How to Check Keyword Website Ranking

If you have been looking for a way how to check keyword website ranking let me help you with a few tips.

There are a number of free online tools to use, which I will share with you at the end of this post.

How to check website keyword rankingThese free tools are great to use for checking one keyword or a few but if you have a website with lots of keywords you really want to be able to track them all in one place in an easy to manage system.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at Monitor Backlinks, they offer a free one month trial to try out their system.

Monitor Backlinks offers these great services:

1. Monitoring of Keywords

  • Each keyword you enter is monitored so you can easily see how all your keywords are ranking and when the ranking goes up or down.
  • Overall keyword ranking on your website so you can see whether your overall performance is improving

2. Monitoring of Competitors

  • Enter your competitors websites and see where they rank for your keywords

3. Monitoring of Backlinks

  • See when search engines index a new backlink to your website
  • The actual page stats are shown for each backlink, the URL, the PR, how many social shares that page has, how many other links are on the page and more
  • See when your competitors gain a new backlink and the details. You can use this information to try and obtain a link there too.
  • See if when a bad backlink has been added to your website and ask Google to disavow it

4. Regular reporting

  • Reports are emailed to you regularly so you can easily stay up to date with what is happening on your website.

For any website, monitoring what is happening with your keywords and backlinks is vitally important.

Personally I advise anyone with a website to at least give this free trial a go.

If you like Monitor Backlinks as much as I do and would like to use the paid version please use this coupon code to get your first 3 months for the price of 1 month: MB2MF7CYPM

Other ways how to check your website keyword ranking:

1. Jaaxy keyword tool not only offers an outstanding keyword research tool, you can also check the ranking of your keywords. Click here to read my review on Jaaxy.

2. You can check one keyword at a time at Serps.com for free.

3. SmallSEOTools.com offers various free SEO tools, including a keyword rank checker.

I hope you have found this helpful and if you have any feedback please leave a comment below.

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Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Great tools you suggested. What do you think of these other keyword ranking keyword tools – CuteRank, SEMRush, Proranktracker? Have you tried these tools before? Do you also know some free keyword tools that can check rankings of keywords in bulk. SEMRush can do it but only the paid version. Cute Rank is not functioning well lately.

    • I haven’t tried any of those before Keye, I’ll have a look and post my thoughts on those too! Thanks for sharing that info, I’ll happily look into them.

  2. Hi there – loved your article!
    I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to blogging and a friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of keywords. I’ve got my head around the majority of most of it but I struggle to find out info on my competitor’s backlinks.
    This jaaxy tool you mention below – does it feature this type of parameter and will it help me out?

    • Hi Chris. Monitor Backlinks will monitor all your competitors backlinks as well as your keyword rankings. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool. Both great tools to use, but they do very different things!

  3. This has been an area I have really struggled with – my website doesn’t seem to be ranking and it would be great to have more focus on the keywords and also what my competitors are using. Some nice tools that I am going to look into – and I will give your suggestion a try out on the free trial to see if it works for me! Thanks Sarah

    • Such an important part of having a website Sarah and I have been given such bad advice in the past. Check out Monitor Backlinks and see how it works for yourself 🙂

  4. Hi Lynne – Thanks for sharing How to Check Keyword Ranking. I have been a bit lazy on that subject lately and need to bring it into play a lot more
    Keywords are vital for website success yet most people, myself included, don’t do the monitoring of performance like they should.
    I will check out the sites you recommend and see if they are useful to me

    • Give their trial a go and see if it works for you. They are a little pricey but I like having all that info at my finger tips, especially when you have a lot of keywords. I love their graphs and reports.

  5. Hi there Lynne,

    In May 2014, Matt Cutts from Google mentioned that backlinks will become a less important factor for page ranking. The training in WA doesn’t seems to emphasize on checking on backlinks too. So my question is, how does this tool “Monitor Backlink” benefit a website for the long term?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for your feedback. I mainly use Monitor Backlinks to monitor my keywords. However the monitoring of backlinks can be very useful, for eg the disavow option: if there is spammy or bad backlink this tool can assist you to disavow it with Google so it doesn’t cause any damage. You can see all the backlinks to your website and also the changes in traffic for that period so you can see the effect of the backlinks which I really enjoy. Yes you are very right, I think the importance of backlinks has been very much reduced. In fact I think they can often be damaging. I will be writing a post soon on that.

  6. How does Monitor Backlinks compare to your other suggestions, like Jaaxy? I’d like to see a comparison review of those if you have one. Seems like depending on the tool you can get a lot more information for the same subscription with certain rather than others. Let me know, thanks!

    • Hi Sarah

      I have yet to find some more great tools to make comparisons. Jaaxy and Monitor Backlinks offer completely different services. Jaaxy is mainly a tool to find your keywords and Monitor Backlinks keeps track of your rankings for your keywords and your backlinks 🙂

      Yes you can manually check your rankings in Jaaxy too but it doesn’t monitor them and keep track of anything and give you reports like Monitor Backlinks does.

      Thank you for your feedback 🙂

      Kind Regards


  7. Never heard of monitor backlinks, I think I will consider signing up with them. That is a really nice ability, being able to see how your keywords are ranking, and what you can improve on. I have used similar services in the past, which leads me to a quick question.

    If you are keeping track of keywords, and notice position changes, such as lowering, what methods or actions can you take to regain position in the ranks?

    • Hi Jason

      Yes I love seeing all the keyword rankings in one place, easy to keep track of!

      Great question Jason, here are a few good points to look at:

      The best way to keep ranking for your keywords is to keep adding new content to your website. As the overall trust of your website increases your keywords will rank better. It is also great to go back to old posts and add or change content if needed. This shows the search engines you are keeping your old content current. A great way to also get new content added is when people comment on your posts! So make your content quality great and conversational which will firstly encourage your readers to comment, and secondly encourage them to share your content.

      Writing quality content for your readers combined with writing with SEO in mind also helps loads. Click here to read more.

      Of course choosing the best keywords for your content is the first step and can easily rank your content if you are clever about it. Check out how here.

      Kind Regards


  8. I like how there are various Free online tools to use for checking website ranking, which is great because I love anything that’s Free 😉

    However, I have heard that backlinks can be bad for business, and Google no longer takes these into consideration when ranking websites now. Is this true do you reckon?

    I’ve just checked out your Jaaxy tool recommendation and it’s completely awesome, so this is one Free tool I will definitely be using as I build my online business.

    Thanks! Neil

    • Hi Neil

      The way I understand it is that backlinks used to be very valuable in the past. However now there are so many people buying backlinks and people spamming websites in an attempt to gain backlinks that they are now not such a huge ranking factor.

      I do think backlinks can be useful still, but be very careful with how you go about this as yes they can be bad!

      I would put your main focus on building quality content on your website and keeping track of your keyword rankings.

      Kind Regards


  9. Great article about the free tools available 🙂
    I always struggled to find tools, or even understand what each tool does, but I found your article to be very informative in helping with the development of my own website, am definitely going to check out monitor backlinks as this is the first time I have heard of them.
    Thanks again


    • Hi Shuk

      Yes there are an abundance of free tools out there, do some searches and you will find them. I find the only downside with the free tools is that they are quite limited and you often have to use a number of them in conjunction to get the information you need. I love Monitor Backlinks because it keeps track of everything for me without me having to do a thing.

      Kind Regards


  10. I always wondered about my exact keyword ranking in the goolge search results but I had no real idea on how to find them.
    The option of simply searching for my page really put me off – there are loads of pages of results out there! I was looking into the Jaaxy keyword tool for this function – do you have any expereince with this?

    • Hi Chris

      Searching Google to see where your keyword ranking is will take a long time and be very frustrating. You can keep track of your rankings using services such as the one Monitor Backlinks offers which keeps history and provides regular reports. You can also use the Jaaxy keyword tool, you have to manually check your keyword rankings but it is quick to do and of course it is included in your monthly Jaaxy fee. I would highly recommend using Jaaxy for this. Check my full review of Jaaxy here.

      Kind Regards


  11. Hi there! That’s a nice post you have created here.
    This is just what I need to check my rankings, I’ve been doing it manually until now, I have bookmarked your site and will be coming back.
    I’m sure many people will find this article as useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this nice information.
    Cheers and best of luck to you.

    • Hi Kush

      It is a pleasure, I know lots of people do it manually, but what a job! I am glad I could show you how to check keyword website ranking in an easier way.

      Kind Regards


  12. This is really interesting. I had no idea a service like this existed. It’s amazing what you can find out with a little research. Backlinks are important to the success of your website and not something I have got into as yet. This article is a great read and I will look into this website for my own business. Thanks!

    • Hi Ruth

      Thanks for your feedback. I think to keep an eye on your backlinks is great but don’t forget that using SEO methods like backlinking are outdated and can really have a negative effect on your SEO. Especially when you try using SEO Black Hat techniques like buying backlinks!

      The feature I like best on Monitor Backlinks is the keyword monitoring. It is so nice to be able to have your keywords monitored and be able to get reports on ranking changes.

      Kind Regards


  13. Hello Lynne , very interesting subject that you chose.I am always in the hunt for useful tools.

    The monitor backlinks is a tool I did not know existed and it sounds pretty handy,I believe the ability to check our competitors is the tool’s best aspect.

    Additionally the other two at the end of your post seem very interesting.I will check them all out

    Jaaxy is one tool I am familiar with and I highly recommend it to anyone.Multi featured and fast.

    I wanna thank you for this article , really helpful as saves much of my time and straight to the point.Good job.Cheers

  14. This is awsome infomation.
    This is great helpful infomation that all online business entrepreneurs, beginners and experts will benifit from.

    You have highlighted important components and elements that make solid foundations for traffic, rank, sales and revenue.
    People who are the position of operating online businesses would value this infomation.
    This is great. Thank you for the extra tips.

  15. Hi Lynne,
    These are some great tools. However when I used the free SERP tool I got a different rank than what I got through Jaaxy? Have you noticed this?
    The monitor backlinks tool looks interesting. I think I might try it out. I’m bookmarking your page for the coupon code. 🙂

    • Hi Ian

      Yes I love the fact that you don’t have to constantly check every keyword when using Monitor Backlinks, you can just enter the keywords you want to monitor and it keeps track of everything for you.

      Yes I have gotten slightly different rankings when using different tools. Just bear in mind each tool works in a different way. The Jaaxy tool gives you one position, but remember there is Google for each country and there is Bing, Yahoo…. so Jaaxy gives an average position. Your ranking on Google.com and Bing is different.

      When you use Monitor Backlinks you set which search engines you want to monitor, this makes it a lot more precise.

  16. Hi thanks – I currently use jaaxy for this, but have considered monitor backlinks. I think I did the free trial ages ago, but then forgot to actually make use of it. How much is monitor backlinks normally per month? Do you think you should have a certain amount of visitors monthly before you sign up to something like this?

    • Hi netp

      I think this Monitor Backlinks is a great service to use, they have different rats for different packages starting at $49.90 per month. I love the service but I think if you have a small amount of traffic you should just rather use Jaaxy since you need a keyword research tool anyway.

      I love the reporting with Monitor Backlinks though.

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