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How to create a free website to earn money siterubixDo you want to know how to create a free website to earn money? There are plenty of options online if you do a Google search for free websites. The hard part comes in when you want to know how to make money with your website, how to set it up and the support that is available.

When you do your searches for free websites most of them that come up are free trials, not free forever websites.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is that you may also need to buy a domain name as well as pay for hosting which is often not included.

My recommendation is for you to try out siterubix which will give you 2 completely free websites with no obligation to ever pay anything.

Here is what you will receive with your free websites:

  • Wordpress how to create a free website to earn money2 free .siterubix sub-domain websites
  • fully functional WordPress websites
  • free hosting
  • access to the community for support
  • training
  • support
  • tools

This is not a free trial, it is forever free! There is no better offer online to create your own beautiful website online and show you how to learn how to make money online.

This is offered through Wealthy Affiliates which is my #1 recommendation for a small online business opportunity!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hello,

    I must say that this site is 100% honest. I have also invested my time and money into Wealthy Affiliate and became a premium member. BEST OPPORTUNITY EVER. I have learned so much and have been making websites ever since. Everyone who is serious about making money needs to go to Wealthy Affiliate right now.

    • Hi Devin 🙂 Thanks for popping in, I am so pleased you have also found WA. I with you all the best with your online venture and I am sure you will succeed. The sky is the limit.

  2. This is a very beautiful post. Earn money on free websites forever that you will not even pay a dime to host. This is like having free lunch forever.
    If you do a Google search, I think it is only Wealthy Affiliates that provides such a unique service.
    Another distinguishing factor which you mentioned in the post is that there are many people who may claim that they will create free website for you but they will not teach you how to make money with the website. All these are taught in Wealthy Affiliates.
    There is no doubting the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is number 1 in provision of affiliate marketing training.

    • Exactly Sam! What good is free website to someone when they are not shown how to use it? What a newbie needs is the website, training and support otherwise a free website is completely useless!

  3. Hi Lynne
    Sounds like a fab oppurtunity! I have tried many different online oppurtunities and Wealthy Affiliate just keeps on popping up! I think I might just have to follow this one through! Thanks for the info!

    • It’s a pleasure Marcella 🙂 Give it a go and have a look around, it is free so you have nothing to loose!

  4. Hi Lynne

    Your post is nice and precise, straight to the point. Which is sometimes very nice to see. You keep the reader gripped which is fantastic. Keep on going, I noticed the two images/attachments I could not see. Maybe it is my computer!

    Keep well

    • Hi Jotham

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ll check those images!

      Kind Regards

  5. Well this makes a nice change from those nasty google blogger blogs and the subdomain WordPress sites – a new free player on the block! From what I can tell from the screen shots you have provided, these themes look pretty dynamic and funky – are they set up for mobile devices and are you able to use adverts on them ( like Google adsense for example )?

    • Hi Chris. Yes you can choose from a number of free WordPress Themes, depending on what theme you choose they will be mobile friendly. You can set up Google Adsense and other adverts on these websites yes.

  6. Hi,
    this is so honest and true.
    There is another way of building a free website and that is to start a website with wordpress[dot]com, but before you know it, you might have added an affiliate link too soon (or one of a company they don’t like) or just typed in a word that they didn’t like, or maybe didn’t post enough to their liking – and BAM – gone is all your work. They can remove you whenever they feel like it.
    That is what make the siterubix sites so much safer and following the training in WA makes it so much easier. WordPress is one of the most amazing Content Management Systems out there, but if you don’t know how it works, it can be very difficult.
    Thank you again for this valuable information

    • Hi Linda, thanks for sharing that about wordpress dot com. I wasn’t aware they could just remove your website whenever they like for whatever reason they like. That really is shoddy!

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