How To Create Beautiful Quotes on Canva

Creating images has become more and more easy for me since I started using Canva. When I first found Canva I created some training at Wealthy Affiliate called Designing Images for Dummies and more recently I training called Create All Your Own Images Using Canva.

Something that is increasing in popularity and is a great way to get noticed socially is to create quote images for sharing on social media. My friend Freddy, that I mention on my addiction website, has started creating quote images using images he has taken while traveling around South Africa and I just love the concept that he has going there.

However I saw how his images could create more of an impact using Canva and it is so easy to do with a little practice. I asked Freddy if I could have one of his images and feature it on my website as a before and after and luckily he never took offence and said I was welcome to!

So here is the before image:

Image Freddy

The text is all white and the same font, it is not that easy to see and it doesn’t make as great an impact as it could.

Here is the image that I created afterwards using Canva:

Remember to take care of yourself

Watch how I created this image for Freddy using Canva.

How To Create Beautiful Quotes On Canva


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  1. Hi Lynne
    I eventually had time to watch this video. Thank you so incredibly much for the time and effort you have put into doing this for me. I really appreciate it. It looks easy enough, but, as you say, it will take some playing around with. Which I shall do.

  2. Question: I am not signing up. If I sign up with Facebook, can I post that same image to Twitter and LinkedIn?

    • Hey Freddie – you can just sign in with Facebook no problem : )And you download the images – you can use them anywhere you want to! You can use any size image anywhere.

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