Reddit traffic rocks, here’s how to get it!

How to Generate Traffic from RedditIn this era where social media has taken over many people’s lives, businesses need to take this into account and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. There are so many social media platforms that can be used to target prospective visitors and increase your business exposure. Reddit is one of the most popular ones. It is an online social media community where one can vote on content, submit links to online content, and basically be participative. Reddit users have increased considerably over the past couple of years and there are several active communities, so all in all it can be considered as an engaging and growing platform which could be used to your advantage.

Posting links to Reddit is one of the items on the Checklist of things to do after publishing content!

How to Generate Traffic from Reddit

You could use Reddit to connect with your customers as well as to generate traffic for your website through it. For starters, you need to be a good Reddit user and to be so you need to be aware of certain things.

  1. You need to join this community, and be willing to participate by asking questions, and answering too. Ideally you should start by engaging in other users AMA’s (Ask me anything) before starting your own.
  2. Try to be realistic in what you discuss. You need to sound real and be engaging. Avoid using jargon or being overly technical.
  3. Up-votes and down-votes matter, and so does Karma – all Reddit submissions can be up-voted or down-voted. Comments can also get votes. These votes will have an effect on your Karma. This is basically the points they you get as a result of the number of up-voted and down-votes you are given for what you submit on Reddit. Now this is very important, because if the total Karma goes below a certain level your account could end up getting banned, and you need to avoid that at all costs.
  4. Reddit is very serious about spamming, so make sure you do not just submit links without bothering to read the rules. Also, do not submit too much as submitting a lot of links is not encouraged on Reddit. It is not about the quantity but about the quality in this case.
  5. You could coordinate responses to certain questions by having other business partners or employees be active too.
  6. Make sure you see to all questions. If you do not answer them all, at least make sure that you acknowledge them.
  7. Encourage interaction, that is, rather than simply posting something just for the sake of posting it, you need to use Reddit as a platform where you interact with others. So you need to encourage user submissions while improving your chances of having brand advocates.
  8. Eventually you can even build your own community or network. This is one of the best things about Reddit – being able to create a small community (a sub-Reddit) which allows people with similar interests to join together and discuss issues with each other. Sub-Reddits are the various categories within Reddit. With the right strategy you can start with one popular sub-Reddit, and eventually you can get those followers to go to another sub-Reddit on another similar topic. In this way you can manage to create a network with a large number of followers within the Reddit community.

So, these are some basic tips that will help you to become a good and active Reddit user. As you improve your reputation and your level of activity, you are going to improve your business’s exposure. If you follow the following tips and recommendations, you are going to significantly increase the number of site visitors you can get through Reddit.

How generate traffic Reddit

First of all, you need to make sure you get more up-votes than down-votes, because in such a way you can retain a good Karma, as well as improve your chances of getting your link on the front page of Reddit. And to do this you need to make sure that you choose what you are going to submit wisely.

  1. Try to submit new stories and something that is relevant and engaging. The content needs to be interesting.
  2. Do not submit your own links only. This will make you look like a spammer. You could occasionally share content from other popular sites, as long as the content is worth sharing and relevant. After all Reddit’s main aim is to get people to share valuable information with each other.
  3. Sharing content that is interesting, funny and humorous is generally the best option on Reddit.
  4. Photos, videos, and interviews tend to do well on Reddit.
  5. Make sure you give an interesting and captivating title to your link.
  6. It is very important that you submit your link to a proper sub-Reddit. Take into account the topic, as well as the number of followers on a particular sub-Reddit.
  7. The timing of the submissions also matters. There are certain times when there are going to be more active users even though there are time differences from one country to another.

Since Reddit is made of many different categories, you need to devote your time and effort by posting in the right ones. So you need to make sure that you choose wisely, and target the right audience. There are thousands of Reddit users and you need to get to know your audience, before you encourage them to get to know you, and your business.

Apart from that you need to make sure that you remain active. Avoid going to Reddit once in a while and then being invisible for several days. You need to be active and consistent. Your submissions need to be valuable and interesting, and you need to comment on them, answer to questions that users post on them, and be helpful. This is imperative to help you establish more credibility and to build up a good reputation.

So your goal needs to be to add value to your community on Reddit, and this will then lead to an increase in your exposure. In time, you will see that your traffic from Reddit will be bound to increase. It is all about bearing these things in mind, being patient, persistent and active ultimately!

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Have you found any success using Reddit for online marketing? Please leave a comment.

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  1. Thank you – I am completely lost with Reddit. I went there a couple of times, got confused and left!!! I need to go back and take another look. Also, impressed with those content writing services, I signed up as well to check it out.

    • Hi Natalie

      Yes Reddit is a great way to get traffic, but it does take hard work and you need to add lots of other content and links before you can slip your own in every now and then. I have to be honest here, I am on Reddit and I do check in every now and then. Sometimes I join in to a discussion going on.. but I have to be honest, mostly I just pay $1 to this freelancer to post my links instead!

      There is so much that needs to be done to get yourself out there and sometimes it is best to outsource some of your work!

      And yes the same goes for the content writing services, I have been struggling to keep up with writing quality content for 3 websites and having just the odd post written for me is amazing!

      • Sorry I only just saw this! Thanks for getting back to me. When you get someone to post your links though, is that ok when you’re not doing other stuff on there? I keep hearing of people getting thrown off and it was all too confusing to me so, I left it. But it looks like outsourcing a little bit now would probably be a good idea! :).

        • Hi Natalie

          Yes I have found outsourcing posting to Reddit really helpful. Like I say I am active there but what is accepted and wanted by Redditers is to share other people’s content, not your own… this makes it incredibly hard to get yourself in there without a lot of a work.

          I just don’t have the time to spend on Reddit so outsourcing this is a better deal for me.

  2. I have heard a bit about reddit but have never checked into what it is all about. My biggest thing is the amount of time I have for doing things online and before I commit to anything I like to make sure I’m spending my time where it counts.

    As you mentioned there are many social media platforms so from your experience if you only had time to commit to three of them, which ones would you say would be the best to get involved with to boost traffic?

    • Travis I couldn’t agree with you more, time is always an issue isn’t it?

      I have found that Reddit takes up a lot of time that I just don’t have, so I pay someone that is a regular Redditer to post my links!

      Regarding social media, well there are 6 main social networks that I use and really each one has its benefits so there are none I would leave out! I can’t manage it all on my own though, so I pay just $9.95 a month for Mass Planner and now it is easy to keep up!

  3. Anytime I can learn how to get more traffic, I am all in! It has been the hardest thing of all, generating traffic! Honestly, I had never heard of Reddit before and do plan on checking it out to see what it is all about. Anything that can help is worth checking in to. You did a great job of going over the dos and don’ts with them. I appreciate the information and will be looking into this.

    • It is a pleasure to help you learn new ways to find traffic to your website. Reddit is notorious for being a great source of traffic, just make sure to follow these instructions because they really don’t like self promoters so you need to build yourself up very well and add lots of great links before you can slip some of yours in!

  4. This article makes very interesting reading and is very thorough on how to use reddit. To e frank i am so overwhelmed by the number of tools on the website than i can hardly find time to manage the current features to ao add another one; but it seems attractive. If i have second thoughts i would definitely revisit this article. Time is becoming like gold.

    • Courtney I know exactly what you mean! This is why I added in that you can also pay a freelancer to share your links on Reddit too. I personally don’t have the time to build up my Reddit reputation so I am able to sneak in some of my own links!

      Time is precious and it is not always possible to do all of your online marketing work yourself.

  5. Hey, I don’t have a reddit account, and in fact I never thought about going into this social media, cause I’m basically focusing on facebook traffic, and soon enough on youtube traffic as well. But you know what, maybe adding another social media to my business will bring those extra sales. Thanks for a great article, helpful advices and the encouragement to enter into the reddit market!

    • Alexey, Facebook is a great social network to build up your website traffic and to build up your website authority, especially since you can easily share your own content on your own profile, in groups and of course on your own Facebook page.

      Reddit has a huge amount of clout though, it can be a great way to get traffic to your website but the big difference is that self promotion is a big no-no on Reddit so you have to spend a lot of time interacting with others and sharing great content from other websites before you will be able to start sharing some of your links.

      If you don’t have the time to do this, you can check out SeoCleks for freelancers that will do Reddit promotions for you, like this service that will post your link on Reddit for $1.

  6. Nice article on this social media site, I have heard of reddit and seen ads for the site but was never sure what this site really was all about.

    Do you have to be a business owner to join this site, can anyone join in on this site? I enjoy reading articles on a variety of websites, would this be a good site for me to join?

    • Reddit is a very popular website and yes they have news and articles from loads of different sources, so you would find your fix for variety there for sure!

      No you don’t have to be a business owner to join, anyone can join Reddit.

  7. I am glad I ran across your page. I am a former reddit member that just never figured out how to use reddit. With all the choices we have in the social media arena, I tend to go with what is easiest or fastest to learn. I will have to go back and try reddit again to see if I can generate more traffic.I imagine reddit has changed a bit since the days I was on there. Thanks for a great article!

    • Hi Glen

      I am a still a Reddit member and I myself haven’t quite figured it out completely. I am building up my reputation there slowly and surely but I am not brave enough to share my own content from my Reddit profile because I got grilled before when I first went onto Reddit.

      For now I just socialize and share other people’s stuff and I use a freelancer to post my content there.

  8. I have visited Reddit in the past but honestly was really confused on how it all worked. Seems as if I need to revisit it to see how it can help me to drive additional traffic to my site. I may have missed it but is there a cost involved? or different membership levels?

    • Hi Jason

      Yes Reddit is really useful and I agree with you it can be quite complicated to use or at least that is my experience. It can be quite time consuming too.

      No there is no cost involved to join. There are not exactly different membership levels but the more time you spend and the more value you add to the community the more Reddit Karma you have.

  9. Hi there. I have heard of Reddit before but never knew that it could help generating more traffic. Definitely something that I will have to try out in the future. I just recently creating my site and will definitely need help from all sources as many as possible. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is a pleasure, I hope you find great success with Reddit for your website.

  10. This is a great post about leveraging reddit. This forum has always intimidated me but ive gotten some really good business advice and have even joined a facebook group of from a popular reddit poster. I’ve seen people lambasted for spamming or asking crazy questions. But I think your guidance on how to generate traffic with reddit is good. measured and realistic. It really does take some time building relationships and using that to help drive traffic.

    • Hi Tiffany

      Oh yes, you can be flame grilled on Reddit for being a self promoter, I know because I have been there! It is vitally important to use Reddit in the right way and to build your Reddit reputation up before you attempt to share any of your own content there.

  11. Great information! I’ve read Reddit posts before but never actually knew how to use the platform This is a very informative how-to and I’ve bookmarked your page so that I can go back to it when I get stuck.

    I never knew about the ups, down and karma! That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing this information!

    • Hi Cat

      Oh yes it is very important to pay attention to the do’s and don’ts on Reddit otherwise they will have a good go at you, unfortunately Reddit is known for giving those that don’t stick to the rules a good grilling. I know because I had it happen to me about 2 years ago!

      But if you stick to these guidelines you will be fine and yes Reddit is an amazing for traffic when you get going with it.

  12. I have learned so much from this article, have created an account on reddit before but have not really been active there. Maybe i would consider going back to leverage it now that i have boasted my understanding on how to go about it. Thanks

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