How to Embed A Youtube Video in to a WordPress Post

A while back I had a reader ask me how to embed a youtube video in a wordpress post so I made a how to Youtube video showing exactly how it is done… and then forgot to follow it up with a post on my website.

I have been quite distracted the last few weeks with the requests that have come in recently for reviews on new so called opportunities which turned out to be the craziest scams, please check my top menu for the latest scams and take a look so you don’t fall victim.

Ok so back to embedding Youtube videos into your WordPress posts… this is so easy to do and I highly recommend that you do this. I just want to quickly explain to you the benefits of adding videos to your posts.

Why Embed a Youtube video in to your posts?

  • It will improve your SEO and increase your rankings! Read this post here for my secret sauce for top Google rankings, you will see that embedding a Youtube video is one of those!
  • Videos are shareable, you can even Pin videos to Pinterest and they can be viewed directly in Pinterest
  • Videos increase conversions
  • If you create your own videos you are creating authority and trust for your own brand
  • If you create your own videos you are increasing your reach. Youtube videos can be found on Google search and Youtube search!
  • If you are creating your own videos you can monetize your channel and earn extra income too, always a nice bonus right?

How to Embed a Youtube video in to a WordPress post

  • Go to the Youtube video you want to add to your wordpress post
  • Underneath the video click on Share
  • The Click on Embed
  • Copy the Embed Code that you are given
  • Go to your website post and make sure your post is in Text Mode
  • Paste the Embed Code into your post

how to embed a youtube video in to a wordpress post

And that is it, very simple!

Remember to create a custom thumbnail for your Youtube video as this is what will show up on your WordPress post, making it much more appealing for your readers to view your video.

I hope you found this useful, please feel free to ask any questions or just chat to me in the comments section.


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