How To Further Market Your Online Content As An Influencer

No matter what you make of this blossoming new trend, it does seem that influencers are here to stay. While it can seem odd to many of us that people manage to build such a following online, it really does show that authenticity, regular content and the ability to exercise your own creativity really can pay dividends in the current year. Surely, that’s not a bad thing?

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As a burgeoning influencer yourself, or at least someone on that path, it can be worth knowing how to properly market your online content. After all, much like promoting a product or service, you will need to entice new people to become engaged, and regular visitors to stay engaged. Additionally, the world of online content is intensely competitive, as with just a few clicks or a quick Google search, a range of different personalities offering many different styles of content can be found. As most of this content is free for new audiences, the chances that someone will ‘dip and dive’ between many influencers is strong.

In order to further market your brand, it’s important to keep on top of this approach, and understand a few home truths. To that end, we have curated some worthwhile advice:

Attend Meetups & Conventions

Attending meetings and conventions can be a great idea. This not only allows you to meet other influencers in the flesh, but to introduce yourself to their audience. For instance, perhaps one of the most popular influencer platforms right now is Instagram, yet Twitch is a close second, as ‘Twitch con’ is regularly held in Berlin and San Fransico. This means wearing a lanyard with your logo, having small influencer cards printed with your information, and then attending in earnest can be a great idea.

Networking with others can help you use the promotional power of social media to share your output in the best sense, potentially helping you both shine and fuse one another’s following. Sometimes it can help you find people who may give you advice, or guidance, or tips to avoid certain harmful outcomes. The more you can ingratiate yourself in this community, the more you can find like-minded people who help you celebrate everything worthwhile about your chosen path.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that in these fields exist many people who are only doing it for views, or money, or attention. You can enter into somewhat harmful social situations if you’re not aware of this, and don’t keep wise. Just live your truth, find those who you feel connected with, and move on from there. Odds are, you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Group Up With Others

Grouping up with others for the publishing of content can be a great idea. Perhaps asking a content creator you love to come and produce a video with you could be a great idea. After all, if you both have audiences and you’ve been doing this for some time, you are likely creative people with something positive to show. So why not group up with care and attention? Why not start a challenge, or perhaps give life advice, or create a polished video project that challenges you both from a creative standpoint?

The influencer and content creation market is inherently social, and so why not socialize with others who understand your publishing approach and wish to feature within it? Like any business cross-promoting with another firm, this can help you push your boundaries and join your audiences as one. But more than that, it could potentially help you find a great friend worthy of respect.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is, of course, the bread and butter of influencers, and where they localize much of their audience. But you must also take into consideration many other platforms that may work for you. Let’s say you’re a fashion model focused on ethical fashion produced in a sustainable way, and you wish to express your cultural heritage through that pursuit.

How might you best promote this? Well, through every platform, cross-linked to one another. Here you can use YouTube, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat to continually share your posts and allow audiences from many different platforms to see what you have to offer. A public presence like this is best felt when the term ‘public’ becomes something that is hard to refute. If you really do wish to promote yourself with care, then it’s important that you take every possibility into account.

Put Your Spin On Trends

Trends are not just vapid and shallow movements. They represent a cultural theme and interest, and for better or worse people pay attention to them. Does this mean you need to follow them blindly? Of course not. Putting your own spin on trends can be a great way to help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and still work within the theming of your brand.

For some, this may even give you more to work with. For this, we will use an example. The recent ‘ten year trend’ where people show a selfie from 2010 and 2020 was utilized in order to give influencers a means to share their promotional content and selfies. But what if an influencer found two extremely unflattering photos of themselves and posted those instead? This gives their audience a light chuckle and that could even spread on social media more thoroughly. It’s a light joke, with lighthearted consideration and feelgood intentions. You haven’t submitted to the trend in order to exploit it, but you would have benefited from it. This kind of lateral thinking can help you define what being an influencer means to you, not the other way around. While this is a specific example, it can be tremendously worthwhile to take the ethos behind it and see what else you could apply it to.

With this advice, we hope you can further market your online content as an influencer, with confidence and well wishes. The more you do this, the more you have every chance of this becoming a worthwhile, full-time gig.


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