How To Ensure Business Continuity When Moving Offices

We can describe business continuity as organisation’s capability to continue in delivering services and, or products at acceptable predetermined levels under an incident that is disruptive. As the manager in charge of the relocation process, you will be in concern that the business continues with its operation during this disruptive situation.

The following tips are designed to assist you achieve this intended objective ;

How To Ensure Business Continuity When Moving Offices

Advance planning

Pre-planning involves proper scheduling and engagement of a skilled moving company with a lot of experience in office moving. Professionals having knowledge in office move are essential ingredients to business continuity during this task, which some people find it complex. This process often need meticulous attention in dealing with every detail. A project manager from the skilled moving company will be assigned to manage your moving, he will work with your team during the pre-planning period all the way to the end of the operation.

The project manager will be in control of the move, making sure that it is done as scheduled based on the budget that had been agreed when making the contract. He will give directions to the team of specialists undertaking the removal work, with no disruption to the business.

Make the relocation process known to your customers

Advance notices should be sent to a larger group of your customers about the movement that is scheduled to take place. The information should be posted on the official website of the company. Let the customers know the names, contacts and any other vital information about the employees who are scheduled to be available during the process of official office relocation.

Moving offices

Weekend would be a good time for the relocation process

For minimum disruption in the operational activities of your business and maintaining continuity, it is advisable to undertake the relocation process over the weekend. If possible, make arrangements so that the moving company can show up in the evening hours to carry out advance preparations and parking, because during regular working time, employees are likely to be less productive, if they are distracted by the relocation process.

Ascertain that your employees are all covered

Set up a time for your employees to pack their belongings and contents found on their desks. While others are performing their parking tasks, ascertain that there is at least two or three individuals dealing with customers at the reception desk, responding to each and every one of their requirements.


Business cycle is one of the most important things that you should consider when you are deciding on when to move. If seasonal aspect issue exists in your business, it would be fine to move during the season that the output of your business tends to be lower than all other seasons.

As discussed above, we can understand that moving can be stressful, and the only way to ensure continuity in business during office movement is by engaging in advance thoughts on various aspects, which shall ensure effective relocation, rendering the whole process successful.

Good luck as you relocate to your new office.


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