How I Showed my Friend to do what I do, as a Freelancer and Bank $3000+ a Month

Hello dear entrepreneur, I bet you’re wondering what it is exactly I do or my friend had to do, to make that much per month. And I’m going to tell you. And you’re probably wondering just how true this is as well right? Well, I’m going to tell you right now that it is absolutely 100% true. And I’m also going to tell you how. But first, I want to mentally prepare you..

So I’m Mike, I’ve been a blogger, writer, author & affiliate marketer for about 15 years now. It’s always been a hobby and a passion. And I’ve been freelancing now as a freelancer for about 5+ years now. At first, it was slow going for me, but through persistence, through learning some curve balls, through chipping away, I was able to build myself up to $5000+ a month in income. However, that has taken a lot of time and hard work. But with a plan and with persistence it’s not something that I’d say was impossible for people to achieve in the same way.

As an entrepreneur, it’s all about setting up multiple streams of revenue for yourself from multiple places and people. Whether it’s through the income you’ll make as a blogger, from the ads you have on your site. To the income you make through affiliate commissions as an affiliate for someone. Or the income you make from providing services and work as a freelancer.

And that industry is the one that has helped me, and my friend, and millions of people all round the world every day. That industry is the freelance industry. And it’s a multi billion dollar industry that has many millions of users. However, there are many more buyers looking for something than there are freelancers that can provide it to them. That’s where you come in…

Unlimited Earnings Based on Time

How to earn 3000 a month

How to make $3000 a month as a freelancer?

I could give you a simple, short, condensed answer. I could even give it to you in simple bullet point steps. Or I could give you a much longer and more detailed answer to that question. For which answer would you prefer? I knew you’d say both so both is what you’ll get then!

Long Answer

It could be easy for you, it could be hard. It would depend on how savvy you are. How much time you invest. Or, if you have any kind of marketable and needed skills. If you are and you do, you can find lots of ways and places to find work as a freelancer today. Especially today as there are freelance marketplaces you can join to find work from a freelancer and or do work as one.

You can register on these platforms and find jobs to bid on and get hired by people that way. Just do what they need, deliver and get paid for it! Literally it’s as simple as that. It will mean actually getting hired and doing the work that needs to be done but that’s basically it.

Obviously there is more to it than that and more than one freelance marketplace and some are easier to get into and find clients with than others are but that is going to be another kettle of fish we’re going to have to boil now.

You see, to find work as a freelancer, a freelancer needs to tell the world he or she is one. That can be achieved with your own website that provides such services. On social media even. Heck, by TV, radio and the papers! Or, you could use a freelance marketplace. One of the top best ones that’s worth actually using for this reason like SEOClerks, Fiverr, Upwork etc etc.

However, of all the most easiest and best sites to use in my opinion. And the one that I and my friends and many others have found much success on is SEOClerks. That is one of the most amazing freelance sites I’ve ever used in my life. With the most amazing people behind it! But from a sellers/freelancers perspective, they have a great buyer database of hungry buyers for all things!

And that is where I would suggest anyone that wants to crack this nut and achieve those same levels of success as I and others have to join SEOClerks and devote their time and attention to growing it up. It’s easy for even new sellers to get on there and start selling services and bidding on peoples jobs. Bid, get selected, do the work/service, deliver, get paid. Easy!

With so many ways to take advantage of the site and get on board with providing a great service to people for the things they need and want. And so many ways you can promote your SEOClerks account and services. And keep using the site all the time to make some extra money with. For the massive demand there is for things, the reapers are few. The harvest is plenty but the reapers are few!

But that is why there is so much potential for anyone to get a slice of the pie, to make their money from what is a multi-million dollar industry! I mean, let’s share and talk about some freelancing statistics for the actual freelance industry.

How to earn 3000 a month as a freelancer

US & UK Freelance Statistics

– There’s about 55 million people working as a freelancer in the US alone (35% of the national workforce)
– Freelancers contribute about $700 billion in revenue to the US economy.

– There’s about 1.5 million freelancers in the UK (around 15% of the national workforce)
– The UK freelance industry has grown by 15% in the last 10 years and is set to double by 2020.

Now that’s just on freelancers, freelancing. But when you look at how many people actually need and buy freelance services. These numbers just pale into comparison. Simply because, as said, there are many more billions of people who need the services of a freelancer!

What Freelance Services Do People Need?

Everything from A-Z! Whether it’s simple writing tasks (article writing), data entry, web design, website traffic, social media marketing, SEO, video creation, video marketing. Logo & banner design and so much more than this! With billions of people using the Internet today, whether it’s starting their own website, blog or something, there are literally billions of people all looking for something to help them.

To get some ideal what those services are, and to help you come up with ideas to start being a freelancer, one only needs to take a look at the Marketplace categories on SEOClerks. And I’ve wrote about this on their Community FAQ before; if you’re looking for ideas for something to sell, some service to provide as a freelancer, just check out those categories and ideas will start springing out at you.

But doing that will also give you some idea as to what kinds of freelance services that people need today. Since if it’s for sale there, then there is going to be demand for it. However, another good thing to do is check out the Jobs section and see what kind of Jobs people need. This is where you can place a bid on that Job (formally called “WTB” (Want To Buy). Just place your bid, get hired, do the work, deliver, get paid.

How To Be a Successful Freelancer on SEOClerks?

Be unique. Offer something of value. At a fair and reasonable price. Provide a great service. Promote yourself on social media. Your own blog, site, forum etc. Use daily “bump” feature. Possibly by highlighting to attract more attention to your services. Highlighted services get a lot more clicks as they’re highlighted in the service’s marketplace categories.

And that’s it? To be honest, that’s pretty much all there is to it. It might be slow going for you at first. You might find it hard to make sales. Especially if you are a level 1 with no prior positive feedback since buyers mainly like to purchase from those longer established sellers/freelancers. The ones that have lots of positive ratings and recommendations.

How to earn money as a freelancer

A Level Driven System

SEOClerks is a level driven system where you start at level 1 and work your way up to level 3. There are other higher levels too like level 4, level 5 and level 3X, 4X, 5X. But these X levels are given to you by staff when you have proven to be valuable to the site in some way. Some Level 5X users for example have pulled in thousands of affiliates to the site which not only earned them a lot of money for it since they make a commission on all the money they spend on services. But would have made the site a lot of money too so are manually upgraded.

But in time, you can grow and go from a Level 1 new user/seller to a Level 3 user/seller. It’s not that hard. You just have to reach some milestones which are all explained on the User Levels page. And when you do, you’ll start to see more sales from it as people will trust you more. I’m talking about sales of the services you put up to provide people with whatever it is you can do.

What Can I Sell on SEOClerks?

Everything from A-Z really. Anything to do with or connected to the SEO industry. That can include many things from link building to website traffic to social media marketing and more. Like I said, just check out the SEOClerks categories on the homepage to see what is selling. Anything listed, any services that you see in those categories, are there for sale because there is a demand for it.

And you don’t need any skills, any experience, any knowledge or tool sets to sell services to the public on there and other freelance marketplaces like it. If you can do something for someone, if you can get it done for them. Then you can provide and sell it as a service.

However, if you do have some skills in something, in some area for something. Example, perhaps you are quite well versed with Photoshop and can make banners, flyers and logos etc for people. Or perhaps you know how to make cool animated videos in some software. Or maybe you just know how to get loads of likes, views, followers and shares for social media profiles? Those sell like hot cakes!

Tip! Check out Mike’s post on How New Sellers Can Get Started on SEOClerks and Ways to Increase Sales and Success. There you will learn how to create your first service. How to improve your trust value and other ways to improve your trust factor and chances of getting sales.

So How Did I Show My Friend What I Do and How Did He Make Money from It?

Quite simply, I just showed him my SEOClerks account. I showed him what services I was selling/providing to people. I showed him how I provide those services. I told him how to get the things I was selling at a lower price which he would just have to buy and then deliver when it’s ordered and done. I showed him the other sites I use to get those things from at a cheaper price. And told him how to use them all.

I actually gave him a checklist of things to do and told him to do all of them one by one until they were all done. As well as a list of things to do every day or week or month to improve his chances of gaining sales and orders on SEOClerks. Yes, I’m going to give that to you too. Well, most of it anyway! I’m intentionally leaving some things out. But if you are really hungry, you will find out or seek me for answers.

Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

Seek and you shall find.

Checklist to success

Checklist to Success on SEOClerks

1. Head on over to SEOClerks and register here (use that link to get free $5.00 spending cash – more details below).
2. Update your profile, fill in all the fields, add your profile image and about you description.
3. Go to your settings page and add your phone number and verify it (improves security and order update notifications, occasion couple codes).
4. If possible, do address verification and identity protection (it further improves account security and trust in you by people).
5. Go onto the Community FAQ and introduce yourself. Mingle and reply to some other peoples posts (do this daily/weekly it will help).
6. Start your first service using the Add New Service page. Fill in all the required details and post it.
7. Promote your service on your social media profiles and do SEO / Marketing / Advertising / Promotion of them.

Daily To Do Checklist

1. Promote your service on social media, YouTube etc etc etc.
2. Eearn “Bumps” every day and use them to bump your service(s) daily.
3. Visit the Jobs section and bid on the things people want (if you can do them).
4. Try to be active on the Community FAQ as it helps promote yourself / your services.
5. Do some research! Check out other peoples popular services – could you provide the same but better?

Weekly To Do Checklist

1. Create at least 1 new service (make sure the description is great and it’s optimized).
2. Promote your profile and services on social media, YouTube, your blog etc etc.
3. Post at least one article to the Community FAQ (establishing yourself as authority in youe niche).

$5.00 Free Spending Cash Anyone?

Right now, SEOClerks are offering $5.00 of free spending cash to try out the site which you can spend on or put towards any service or services you want. All you need to do get this code which you can redeem is be a new user and meet some basic requirements as follows;

Users have to meet these requirements before they can redeem the coupon:

– They must be new user of 10 days or less.
– They must have added and confirmed a phone number.
– They must have a verified email.
– They must have no duplicate accounts (get all banned).
– They must not be use any type of proxy service or VPN when registering/redeeming.

That’s it! If you meet those requirements, if you’re a new user of 10 days or less and have added and verified your phone number and address. All you have to do to get your code is send me a message on here requesting it and I’ll generate you one and send it to you.

You can use this template:

Coupon Code Request

Hello. I would like to request the $5.00 coupon code. I meet the requirements. Please generate one for me and let me have it.

Also, my username on SEOClerks is: [Provide your username].


Shooting Bullets

How to get started freelancing

How to get started?

It’s easy to get started as a freelancer on SEOClerks. You don’t need any skills or experience. You don’t need to have a high IQ and even be a quick learner. However, if you do and you are, if you’re savvy, creative and innovative, then getting started on SEOClerks will be easy. But anyone can get started. The trick is to nurturing and growing your account and the trust people have in you and your services.

How to do what I do?

I just provide those common freelance services that people require. I provide SEO/SEM/SMM/SMO (Search Engine Optimizating / Search Engine Marketing/ Social Media Marketing / Social Media Optimizing) services. Some YouTube promotion services and some writing services. If you can provide anything that is in demand, you can do that too and do what I do!

How to go it alone?

Hey listen, you don’t have to! There are many independant freelancers out there! But there are also those that team up and do it as a business. But to go it alone, you just need to be able to stand on your own two feet and manage your freelance work by yourself, on yourself. I do that myself and I actually prefer it as it means I don’t have to rely on anyone else and I can be my own boss. But I still seek help and advice, support, motivation and inspiration from other people. Those freelancers that are earning much much more than I am.

How to upscale / find more work?

SEOClerks is a great place to start to find work and upscale your services. But it’s not the only freelance marketplace out there. Just do a Google search for freelance site or freelance marketplace and you’ll find them. Then basically, just tap into those sites in the same way. Register, improve your profile, your skills etc, list some services for sale, promote them, bid on peoples jobs etc etc.

Of course, you could go all out and start your own website, blog etc and SEO/promote/advertise and market that to find more clients and work. And then, you could do it again with another site. Over and over until you have all these sites promoting yourself as a freelancer. However, it’s best to focus on one site at a time. What I mean is, don’t spread yourelf too thinly over too many freelance site and find the one that works best for you.

How to be successful?

Your success, like anything, will largely depend on several factors such as how hard you work, what kind of service you provide to people, not being late delivering orders, not skimping out and cutting corners, that kind of thing. And through some luck as well. Being unique and providing a great service to people every time is key to getting people to come back to you and buy again. So to be successful, you would want that and that comes through being nice to people, providing a great service and actually providing services that are in demand and at a fair and reasonable price.


Freelancing like Mike isn’t for everyone but it is something that mostly everyone can do if they need to. And eventually, by sticking in there and making a bit of a name for yourself, it’s something that can prove to be invaluable to you. Something that you actually enjoy doing! And when work is a pleasure, life is a joy! And while there might be quiet times, it sure beats waking up everyday and travelling to a job you don’t like for a boss you don’t like either!

About The Author

Mike (IdealMike) is an SEO freelancer, content writer, social media marketer and all round internet marketing rock star.



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