $0!

How to learn how to make money online laptop

Sign up to the Wealthy Affiliate starter and this is what you will receive:

Training & Support

  • If you are completely new at this don’t panic, there is incredible step by step training from the start
  • Personal support from me (username Lynnehuy)
  • Ongoing 24 hour discussions and live chat
  • Help from a massive community

2 FREE websites

  • 2 fully functional WordPress websites that you will be trained to set up and manage yourself

Learning & Practice

  • Video Classes
  • Tutorials
  • Classrooms
  • Training Courses

Wealthy Affiliates will guide you through the whole process:

  • Choosing a niche for your website
  • Choosing a domain name for your website
  • Setting up your website
  • Choosing keywords that will generate traffic and increase ranking
  • How to generate traffic (without traffic you can’t make money!)
  • How to make money from your website

There is also a Premium package available which gives you access to so much more, making it even easier to make money online! There is no obligation to choose Premium, you are welcome to stay on Starter forever with no obligation!

Sign up now and see for yourself! There is no hidden catch.

Here is what Starter and Premium offer:

How to Learn How to Make Money online Premium vs starter

I can’t wait for you to try this out and tell me what you think! Please leave a comment below, I would love to know your thoughts.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have to admit I had a lot of trial and errors originally when I wanted to build my online business. And I agree with you, there are so many websites claiming that you can succeed online if you sign up for their products, but actually don’t provide any training or support and you are left on your own.
    I had tried to build the website myself couple of years ago and failed miserably because I didn’t have any knowledge of the SEO and keywords ranking .
    Now I can honestly say that being with Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months produced more results than I have achieved for a year previously on my own.
    All the support and training are second to none and I have tried a few programs before.
    It’s a great program and I encourage people to try for themselves and see. It is a free trial, there is absolutely nothing to loose.
    thank you for posting this.

    • Pleasure Milla. I am not surprised you are enjoying it! I have loved it from the first minute.

  2. Hello, Lynne.
    I enjoyed my visit to your site today. You have given the public information that they can use if they are planning on starting an Online Business. Letting them know about Wealthy Affiliate University will be beneficial for them to get started.

    The information you give on How to Learn How to make Money Online. You pointed out the jobs that could be considered as scamming to the public is information they can use to be careful about knowing what to look for to prevent scamming.

    Letting the public know that Wealthy Affiliate University is excellent for getting the training needed to start an online business will be beneficial. Take care, Lynne.

    • Thanks Prince, I am glad you enjoyed my site, thank you for visiting.

  3. Great information you have here. And just like you I have been hit several times with scam products and services. People claiming to make me a millionaire over time.
    And having so called internet marketing gurus teaching me stuffs that don’t work
    I will like to try out this program of yours as it sounds quite convincing. but i am a bit skeptical.

    What makes this program different from the others?

    • Hi Fidel 🙂 You are welcome to be skeptical, I am too.This program won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it will teach you everything you have to know about running an online business and be successful. Stay skeptical (I think this is a great trait lol), pay nothing and have a look for yourself.

  4. I didn’t realize that all content had to be related to your niche…
    Your advice….

    (Choose only keywords that are relevant to your website niche, Google will like this. Adding content to your website not related to your niche can drop your ranking!)

    Thank you for the tip…sometimes I like to offer different topics on my website to develop a more diverse following and at the same time correlate my niche into the article, but I can see that maybe I need to concentrate more on my niche. Thanks again.
    Best regards,
    Gunny Mac

    • Hi Mac. I didn’t either until recently! I am learning something new every day and that has been something that I took note of.

  5. Hello Lynne, I agree that this way is really the good one for working online but also those related above in your article are not all bad like typing and filling out surveys. is it possible to describe them also, may be in your future reviews so that we can understand well the real difference?

    • Charlotte yes I will be adding that on as soon as I can. Yes I am sure there are real typing and filling out surveys opportunities but they are few and far between. In addition I doubt you can make a living out of it, maybe some pocket money but nothing more.

  6. I have to say that your totally right.

    I’m a member at Wealthy Affiliate and it truly is the best training and support for building an online business.

    Not only that but its free to try. Who wouldn’t at least give it a try for free? It really makes sense and I hope your readers take your advice. Thanks for sharing.


    • Thanks for visiting Robert. I’m not surprised you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate, what’s not to like!

  7. Fantastic, absolutely the best review on WA I have ever seen. You have this deal down pat young man. The only thing that I can see that might clean it up a bit is to reset your right margins so everything is better aligned on that side of the page. I saw no misspelled words or grammar infractions at all. You certainly made people feel like they were ready to jump in and get to work, if only they knew just how much work (LOL)

    Seriously I enjoyed reading your content both in the review and before. Best of everything to you as I am sure that success is yours.

    • Thanks for the guidance Sharon, much appreciated! I’ll have a look at my margins 🙂
      Yes it is hard work, but that is how to make money! Nothing comes without putting in the work first!

  8. Hey there, Wasn’t sure where you were going with this article until I read further on, and now I see you are talking about Wealthy Affiliate! How long you been around? this is a really good article, and I think people need to realize even if they paid ( or just take the free version) They aren’t missing out on anything!
    Thanks for this!
    Matt THeDopestMatrix

  9. Great review! I just recently joined Wealthy Affiliate and everything you said is true. It took me a month to decide. Because for one month, I was using their free service as described above and was able to discuss with the community to check if this is real and legit. I am happy to be in this community. It is the best thing I found online.

    • Thanks for your input Chris! I am glad you are enjoying it as much as I am 🙂

  10. I have seen many online marketers writing and second handing this wealthy affiliate, it this a promotional or is it really or a scam? How can I believe it is legit? It it really free to join? Does it have up sells I mean selling other items besides your premium membership fee?

    • Hi Divican. Yes completely free for the Starter membership and it is not a free trial for a month, it is forever free. You will see when you join for free that it is legit.
      Yes very good question about upsells, the answer is no there is nothing else you have to pay for. However if you want to do something like have your own domain name and not a subdomain you are welcome to buy a domain name.

  11. Hi Lynne

    Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts on making money online.
    You are absolutely on the nose about there being so many companies offering the world and not delivering.
    I am a Wealthy Affiliate member myself and have been for a couple of months now.
    You are directing people through this article to the one place that they can learn all the skills required to succeed online.

    Great stuff


  12. Hi Lynne,
    I totally agree with you. Better be cautious before joining any business opportunity, online and offline. So far Wealthy Affiliate stand tall with the best training and support!

    • You are so right Leonardo, always be cautious and check it out carefully. I always look for scam reviews online before attempting to join anything.

  13. Lynne, you are so right when it comes to the number of outright scams and scammers there are online today just ready to take your money without giving any thing of value in return.

    I’ve seen plenty of the type you have listed here and these are just some of many that people have to look out for.

    It’s good to see that you managed to find your way out of all that and to somewhere you say has given you a lot of the answers you were looking for at Wealthy Affiliate.

    And they give you a lot too, even as a free member, how can they do that?

    • Mark it is incredible what they offer. Most people sign up for Premium as soon as they see the value in what they offer! It took me 24 hours to upgrade to Premium because I wanted as much as I can get. The Starter package offers loads, but Premium is even better!

      The community is incredible and it is truly about everyone helping each other. You won’t find better support out there. Plus the owners themselves are online regularly and there ready to help with anything you need.

  14. Lynne,

    Site looks very nice….just a suggestion….it would be nice to read about whatever success you have experienced through WA. Readers,and/or potential affiliates are prone to purchase when they can relate to the writer. Perhaps enlighten them on the failures/false starts that you experienced first hand. .

    Hope that helps.


    • Thanks for the suggestion Sal 🙂 I will take you up on that soon.

  15. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for sharing your 4 year experience and an honest way to make money online, Everyone wants to earn money online but we must also focus on what kind of work we are doing, are we providing any value to the society, liking facebook pages is ofcourse not providing any value to anyone,lol. If we believe our work is good and honest and we feel proud when we share it with others, then only we must start it and look how to monetize it and how to scale it to the power of infinity.


    • Hi Kunal, thank you for putting it in those words, are we providing any value? Certainly not with playing games for money or liking Facebook pages!

  16. Hello Lynne,

    Very much enjoyed reading your site, since I am exactly the person your mentioned on your home page….going from ‘program to program’ looking for and trying the flashy get rich quick schemes….with no work! I finally saw the light and learned the hard way “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is”! Hence, here I am at WA.

    Your site is well presented, organized, easy to follow. The only problem I noticed was on your review page….you mentioned a drop down menu, but couldn’t see where it was….

    Great work Lynne…and hooray for WA! Bruce

    • Hi Bruce 🙂 Thanks for your feedback, I’ll check out the menu and see what the problem is, I probably did something silly! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I am glad you have found WA now, at least you can decide exactly what you want to do!

  17. Great site! I, for one, would be a prime candidate in your niche….I have tried many of the MLM schemes out there, and even other simpler ‘programs’ with the flashy websites and pie-in-the-sky promises…for no work! I finally saw the light, realized income must be earned, hence here I am at WA…

    • Glad to hear it Bruce. For me it was more the disappointment whenever I found something wasn’t what it appeared to be. Knowing there had to be something out there kept me driven and searching.

  18. Great information, Lynne. I, too, have fallen prey to many different schemes over the years that claimed I would make money online. In the beginning, I didn’t know how any of it worked and with nobody around to really show me how to earn and explain how/why things worked or didn’t, I parted with more money than I’d care to admit to.

    I’m glad there are people online now, like you, who are committed to helping out people who want to make a living and work from home. If I’d had something like this in the beginning, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping in. Yes it is very sad that there are so many scams. I am sorry you lost money trying to find something!

  19. Hello Lynne,

    You are right there are so many scams out there these days and they promise you the moon and expect you to believe them.
    Liking pages for a living on Facebook might get you some income but how boring, I would put that right up there with doing surveys.
    You have pointed poeple in the right direction, get your own business and start making something of yourself and be the boss.
    WA is a great place to start and you can start for free.
    Thanks for such a great article.

    • Thanks for your feedback San. I can’t see how liking Facebook pages is honest! It is just plain unethical! Surely everyone wants to be able to do something worthwhile with their time and do something they can be proud of!

  20. Hi Lynne,

    Yes, you are right about the 3 things that you need to start your own online business. But an even more important question is: how do you succeed with your online business? To answer this, I would add another 3 things:
    1) A strong work ethic – you won’t get far unless you are prepared to work hard at this like you would anything else.
    2) The ability to stay focused – don’t get distracted by every shiny new object that comes along. Also, don’t get too distracted by emails and social media. They are important, but so is writing content for your website.
    3) The ability to learn from your mistakes – if something doesn’t quite work out as you had hoped, don’t just throw in the towel. Find out why it didn’t work, and improve on that. Also, don’t be afraid to ask other people for feedback. This can be the best way to learn and grow.

    I hope that helps,

    • Hi Marcus, thank you so much for adding those points! Those are essential to success.

  21. Hey, Lynne!

    Just like you, I have come across many ways to make money online and have unfortunately fallen for some of them, but at least I know what doesn’t work online now 🙂

    Thanks very much for sharing what it takes to start a real online business from home, and Wealthy Affiliate looks Amazing from seeing all the benefits too!

    The Premium membership option also seems like something worth investing in to as well 😀


    • Hi Neil

      It is the best website I have come across in 4 years. I pay the Premium membership because I get so much benefit from it, but you can just use the Starter membership 🙂

      Kind Regards


  22. Well it makes a refreshing change to end up on one of these pages and not get a make money now message thrown in my face – happens all too often.
    This looks like a pretty decent choice to earn a little extra online. Is it hard work and is there a lot to learn? Is it suitable to internet newcomers?

    • Hi Chris

      It is a great choice. Yes it is hard work, I won’t lie to you! But the fact is if you want to make money you will need to work hard. There is no such thing as make thousands overnight easily. It is hard work but it will pay in the end.

      There is a lot to learn, but everything is there in step by step training from the start with easy tasks to complete at the end of every training lesson. As you learn you put into practice what you have learned. This makes it a great way to set up your business.

      Kind Regards


  23. I agree that there are a lot of scams out there when it comes to making money especially online. It is truly amazing the number of people that fall for such items due maybe to the fact that they are despite when it comes to money. I see it every day in the “work for some one else” job that I still maintain while I am building my business. I know it will take some time by I put time and effort into it every single day, and that is what everyone needs to do.

    • Hi Angela

      Thanks for your feedback. Yes I agree, build up your online business slowly while working your full time job is a wise move. Eventually it will pay off and your will be earning residual income online.

      Best of luck with building your online business. I am sure you will be making money online soon!

      Kind Regards


  24. Hi Lynne

    Thanks for your article I also joined wealthy affiliate and would have to agree with many of the other comments and your article, that it is an excellent training opportunity and has a very good support system that I certainly find invaluable for my work.

    I think most of the other (scam) sites are really just trying to sell a product, whereas wealthy affiliate gains its followers because of the materials and support it offers, so it doesn’t need the hard sell which is a pleasant relief.

    PS – I know (theoretically) how to make money from gaming, but you have to be really into it and although the money on most sites is supposed to stay within the game, there are those that find ways (illegally usually) to cash it into the real world.

    • Hi Marie. I’m glad you enjoyed my article and agree with my opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. I also don’t enjoy hard sell websites!

      You mean making money by playing games online? I would be very interested in knowing if you can make decent money doing that and how you do it. Not for me of course, but to share with my readers.

  25. Hi, I stumbled upon this site, which is amazing I must say! Such a useful and quality content and site layout overall .
    Very good written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.
    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us and good luck.
    Best regards

    • Hi Kush100 🙂 Thanks for visiting, I am glad you have enjoyed my site. Let me know if there is something I can help you with!

  26. Hi Lynne

    Every attempt at making any kind of money online has ended in failure up until this point.

    I love the idea of affiliate marketing. I see you talk about Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve seen this around before but never quite took the plunge.

    I’ve read loads of stuff in the past and apparently the first step of building an online business is to choose an interest.

    This has always been my downfall. I hear you should choose your passion, but what if there’s no money to be made in that area?

    Surely, if building an online business was my passion then the subject of my website would be less important, especially if the subject I chose had the potential to make some good money. In that case, maybe that niche would be become my passion?

    I hope all of that makes sense? Do you have any advice or does the training at Wealthy Affiliate cover this?

    Thanks in advance

    • Hey Lee, yes the training covers all of this but I am more than happy to answer your questions.

      Think about it, there are more than 2 billion people online, whatever you are passionate about other people are too. There is a way to earn money in any niche, you can review books about that niche and be an Amazon affiliate and earn commission on those book sales.

      Trust me, whatever your passion is there is a way to earn money from it.

      If you add quality content that your readers enjoy (Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do this) you will get traffic, and if you get traffic you can earn just by adding Google Adsense to your website if you don’t want to be an affiliate on products. You can sell advertising space on your website…. the sky is the limit to the ways you can earn online.

      The most important thing is that you choose something you are passionate about because you will need to always be adding new content. You need something that you can always come up with ideas for new content.

      I hope that answers your questions Lee.

  27. I thought I’d heard of just about every make money online avenue but then I came across Liking Facebook posts here – do you have more information on this?
    I suppose it’s a pretty good idea really – loads of marketers will take on the chance to improve the social signals on thier articles. Learned something new today – thanks!

    • Hi Chris, nope I would not advise liking Facebook pages to make money. I list it there because that is one way to try, but I doubt you will get very far! Read this post to see why.

  28. Hello!

    Very nice article! I agree with you about these ways to make money that probably most of people run into first when they are looking for the answers. Things like surveys, posting ads, and similar stuff. Even if you make some money with them it will probably be just a few dollars a month. An online business as opposed to working for small amounts is a much better option!

    Thanks for the good read!

  29. Hello Lynne
    I have had some bad experiences over the years as well, trying to find good information to try out for free to find out they want you to pay something before you can get in to try. Thank you for providing wealthy Affiliate as a resource to start an online business. Good to hear that you can try it out for free without commitment and even able to host 2 free websites.I am planning to use my own domain name, do you know if we can buy and host our own domains directly from Wealthy Affiliate? It would be wonderful if we can keep it all within the same platform.

    • Hi Paul

      I was about to add that to my review of Wealthy Affiliate, yes they have just added a new feature now in 2016 where you can buy your own domain name directly through them! However I know that last year you had to have a Premium account to link your own domain name. This was before you could buy it directly through Wealthy Affiliate so I am not sure if you can have your own domain brought through them on the free starter account or not. I will find out and let you know.

  30. I got caught with “make money writing surveys”. I don’t even know why I tried it to begin with, but I did. At first, it seemed logical but I soon realized that it was a scam as I found myself writing mega long surveys that never ended to only learn that I still hadn’t made a penny. Anyways, thanks for the awesome information!

    • Hi SJB

      I’ve successfully completed some surveys and even been paid for them, but that never made much difference to my finances because the pay is really just too low!

  31. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 4 and a half months now and there are more positive things than negative. I totally agree that the tools, training and support is top notch. I am glad they changed the way trainings get paid. That means if the training you have created is really top notch, you can earn more than $5 compared to the payment rules before. The only thing I don’t like about Wealthy Affiliate is that they restricted 7 countries to sign up for free, most of them are poor countries who basically cannot “afford” to jump to premium after 7 days. I find that it is a bit unfair to offer the whole world to sign up for free but exclude the 7 countries which probably needs the education inside more than any other countries in the world. But then again, it’s just business.

    • Hi Pitin

      Yes there are countries that are not allowed free memberships and there is a good reason for it actually. Kyle has said that there is a tendency for those countries to have very high scam rates, here is a post on Wealthy Affiliate about it.

      I do agree that it is sad that people from these countries get left out of the amazing offer of a free membership, but when you understand the reason behind it then it makes sense. Why offer a free membership and put your business and all the other members at risk?

  32. I am wealthy affiliate member too and I think that this is one of the best platform to learn how to build a website if you are newbie in this. And the community there is great – they help with everything they can and this makes them really supportive. Very detailed information and well explained

  33. Hi,

    Great Article!

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great community and does offer you the chance to make a living out of it. Wealthy Affiliate like you’s mentioned offers so much in return for the little monthly price. I’m 17 which is great as the program targets literally all people so everyone is able to make money from it. I’m not sure about the 98/100 though, Should definitely be 100/100!


    • Hey Josh, yeah I know what you mean about their rating but seriously there is always room for improvement for any company.

      I am so glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and you are so fortunate to get started early, imagine how successful you will be in just a few years time!

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