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What an incredible response to my recent post about the importance of email marketing and also my free eBook with give away rights. I really love getting feedback from everyone because it tells me what I should  be writing about next. It is obvious from emails and messages I received that you want to know how to learn email marketing.

Just to stress the importance of email marketing again… Think about this, so someone arrives at your website right now and they really enjoy it. They don’t bookmark your website but they intend to come back tomorrow right? But do they come back? Chances are no, they won’t. The reason for this is that we visit so many websites every single day, even if we bookmark a website we often don’t bother going back to it.

How do you ensure that you can keep connecting with people that like your website? Yes they might connect with you on social media, but how can you encourage them to connect you on social media on your website? Not that easy is it?

The answer to this challenge is email marketing, get them to give you their email address and you have a way to connect directly with your readers whenever you want and send them to where you want them to go.

This makes email marketing one of the best tools you have, my advice is get started right now and make use of this powerful medium!

How to Start Email Marketing

So let’s look at how to start email marketing. Here are the basic first steps

Step 1: Setup Email Autoresponder

Yes the very first thing you will need is an email autoresponder. Trust me on this, you can’t just email them any old way. You need to subscribe to a service.

If you are not sure exactly what an email autoresponder does keep reading and you will find out.

My recommendation here after searching online and checking out numerous services is Aweber  Sendpulse – check out my review here. And yes I changed my recommendation because you get so much more with Sendpulse and for so much less. You can even have a free account up to a 2500 subscribers! Unlike Aweber where the free trial is one month.

Yes you can try and get away with a free service like Mailchimp, however they don’t offer the same powerful features that Aweber does. Remember that the more you can automate this process the more free time you have on your hands to write content and market your business.

Sendpulsee will allow you to automate this process beautifully. They also regularly send training, tips and tools to help you market your business. Check out this training video at the bottom of the post!

Customer support is excellent and they regularly help me out in live chat on their website whenever I get stuck!

Step 2: How to Build an Email Marketing List? Offer a free gift!

So you want to build your list right? What will make someone signup? Yes I have had a few people subscribe without offering anything or even trying to make it look appealing but this will be a very slow process!

Offering your readers something in exchange for their email address is the easiest and most effective way how to build an email marketing list!

The question now is what to offer and how to get this.

My personal opinion is to create your own downloadable product to give away. Of course this can take time and you really want to get started as soon as possible. You can search online for free eBooks with give way rights and use that in the meantime.

If you are in the make money online niche feel free to use my eBook and yes you will need to give your email address, see how easy it is? Not only will you receive my eBook you will receive tips on how to market your online business. Go on I know you want to!

Grab it in the subscribe form in the sidebar!

Step 3: Set up your lists

You can have multiple lists which is great. Perhaps you have a few websites and different niches so you need to have separate lists. You can also have different lists for one website niche.

You want your audience to read your newsletters and to take action on them. You want them to click through to your website, read your content and at some stage convert from being a reader to a paying customer.

If you can send highly relevant information to each reader you will be able to better serve your audience. In this way you can have a number of different lists that target different audiences.

Think about what you can do with this!

Step 4: Setup sign up forms for your lists

You can design multiple sign up forms for use on each list. I suppose now you are wondering why you would want more than one sign up form?

Well here’s the thing, you would want a sign up form that is in a widget on your website so your readers can sign up no matter where they are on your website right? Then you will want to add different forms within some of your posts like I did in this post. Since this post is on a certain topic I can tweak it a bit to make it more appealing to you. You can also make this sign up form for a different list related to the type of content you have written here.

You can also monitor how many times each sign up form has been viewed, how many subscribes and unsubscribes each form has and the conversion rate. This means not only can you see how well a specific sign up form converts, but it can also give you some insight into how relevant you readers find my post. If your readers trust you and find your post valuable they will be more likely to sign up.

You can use the same sign up form on numerous posts and in this way see what content converts into subscribers.

If you don’t know this information already I am sure you are getting quite excited already… keep on reading it gets oh so much better!

Step 5: Set Up a Blog Broadcast

This is a great feature that you can set up. This entails linking your email autoresponder to your website so that every time you publish new content it gets sent straight to your subscribers without you having to do a thing.

You can choose to have your posts sent to your subscribers as soon as they are published, on specific days of the week or month or even when a certain number of new posts have been published.

See what I mean by exciting? How much time and energy will this save you in your marketing efforts already? It only takes a few minutes to set this up and it will keep working for you on autopilot!

Step 6: Set Up Welcome Series Emails

This is the part that I am loving right now and I think this is one of the most valuable part of email marketing! With a little bit of effort using this feature you really have the ability to convert your readers into customers.

Ok so most people don’t buy something the first time they see it right? They need to trust you first. But how can you create trust with a once of visitor? Not easy at all!

BUT with a series of emails you can build a real relationship with your readers, you can engage with them and build trust over a period of time.

So how this feature works is that you set up a series of emails that will be sent in a certain sequence over a period of time. So when they sign up they will for example receive a welcome email, then a few days later they will receive the next email in the series and so it goes on.

This gives you the opportunity to send each reader exactly where you would them to go and when.

Once again this will take some time to set up but once you have put the effort in, this will keep working for you on complete autopilot! Yes remember how you keep seeing all this BS online about make money on complete autopilot? Well this is not BS once your list starts growing and you have set everything up this will really start making you money on autopilot.

This is the reason why I suggest you get started right now! The sooner you get started the sooner this process can begin.

This is one thing I keep kicking myself for, not starting with email marketing years ago!

Step 7: Broadcasts

You can also send broadcasts other than your blog broadcasts and series emails as and when needed. So if you have a special running or maybe it is a certain time of year such as Christmas you might want to send a special broadcast to your readers.

Step 8: Analyze and Tweak your marketing efforts

One of the best things about Aweber is they have great reporting functions as well as testing options. They make it so easy for you to check and see what is working and what is not.

So for example you can analyze your entire email series and see which emails do well and which ones need to be removed because they have too many unsubscribes or are not opened at all.

You can also do split testing to see how different sign up forms compare and tweak them to perfection for the ultimate number of subscribers.

So I will be leaving this topic here for now, there are so many exciting things to share but I don’t want to overload in one post!

What is your experience with email marketing? Please give me some feedback in the comments, as always I would love to hear from you. 

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Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. As an email marketing novice I found the piece to be clear and concise. The presentation kept me reading and maintained my interest.
    I think the tone and simplicity would appeal to a wide audience, for me it certainly made email marketing easier to understand than ever before.
    I am convinced, thank you!

    • Hi Charlotte

      I am so pleased I could help you understand how email marketing works and how to get started. I will be sharing lots more tips on the this topic.

  2. Hey, Lynne!

    I have heard a lot about email marketing and how it helps to make online business owners even more successful and profitable 🙂

    Aweber sounds like an awesome piece of email marketing software, and there are certainly many benefits to the autoresponder.

    I will definitely look in to Aweber, and thanks for the eBook too 😀


    • It is a pleasure Neil. I have heard Get Response is also nice, but not sure exactly what they offer yet. From what I have heard Aweber is more popular, we’ll see when I review them both.

      • I’m looking forward to this. I’ve
        had a lot of questions about aweber as i keep hearing mixed reviews. Ill be posted looking for that review to drop.

        I like how much information you offer to help us grow our businesses.

        What is your most needed plug in as a webmaster?

        • Hi Darren
          There are a lot of plugins that I love and enjoy, I am not sure what would be the most needed out of all of them! Maybe the All In One SEO or Yoast SEO, this is really important to get your website ranking.

  3. Hi Lynne,
    thanks for sharing this informative post of email marketing.
    I don’t have email marketing and this post has made me aware of the importance of it and how it will benefit me.
    I know you recommend Aweber as a service but I am not ready to pay for the service, do they do a free version without all the bells and whistle until I can afford it?

    • Hi Dinh
      They offer a 30 day free trial, but not a free version no. If you are wanting to get started you can try Mailchimp, it doesn’t have all the features of Aweber though. Mailchimp is free until a certain point, I think you can have up to 2000 subscribers and send 20 000 emails before you have to pay. So that is an option to get started and when you are ready to try something more effective you can just export your list into another autoresponder.

      You will have sign up forms in Mailchimp and I believe you can also do an email series, but I don’t think you get the blog broadcast feature. Your analytics and reporting is also not nearly as advanced. Lots of people use Mailchimp and it is a good option to get started for free!

  4. What an awesome article! I am a webmaster and am always looking for new ways to drive traffic to my site. I have really wanted to set up an email list but have not yet figured out how to do it.

    This is just what i needed.

    Any tips for someone who has never managed more than a personal email?

    • Hi Darren,

      Yes my best tip is just get started! Like I mentioned everything can be changed and tweaked as you go along. I dedicated one full day to set up sign up forms, blog broadcasts and emails series for my 4 websites. It was the best days work I have gotten done in a long time, what an investment!

  5. Hi Lynne,
    That’s great piece of help right there. You’ve actually drawn my attention to a critical move I need to make on my blog.
    It’s essential. You’ve also laid down the process for me to understand how to go about it.
    I followed the link to Aweber and have quickly downloaded their ebook to guide me further. Thanks for that resource.


    • Hi Francis,
      I’m glad you have downloaded their eBook, it takes a little bit of time to figure everything out and get started. Put the time in as soon as possible to get through it, you will benefit greatly from it. Let me know if you have any questions!

  6. Great article. I have been thinking about email marketing for a bit. Are you saying with one fee per month you can set up emails for all your different websites? Is there a limit to the number of websites you can set it up for, do you know? I have four websites, but may only set up email marketing to a few. Two of my sites are really new though, so I’m not sure when to start building a list. Any advice welcome, thanks for the info. I think I will sign up soon.

    • Hi Natalie
      They bill according to how many subscribers you have in total, not the amount of websites you have. So yes you can use one Aweber account for all of your websites. I also have 4 websites and it works beautifully. It is $19 per month for 500 subscribers and then the pricing goes up depending on the amount of subscribers. You can check out all their pricing on Aweber’s website.

  7. Hi Lynne, I saw your post title and had to drop by. Since I started my site in August I have had blinders on, and been focusing on creating lots of helpful content, and training. The past week or so I’ve been feeling like the time has come to jump into email marketing, hence the appeal of your article. What’s been holding me back is trying to figure out what to use as a giveaway. I started putting something together but…. I love the cover of your book. I suppose that’s something else I would have to do as well. How did you do that if you don’t mind me asking. Anyway, thanks for all the helpful information, and I better leap.

    • Hi Hindy
      I’m glad to help you 🙂
      What exactly is the but? You could put together an eBook or any other downloadable product. Have a look through your posts and see if there is something you could expand on and make into a digital product? Maybe a beginners guide on how to care for your senior dog? Then you can use all your posts, summarize the main points and link every point to the posts on your website driving traffic to all your old posts? Your eBook can do some incredible things for you as well as be an incentive for readers to subscribe.

      Then on how I did the cover… do you mean the graphic 3d eBook cover? That I had done on Fiverr. Then the cover of the pdf eBook I had a someone I know design that and the layout of the pdf for me. I am terrible with any sort of design!

  8. Hi Lynne

    Very few people realize the importance of email marketing and why it is so important. i like step 5 where you can send a blog broadcast to your list.

    This will enable your list to comment on your newly written article and we both know how good user engagement is for SEO purposes.

    • Hi Viljoen

      Yes, I also love that feature and only recently became aware of it. On my baby website I was designing a new newsletter each time and sending out my blogs! Imagine how much time I am now saving having my blogs automatically sent out.

  9. Hi Lynn,

    First of all, What I like about your site, it is very personal and that makes us (the reader) trust you.

    I am struggling with my email for my blog at the moment, so this article couldn’t of come at a better time. This article truly helped me, thank you.

    • Hi CJ

      So glad this post could help you. If there is anything else you are struggling with regarding email marketing let me know!

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