How to Get Reddit Traffic without having to face Reddit Trolls!

If you are an online marketer or a blogger you have surely heard about Reddit right? Everyone is always going on about how great the Reddit traffic is… and they are spot on.

In fact I published a guest post last year on how to use Reddit to gain traffic. It is a great article and it will explain to you exactly how to use Reddit.

I have also included posting links to Reddit in my article sharing my Secret Sauce Recipe for Top Google Rankings

Now the problem I had when I first tried out Reddit is that I read somewhere that it was great for traffic and the article just said to post your links there… so off I trotted and I created my first Reddit account.

I found Reddit a strange place and I didn’t quite understand how to use it. So I found a Reddit that looked appropriate and I popped in the link to a post I had just published.

I was happy as can be and carried on with my day. Over a period of maybe two weeks I posted a couple of links. I didn’t spam Reddit, I just posted my link as soon as I published new content. I also spent a bit of time trying to figure out how it worked. I read a few things, upvoted some posts and I commented here and there.

Then one morning when I logged onto Reddit to post a link I found that I had been attacked viciously by a number of members for being a “blatant self-promoter”.

Now the thing is that yes I was a self promoter, sure… umm aren’t we all? But the way in which these members literally ripped me to shreds was completely uncalled for.

It turns out that you are only allowed to be a “self-promoter” when you have spent a lot of time on Reddit and you have contributed in loads of discussions and taken part in the community… and of course then nobody calls you a self promoter, you are a “Redditor”.

How to get Reddit traffic without facing Reddit Trolls

Now the thing that bothers me is that I just wasn’t aware of how things worked, it is true that maybe I should have read more up on how to use Reddit but I did read through the rules and I did see that I had to read the individual sub Reddit rules to see what I can post there.

To the best of my knowledge at that time I was honestly sticking to the rules. To have a number of people rip me to shreds in such a vicious way, is in my mind, simply just not acceptable. It was quite frankly disgusting.

I was not intentionally trying to break any rules and if I was aware that I was in the wrong I would not have done it.

Besides if I have broken rules then boot me from the website, or give me a warning explaining what I have done wrong and why I am being warned. That is the appropriate way to deal with things like that.

Don’t insult me and get rude about it.

After that I left Reddit, it is not that I can’t take a few harsh words, it is just that I don’t like trolls. I have better things to do with my day.

About a year after that incident I went back to Reddit – very carefully too may I add. I did some homework and from what I can see Reddit appears to be a breeding ground for what I call Reddit Trolls.

I see them trolling other people and it is disgusting.

There are loads of people that have experienced the same as me. There are the “Redditors crowd” that have somehow earned their right to post their own links, then there are the mere mortals like me that are considered self promoters if we even think of sharing one of our own links.

Now I could spend the next year following all the instructions on how to become a Redditor myself, but the thing is that I have no interest in being “accepted” into a trolling community like that.

Oh my god did I just say it out aloud? Yes I suppose I did!

Yes I want the traffic but the truth is that I am not prepared to go and suck up in a community that trolled me. The thing is that I have literally 4 hours in the morning each day to get all my work done while my kids are in play school. That is 4 hours to manage my full time business with my 3 websites.

More importantly, I am a positive person and I prefer spending my time surrounding myself with positive people, like the community at Wealthy Affiliate for example.

I am not going to spend one minute kissing Reddit Troll ass to gain acceptance.

So anyway this post is just to share my true feelings about Reddit. Now I am sure that there are plenty of nice people on Reddit too, but for me and what I experienced Reddit just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

So now how do I still manage to get traffic from Reddit? It is simple really, I go to my favourite SEO online marketplace and I pay an SEO freelancer that has a Gold account on Reddit to post my links for $1 a pop.

The no troll method to getting Reddit traffic.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have heard of reddit but didn’t know that someone could get traffic from there, that’s nice. Wow, u really went in on the trolls lol! At least I read your post earlier on so that I can avoid being in the same position that you were in. So how do you pay someone to post for you? Is it $1 on a single link?

    • Hey Joseph, yes you can get some really good traffic from having your links shared on Reddit, plus also it can help your rankings too.

      The only bummer like I have highlighted here are the Reddit Trolls! Yes I just pay $1 for one link to be shared on Reddit. You can also browse the marketplace and find other services to post your links on Reddit.

  2. Excellent post!

    I have been putting off reddit as I just don’t think the hate is worth the traffic. I totally agree with you there are ways to deal with rule infringements rather than insulting people. Its just nasty and childish.

    I’m sure these people would say nothing in real life but from the safety of the keyboard off they go!

    Thanks for the link to get post published on reddit safely.

    Like you I have better things to do than take abuse for nothing!

    • Hey Steve, sounds like you’ve also been flame grilled by Reddit Trolls?

      Yes I have better things to do, and I have loads of different marketing techniques. $1 to share a link on Reddit is a much better deal for me!

      I know what you mean, I bet those Reddit Trolls would never dare insult someone to their face. Bullies really are cowards and I have no time for that sort of thing.

  3. Hi Lynne, thank you for sharing that story.

    “I am not going to spend one minute kissing Reddit Troll ass to gain acceptance.” – I love that one 😀

    I remember that a year ago or so I also shared a few links on reddit. Obviously not “enough” to be called a spammer, though 🙂 However, it is pretty cool that you can outsource your link posting for just a buck! Thank you for sharing that. Did you ever get any negative feedback because of that? I’m supprised that the redditor you outsource to does not get any problems with the reddit community; but as you said: He probably moved the ranks up over the past year and now earns his money using that status of being an accepted redditor.

    All the best,

    • Hi Chris

      Well you see when I share my own blog posts that is easily noticed right? But anyone can share links from other websites that they find interesting so I could for example share loads of your posts, but if I share my website links I am a spammer.

      You’ll probably find that those Reddit Trolls are SEO freelancers that make money sharing links for people! I’ve also seen people selling Reddit Gold accounts, it is quite interesting to see how people make money sometimes.

      This seller has a few Gold Reddit accounts, so if there are any issues he will just use another one!

  4. Hi Lynne, I have tried this and when I post a relevant blog from our web site they take it down immediately. I believe if any of your posts have links to your web site you will not get any traction on reddit. Thoughts.

  5. Hi there,
    Great post and very useful information. I have heard of Reddit, but I was never a great user of it.
    After reading your article, I can see how much you are endorsing this system.If it gets you rankings and gets you further indexed by Google…then why not.
    I will definitely be factoring reddit into my plans after reading your post. Sadly there is the dark side to this, but I think you have done a great job in highlighting the dangers….Well done.
    I will also bookmark this article for future reference, for sure.
    Thanks again and wishing you every success.

    • Phil that’s the thing, Reddit Traffic rocks, it really does. I just wonder whether all that hard work and effort is worth it in the end and for me being burned once by Reddit Trolls is once too many for my liking.

      I am so glad you enjoyed this post.

  6. What a great idea and $1 a shot is not bad either. I like this idea! I have only posted a few on Reddit and never have been bothered by any trolls….yet. But to have someone write them for you for a buck, can’t beat it really. Thanks for sharing this great information on how to get around the darn people who try and ruin it for us average people working from home.

    • Hey Matt’s Mom exactly and these Redditors that will post it for you have better account standing and are parts of huge Reddit communities so their reach is much better than little old me posting 🙂

  7. I love your honesty, Lynne. There’s trolls everywhere online so it’s great to be given a heads up. Good for you to work around their elitist ways.

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