How To Ensure Business Continuity When Moving Offices

We can describe business continuity as organisation’s capability to continue in delivering services and, or products at acceptable predetermined levels under an incident that is disruptive. As the manager in charge of the relocation process, you will be in concern that the business continues with its operation during this disruptive situation.

The following tips are designed to assist you achieve this intended objective ;

How To Ensure Business Continuity When Moving Offices

Advance planning

Pre-planning involves proper scheduling and engagement of a skilled moving company with a lot of experience in office moving. Professionals having knowledge in office move are essential ingredients to business continuity during this task, which some people find it complex. This process often need meticulous attention in dealing with every detail. A project manager from the skilled moving company will be assigned to manage your moving, he will work with your team during the pre-planning period all the way to the end of the operation.

The project manager will be in control of the move, making sure that it is done as scheduled based on the budget that had been agreed when making the contract. He will give directions to the team of specialists undertaking the removal work, with no disruption to the business.

Make the relocation process known to your customers

Advance notices should be sent to a larger group of your customers about the movement that is scheduled to take place. The information should be posted on the official website of the company. Let the customers know the names, contacts and any other vital information about the employees who are scheduled to be available during the process of official office relocation.

Moving offices

Weekend would be a good time for the relocation process

For minimum disruption in the operational activities of your business and maintaining continuity, it is advisable to undertake the relocation process over the weekend. If possible, make arrangements so that the moving company can show up in the evening hours to carry out advance preparations and parking, because during regular working time, employees are likely to be less productive, if they are distracted by the relocation process.

Ascertain that your employees are all covered

Set up a time for your employees to pack their belongings and contents found on their desks. While others are performing their parking tasks, ascertain that there is at least two or three individuals dealing with customers at the reception desk, responding to each and every one of their requirements.


Business cycle is one of the most important things that you should consider when you are deciding on when to move. If seasonal aspect issue exists in your business, it would be fine to move during the season that the output of your business tends to be lower than all other seasons.

As discussed above, we can understand that moving can be stressful, and the only way to ensure continuity in business during office movement is by engaging in advance thoughts on various aspects, which shall ensure effective relocation, rendering the whole process successful.

Good luck as you relocate to your new office.


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  1. Firstly I would like to appreciate your efforts to carefully draft out this point. it is very essential that there is proper planning of truly you want to ensure continuity when moving your business from a place to another so has not to make costly mistakes which might lead to you loosing the business or customer base. As it is essential for you to properly plan so it is essential to inform your customers and assure them that whatever service you rendering them won’t be affected. Great tips

  2. I enjoyed reading this. From my experience as a Management Consultant, Business must continue whether one is moving office or even as a result  of a disaster. You are correct, advance planning is paramount to a successful relocation. The customers must be in the know if possible a month before the final relocation. In addition, some gadgets should have been installed and tested in a new location. the management must ensure there is minimal disruption to customers activities. Weekends are always the best time to carry out relocation.

  3. I will like to commend you for taking out time to write this great article on how to ensure business continuety when moving office…It is really stressful as you rightly said, and  If not really planned people end up loosing customers, still when moving office, it will take time for you to really get back the number of Customers you were initially having too

  4. Thanks for such a brilliant post, this is clearly a motivational post. Relocating or moving an office occcirs mainly when there’s an advancement in business, but a formnor awareness like email, text message, public announcement should be done to inform all the existence customers. A noticed or direction should also be put in the old office to ensure easy access to the newly office. This article is an eye opener. Good write and best regards 

  5. Hi Lynne! I take a great advice from this post and it’s seasonality. I have a general idea of which is the best time of the year to move. But you have encouraged me to review the stats for the past 5 years and then make a well informed decision.

    I have heard from a person I respect how important it’s to get in touch with our customers and inform them about the relocation. Loyal customers will appreciate it greatly.

  6. Yes i strongly agree with you, proper notification has to be passed out to customers few months or weeks before moving as this may cause lost of valuable customers. And it the moving should be done especially during low output and compliance. Good post, most persons know the right thing but they do it at the wrong time. This will help inform the mass

  7. One of the possible changes in setting up a business is relocation. This may be caused by several factors, especially as it affects the growth of the business. Certain reasons have been cited by the writer. 

    Having appraised the growth of a business with respect to the set goals and objectives of its owner, relocation may be necessary. 

    One major challenge for business owners willing to relocate their businesses is the fear of the unknown. Meanwhile, as it is very important to map out the plans thoughtfully before relocating, it might prove a major boost to the survival of the business.

    Lastly here, the experience gained in the earlier failure would be so immense in the new location considered better for the  business. 

  8. Hi Lynne,

    I can not agree more with you in regards to “make the relocation process known”, this is such an OBVIOUS step! I personally have an experience from a big company that requested us to send an urgent delivery to their office, upon arrival the office was empty with no notices! After contacting the organizer, we were told that they have moved but it seems like the organizer was also clueless about this? Companies should inform EVERYONE with relocation — be it customers,suppliers or employees from other departments! It would have save a lot of hassle.

  9. Thank you very much to give me the opportunity to discuss the business criteria. As a incharge of manager in the office should be aware to make the business plan and also maintain and follow the previous success of the business, such direction controller business atmosphere clear direction to go ahead an increase the business economy. 

  10. Awesome review on how to ensure business continuity when moving offices. At times an organization may need to move from one location to another maybe as a result to enlarge business. I agree with you that for this to happen successfully, an active project manager should be given the task. You explained the right steps or processes to take to move a business office in notifying customers earlier, moving on a weekend, employee being covered…these are important things to take notes when moving. This will ensure business continuity. This article is really informative and will be helpful for anyone trying to relocate office. Thanks for sharing this article. 

  11. Great tips on moving offices. Moving offices is extremely stressful and time-consuming. When we moved offices our office literally stopped functioning for about a week, and this was a weekly newspaper which could not afford to stop producing. I think the problem was that they were not so organised, and there should have been a project manager. Next time I’ll know what to insist on!

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