How To Embed Google Trends to WordPress Posts

Recently I was checking out Google Trends has been updated and for the first time ever I noticed something that I had never seen before! You can Embed Google Trends to WordPress posts.

How awesome is this feature? For my reviews on this website I have often added information from Google Trends but I have taken a screenshot and added an image. This of course means that with time those images won’t be showing current trends and I will have to keep updating my contact, so imagine my excitement when I saw I can embed Google Trends!

I don’t know about you, but I get very excited when I learn something new that can add value to my websites and things that I can share with you!

How to Embed Google Trends to WordPress Posts

It is so simple really, simply go to Google Trends and add in your search term that you want to embed. You can also edit the date ranges that you want shown. Don’t forget that you can also compare search terms too which certainly comes in handy for showing how popular things are when you are doing a review and the comparisons with their competitors!

Once you have the information to your liking click on the three dots on the right hand corner of the graph and choose the embed option that comes up. This will then give you an embed code.

Then go into your WordPress post and make sure your content is in text mode (as opposed to visual mode) and paste the embed code where you would like it.

Here is a comparison of a recent scam that I reviewed this year, Phoenix Power Rising, and my number one recommendation for making money online, Wealthy Affiliate

This just goes to show my readers how this scam rose up and did a nose dive while my #1 recommendation is steadily growing in popularity, I just can’t wait to embed Google Trends into some of my old posts!

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to embed Google Trends to WordPress posts. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. Oh wow. This is great, I’m going to be checking this out and updating my posts just as soon as I can.
    Thank you for highlighting it.
    Good to see Wealthy Affiliate is a constant interest.

  2. Hey Lynne,

    This has been really informative. I will be sure to bookmark your site and come back for more tips.

    I run a few websites and I’ve never thought about how Google Trends could benefit me. I certainly will start adding this to my websites. Thanks so much.

    Is Google Trends Free and do I have to sign up for anything ?

    • Hi Jerry

      Google Trends is completely free. If you have a Google email set up just sign into your email online and then go to Google Trends.

      And it is not just useful to use add information to your website, it is so useful for doing research into keywords and also trends.

      I have seen some really interesting things when I search online for certain terms. I remember doing some research into honeymoon resorts because I was thinking of building a new website promoting honeymoon resorts and I noticed that every year in June/ July there was a huge spike in interest. These are all things you can use for your marketing!

  3. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for this post I had no idea this could be done. You’ve made it so simple for non computer people like me to have this option. Did you find this out by accident? I will definitely be checking this out for my posts. I will be bookmarking your page for sure for future reference. Again Thanks for the info. 🙂

    • Hi Lindsay

      Well I noticed recently that there have been a few changes to the look of Google Trends recently so I was just having a look around, you know and I noticed that you can embed Google Trends. Apparently this is not new but I only saw it recently so I thought I have to share this!

  4. What an awesome feature! Just like you, I love learning new little things like this. You never know when you may need to use something like this.

    I love your website and I’ve bookmarked it. I love how you explain everything so simply and easy to follow. The video really helped a lot too. Thank you!

    • Hey Cat

      Yes it is way cool isn’t it? I’ve been making loads of use of this already since I found out about it 🙂

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