How To Check Your Content Is Unique Using Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker

Having content that is high quality and unique on my websites is important to me. When I write my own content for my websites I don’t worry with checking the content because I know it is 100% unique.

However I sometimes hire content writers from Seoclerks or Fiverr to write some content for me and I like to check that the content is unique before I mark the order as completed, especially when trying out a new content writer! I have found some amazing content writers over time but you will be amazed at how many times a new content writer has sent me a copy and paste job from another website! Shockingly unprofessional but true.

The other instance when I need to check the uniqueness of an article is when someone submits a guest post to me which is becoming quite the hot thing on my parenting website! There have been a number of times when a blogger has submitted an article to me that has already been published on their website and they want me to cross post it which is not something I do.

This video below will show you how I check content is unique using Smallseotools.com Plagiarism Checker. A really nice tool that is quick and easy to use, plus best of all 100% free!

How To Check Your Content Is Unique Using Smallseotools Plagiarism Checker


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