10 Tips To Help New Bloggers Create Fabulous Content

So you’ve got a new blog? Well good on you and power to you and your blog! But you probably know that a blog isn’t a blog unless you have something to actually blog about! Unless you post some articles or journals or something to your blog then you’re not going to attract any new visitors to your blog let alone rank very high in the Search Engines!

And ranking high is important as it means more traffic to your blog which means more success for you as a blogger. One way to get one step closer to that and have the fabulous blog you want to have is just to post fabulous content to it! So in this fabulous article we’re writing, we’ll show you how to create content for beginners, how to create fabulous content!

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How to Create Fabulous Content for Your Blog

To create fabulous content, one has to think fabulously! One has to think outside the box and be unique. You have to think about what your targeted audience think about and are interested in. Identify those things you know are interesting to your intended blog visitors or customer and clients. And then think about ways in which you can create content like that.

By fabulous content, we just mean content that is great. Content that is good to read. Content that is engaging! Content that isn’t boring and hum drum, mediocre or even abysmal. Ain’t nobody got time for reading content like that!

You want content that wows, that excites, that awakens, that motivates! Content that goes deeper, content that dishes the dirt and ganders the gossip! Content that isn’t afraid to say what it means and mean what it says.

Get that right and you can have your visitors bookmarking your site, sharing it and returning all the time to read more. Not to mention subscribe to your newsletter and follow you on your social media sites.

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10 Fabulous Content Creation Tips

1. Think Like Your Intended Targeted Audience Think

Get inside their heads! What do they want to read about? What problems do they have? Do you have solutions for them? What do they like to see, what kinds of media, photos, videos etc. Write down what you know about your intended targeted blog visitors and list out things that would make good ideas for good blog posts.

2. Study Your Competitors and Rival Blogs & Follow Them

Unless you’re blogging about something that doesn’t exist yet, then there’s probably already a lot of blogs out there in your niche that have already have a lot of great blog posts and a bit of a following. Follow them, subscribe to them, read their blog posts, get ideas from them. Can you post a better version of their blog posts?

It can pay to keep your friends close but your enemies close! This is one way it pays to do that. Keep tabs on them, see what they’re doing, do the same thing but in your own way. Hell, rewrite their blog posts but in your own way. Doing this can seem wrong but it’s one of the best ways to keep on the pulse of your market and know what they want.

3. Use Compelling Title Headlines, Power Words and Play on Emotions

People’s attention span is getting much shorter these days than before and so much so that now most people know whether they’re going to read the article or not just on the title alone. If your titles & headers aren’t formatted properly without much thought then you’ll miss the boat! You should experiment with different titles and track them to find out which ones generate the most clicks and views. Use power words and play on peoples emotions.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Link Love

Articles come alive and the internet is built when you link to other sites out there. Whether they’re sites related to yours or the blog post article itself some way, you shouldn’t be afraid to show some link love and link out to other related, valuable resources you think are worth linking to for the sake of the reader. This can empower your SEO and credibility. Obviously don’t go overboard and always link out randomly in every post loads of time. Keep it relative!

Use better images photos and media elements

5. Use Better Images, Photos and Media Elements

Sure, the titles of your blog posts are important but words are just words but images and video and other media elements can all add extra life into your blog posts. Some bloggers get by poaching images but in the end this bites them in the ass. It’s always best to use unique images, photos and videos etc. Stock photo sites are okay if you have nothing else but you should be creative in this department showing photos and images of things that no other blog has will pay dividends.

6. Always Provide At Least One Gold Nugget

There’s a lot of fluffy blog posts out there! They are all mostly fluff rehashes of another article. Some are more insightful maybe. Some may even have something new to say. But many of the same more or less. You come away not finding what you was looking for or something new. That’s why you should always try to provide at least one gold nugget in your blog post. Something that no other blog post out there on any blog has.

7. Make Good Use of CTA’s

A great blog article can be made even greater when it lures people in, makes them bite and pull on the line so you can reel em’ in! Great bloggers know how to do that with their blog posts. It’s basically a scientific formula of appealing to their interests, tugging on their problems, presenting a solution and physically telling them to buy your product with a CTA (all to action) like “Order Now”.

8. Offer a Chance to Find Out More

Many bloggers don’t give their readers anyway to follow up with them or find out more about the blog post itself. And many don’t give the reader a chance to engage with you more and or spend more money with you! What a waste of a post and time if you ask me! Make sure to offer your readers a way to find out more or ask questions (not just through the comments option) and give them a chance to spend more money with you. If you don’t you’re leaving money on the table.

Hire a professional freelance writer

9. Hire a Professional Freelance Writer

Of course, if you don’t want to write your own fabulous blog posts, you can always get someone else to do it for you! The freelance industry is massive and there’s many professional freelance writers you can find out there. It’s not free of course but the going rate is from $5 to $10 for 500 word articles. It beats writing yourself and you can find some good writers on places like SEOClerksFiverr and other freelance marketplaces.

10. Repurposing Your Old Blog Content

You might not know it but you may have content sitting right under your nose that you can put to good use to create new content from! Was that a good topic you posted? What’s happened since? What’s new about it? You can create fabulous blog posts from your old blog posts and then link to it from the new one. In time, you can do it again and again for your other older blog posts too. Thus, creating an endless supply of fabulous content!


Like anything, creating fabulous content isn’t hard when you know how to do it. These 10 fabulous content creation tips how to create content for beginners will give you the starting knowledge you need to give you the edge as a fabulous blog!



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