How to Get Paid to Write Online: share your online marketing knowledge and be paid for it!

So here is something that I just stumbled across and it was such a pleasant surprise. Have you ever grabbed a jacket out the cupboard that you haven’t worn in ages, put your hand in the pocket and found some forgotten cash? It’s a good feeling right?

Well that’s how it felt when I found out about making money to publish training about online marketing!

How to Get Paid to Write Online?

As some of you already know I am part of the Wealthy Affiliate community. It is the most kick ass opportunity I have ever come across! I won’t go too much into what Wealthy Affiliate is all about, go read the review I wrote about them if you want more information.

So here’s what happened and how you too can make some money publishing online marketing training.

The Give and Take Community of Wealthy Affiliate

So firstly I need to explain to you why I was publishing training tutorials without any expectations.

Wealthy Affiliate is based on a give and take attitude. It is an incredible community and everyone is encouraged to give back to everyone else. Once you have been a member for 3 months you can publish training.

I saw some gaps in the training offered and as suggested by one of the owners, Kyle, I decided to quickly share what I knew in the hopes it would benefit someone.

So I published training on Content Writing for SEO and another tutorial on Quality Commenting: The Do’s and Don’ts. These were published at the end of September and beginning of October. After I published them I completely forgot about them. At the time I just got a nice gooey feeling that I maybe helped someone out with some information they needed and that was it.

Congrats You Have Earned $5 for Your Approved Training

Then in December I received 2 emails, each one said I had received $5 for my approved Wealthy Affiliate training. My first thought was honestly something like “Huh? Must have been sent to me by accident…” and then I saw the titles of the training were mine.

Yes that is the moment where it felt like finding money that I forgot about.

I love the Wealthy Affiliate community as much as my morning cup of coffee, now I find them handing me money for something I happily did anyway without any expectations. Nowhere on their website have I ever seen any reference to being paid for publishing training. So now this is what I really enjoy about this opportunity, they don’t scream out all these little things from the roof top. They don’ t make a huge hype around themselves and make unrealistic promises that won’t be met.

What they promise you they give you plus more.

So now I think wow, ok that took let’s see just over 2 months to approve. What do I know that might help other people? I settled on email marketing because it was something I had just learned about and found it very exciting and interesting. Plus I didn’t find some of the things I wanted to know on the Wealthy Affiliate website. I spent an hour typing out what I had just learned and published it.

I expected to wait another 2 months, imagine my surprise and happiness when less than 48 hours my email came in saying my training had been approved!

Wealthy Affiliate Training commission

How does it work then and how long does it take to get approved?

So now there really isn’t much information on the Wealthy Affiliate website about this. So here’s what I think happens. You have to wait until you have been a member for 3 months before you can publish training. This makes perfect sense, I suppose it is to keep all the “riff raff” from publishing whatever they want.

Then the reason it takes so long for the first training published to be approved must be mainly because the standard of everything at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch. I am sure the owners, Kyle or Carson, personally check first time publishers of training. There are NO black hat methods taught there and everything is 100% above board. It makes sense that they would be very sure to check everything very carefully. Once they have approved the first lot of training and decided this member has some common sense they approve it for payment.

Then there is another aspect that comes into it. You have the ability to earn much more than $5 for each item of training that is published. So here’s what happens.

You don’t just get paid $5 for publishing training. As soon as you publish it, that item of training will be on level 1. There is some formula which is a mix of amount of views, amount of comments and amount of likes from the Wealthy Affiliate community that gets you to level 2. Each time you move up a level you earn another $5.

So this means you should really be quite an active member within the community, if you are not active there is not much chance other members will see many of your blogs or training on Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to view the training I published on how your rank at Wealthy Affiliate benefits you. And no it is far more than just having people see the training you publish!

So this means the 3 items of training I published have not stopped earning for me! If I click on my stats I can see how much interaction each training item has received.

Wealthy Affiliate Published Training

I find this very exciting, if I upload training regularly I will at some stage be getting in a nice little bit of extra income on a regular basis. What’s not to like?

Just ANOTHER awesome reason to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate!

I just wanted to share this because I have come across lots of people looking for great ways to make some additional income online and this sure beats taking online surveys for $1.50 each or clicking on links for $0.001 a link!

This is something of value that you can create and share with the world and you will be paid for it.

I have also seen a number of members of Wealthy Affiliate that have gone Premium for $47 and are looking for a way to cover this cost until their website starts generating an income. This is the perfect way for these members to cover that Premium Membership fee.

Here is a list of all the training I have now published at Wealthy Affiliate University:

I hope you have found this post useful, if you have any feedback or questions please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. 

Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hello there and thank you so much for your interesting info. I did checked out your the do’s and don’ts and liked what I read.
    You explanation is clear and handy but i was wondering if you also managed to get people signed up to WA directly or for that matter perhaps one of your other sites.

    • Hi Cees

      It is a pleasure 🙂 Yes I have had referrals to Wealthy Affiliate. With my other websites I sell products (2 of them) so yes I make sales. My addiction blog well I haven’t really monetized it yet so no I haven’t had any sales there, however the message I want to spread is my main goal with this website and that is being achieved.

      I hope this answers your questions?

  2. I just love your post. I can comprehend very well how that must have felt, indeed like ‘lost money’. It must have been a nice present for you to find out. I haven’t been active with my website for very long yet but as I learn, I will sure give it a go on writing training. I am keeping a link of your trainings and will be going through them today. Excellent post.

  3. Well I enjoyed reading this article. I learned something I didn’t know about how Wealthy Affiliate works. It sounds like for very little work you can post a training and earn an initial and residual income from it.

    I like that you clearly laid this out for anyone to understand. Thanks also for the break down of stats on how you earn through the times the members click and read it.

    What’s interesting to note is that usually I like more visual images in articles I read but I didn’t need it this time. I think it means you have engaging commentary.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Rawl

      Thank you for your feedback and letting me know I am on the right track. I have been working on making my content more engaging.

      Yes what a pleasant surprise about being paid for training! Happy to let you know about it!

  4. Great post abıout Wealthy Affiliate! I also a a member of this awesome community, and it really seems ike the best choice i’ve ever made.
    It is an investment for your future if you are willing to work hard for it. Their price is really nothing when you compare it to other stuff around internet which charge you money for no value at all.

    • Hi Tyler

      I couldn’t agree with you more, Wealthy Affiliate really gives the best value for money I have found. Now that I am being paid for training too the monthly fee for the Premium account will soon be covered which means I won’t be paying anything!

  5. I didn’t know about that training in a wealthy affiliate that you can earn in creating training wow so amazing. Thank you for sharing this great content, Lynne.
    I’m in wealthy affiliate about 6months already I don’t come up in the ideas of creating training 🙂 Now I need to learn on that.

    • I suggest you do, it is a lovely way to just add a little extra every month 🙂 When you have added training sending me a private message at Wealthy Affiliate and let me know. My profile there is LynneHuy.

  6. Wealthy Affiliate is just the best. Where will you get a training program that will pay you if you help someone? This is unheard off. I also got $5 just for writing one small tutorial.

    I am just stunned. I will not look any further than Wealthy Affiliate as this program has me hooked. Sorry I am a bit off topic, but this is just how I feel 🙂

    • Hi Viljoen

      Yay, congrats on getting paid for your tutorial. I was also amazed at how little effort it took and then to get paid for it , absolutely amazing and it just goes to show the attitude of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. Yes you can rave about them because I feel the same way.

      Wealthy Affiliate truly is an amazing opportunity, they offer such value and in an era when the norm is dishonesty, scams and time wasting when it comes to online opportunities it really is exceptional.

      They could honestly get away with charging double what they do and giving us half the benefits and it would still be value for money!

  7. Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the great tip about how to earn some extra cash on the Wealthy Affiliate site. I am a member of WA but have not added any training yet. You’ve just given me a nice incentive!

  8. Hi Lynne,

    This is such an amazing, awesome, wonderful post.. 🙂 hahha..

    I need to exaggerate that, because I really love your article.. 🙂
    It’s the first time that I know that there’s an earning for making a training in Wealthy Affiliate.. 🙂 Maybe I should try that as well, after my 3 months. 🙂 heheh..

    I really love the way you talk to your readers.. it’s very natural.. Your article is very awesome.. You really are a good conversationalist.. A good writer.. 🙂

    May you give me some techniques and tips on writing an article, or a blog, or a review? 🙂

    I’ll be coming back for your answer, Lynne.. 🙂

    Have a Wonderful Day Ahead, Lynne.. 🙂


    See you around.. 🙂


  9. Oh wow, Lynn! Just love this article, thank you! What wonderful news, can’t wait to go Premium as have already started creating training as I work through my own challenges while building my site. I clicked on all the links & did all your training. Great stuff! You are a STAR.

    • Hi Lauren 🙂 Lovely to hear from you again. Yes I was so excited when I got paid by surprise. I was going to give you a call to let you know and then remembered you are subscribed to my newsletters so you would get the information. Lucky that you have information on hand already to create some training with. If you need any help with how to get started when you are ready let me know and I will be happy to guide you.

  10. Hi Lynne,
    Wow! Did not have a clue about this. I’m certain many are not aware of this. Thanks for sharing. I am going to look over your training. I have already read the comments training you provided and there are several great tips! Thanks again! By the way,

    Happy New Year!

    • Hi Julie

      Yes it seems it is not widely known at all! It certainly gave me a huge surprise 🙂 Let me know how you enjoy the training, feedback is always welcome!

  11. Good stuff. I have actually read the training you created and found it very useful. Your not allowed to create training at wealthy affiliate until your a member for at least 3 months.
    For good reason too. as you need to develop some knowledge before your creating training.
    I can’t wait to develop my own training and see how many members I can reach.

    To all your members reading Who aren’t a member of wealthy affiliate university and want to make money online. I highly recommend seeing what you can learn here.

    • Hi Darren
      Yes it makes perfect sense for members to to be able to publish training only after 3 months! Otherwise there will be all sorts of strange training posts being published.

      I look forward to seeing what you share Darren!

  12. Excellent article! I suppose the biggest challenge for me personally is to find time between my full time job, managing two websites, my family and downtime. It is a real struggle so writing quality content is at the moment the last thing on my mind. Hopefully some day down the line though! How long have you been writing for WA?

    • Hi Shaz
      Yes I know exactly what you mean, it is really hard to find the balance. The great part about writing for WA is that I never knew we could be paid for it so I just wrote because I wanted to share information with my fellow members. It was quick because I wasn’t worried about SEO, or impressing anyone. I just wanted to tell others what I knew and what do you know I got reimbursed for it! I first wrote training at the end of September 2014.

  13. Hi Lynne
    That’s a nice post and one that is quite informative and thus very helpful to us readers when seeking quality information about making money online through writing. On reading this I remembered 2012 when I spent time writing quality content for clients as a freelancer with oDesk. I thank God I was so dedicated. Now when I found WA and I have my own sites I do not struggle with quality.
    Thanks again for your informative post and all the best in your online endeavors for 2016.

    • Hi Boniface

      I am glad you found it useful. I’ve never heard of oDesk before… perhaps another idea for a review! Best wishes to you too 🙂

  14. Hi Lynne,

    How wonderful that you received some extra incentive for sharing your knowledge. I am a Knowledgebase Administrator at my job and spend my days trying to convince people that the world would be a better place if people would just share what they know! How great that you did that and were rewarded for it. I read your other articles that were linked in this post and found them to be very helpful. Thank you for that! How do you come with ideas for your training? Do you seek out topics that you’re struggling with are they things that just seem to be missing from the Wealthy Affiliate community?

    • Hi Kris

      I am so pleased that you found this information helpful.

      There are a few ways I come up with things to publish and here they are:

      1. Something I have just learned and struggled to find all the information I needed on WA, or perhaps there was training but there were some things not covered.

      2. Something I love and enjoy and I am good at, but the training within WA doesn’t cover it adequately.

      3. Something that WA members ask me for help with and when I try and find resources to share with them I find there isn’t any, or perhaps it is not quite adequate.

      This is what makes Wealthy Affiliate such an incredible place to be, there is a wealth of information on their website and each person brings something new to the community and the training resources. It is not just one person providing training 🙂

  15. Yeah honestly its a bit discouraging to know that you have to wait three months to create training material, but totally understandable, you need to prove yourself before you can have free reign. This platform is absolutely legit. I am really seeing the earning potential and cant wait to milk it for what its worth.

    • Hi Chris

      Yes I know the feeling, I also felt like it took forever until I could publish training! I look forward to seeing what you share with us.

      This is something I just love about this training platform is that there are so many people contributing to it! There is never a shortage of something new to learn!

  16. Hi Lynne,

    Nice touch with this article, I didn’t actually know you can paid to create training. There are a few things that I had to figure out myself, in order to get my website up and running at wealthy affiliate. May be I might actually give it a try. nice little article very well written and presented. If I wasn’t already a member at WA I would have signed up through you. Many Thanks Naeem

    • Hi Naeem

      I’m glad I could make you aware of that, it is a lovely way to get some extra income in, even to cover your cost of your Premium Membership at WA.

  17. Awesome post about wealthy affiliate! I completely agree that having such an awesome community helping you out every single day can really make the difference between making a lot of money online and making just a few dollars. Your website and your post are very honest And well thought out! Great work

    • Thanks Joe 🙂 It also makes for a huge amount of online marketing training you can access!

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