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How to Build a WordPress Website From Scratch

How to build a wordpress website from scratch

I’ve come across so many people that want to work online but are scared to take that leap because they don’t know how to build a WordPress website from scratch.

A while back it was quite technical and hard to build your own website, but now with all the technological advances and great software available it can literally take 30 seconds to build your website. It is quick and easy, I promise you!

If you don’t believe me just watch this over the shoulder video I made for you which will show you how to build a WordPress website from scratch in less than 30 seconds.


Now build your own website! Try it out for yourself, just enter the domain name you would like below. And don’t worry it is completely free!


So here’s the thing, it is 2016 and if you don’t have your own website you are living in the dark ages.

I remember when I first started working I didn’t have email and most people didn’t. Oh my do I sound like a dinosaur now? Ok so I am not that old, I finished school in 1996 and I went to college then on an overseas trip and when I came back I started working in an office environment. That was in 2000.

When I first got email a lot of other companies were still using faxes. Very quickly everyone had email and now you won’t find a business without email right?

Well this is the same thing happening now with websites. If you don’t have a website you are behind the times! Even if you don’t have a business it is awesome to have your own website. It is your own little piece of cyber space where you can share whatever you want with the world.

I bet you are wondering why you would want to have your own website if you don’t have your own business.

A personal website can have huge benefits, here are just 5 Great reasons you should have a personal website:

1 Share Your Passions with the World!

Are you passionate about something? What a great way to get your cause out there. Start telling people about the cause you are interested in. Women’s rights, animal rights, the fight against HIV, the fight against drugs? You have your own soapbox!

Doing this can even earn you an income through affiliate marketing!

2 Networking

Easily network and connect with like-minded people.

3 Contactable

It is easy for anyone to find you and contact you.

4 Showcase your Work

If you are a freelancer you can showcase your work to possible customers. If you are looking for a job you can showcase your work to possible employers. It will also show possible employers that you are serious about looking for a job.

5 Add to your Skills

Websites are becoming commonplace. Very soon every company will have a website. If you can build a website from scratch and know how to add content to it and run it you have skills every single company needs. What a great skill to add to your resume!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should have a website for your business:

1 Leave the Dark Ages

Very often the first place people now look for products or services is online. This is the way of the future. More likely than not your competitors are online. If you don’t have a website you are being left behind in a very big way.

Think of the internet like the best business directory… well you should be there shouldn’t you?

2 Accessible 365/24/7

Your website is up all the time. You can have all your company and product information on your website. You can set up your website so customers can book online, buy online and contact you online. This means more than your business being available out of office hours. It also means that people can access all the information they need without contacting you or taking up any of your time.

Instead of giving directions to customers they can access directions with a map on your website. Instead of asking about a product they can just go onto your website, access all the technical specs, the product images ,the prices and purchase online. All you get is a notification of money in your account and details where to send the order. Sound good?

Can you imagine how much time and money can be saved in the long term? No more printing and distributing of brochures because your website is your brochure!

Everything you want your customer to know (and everything your customer wants to know) is at their fingertips at any time.

3 A website is Flexible, Fast and Cheap

If there are any changes to your business they can be changed on your website easily, fast and at no expense. How much would you have spent on brochures for a new product range and how long it would take to get those brochures designed, printed and distributed? That is now a thing of the past. You can add your new products to your website as soon as they arrive.

Any changes like a new phone number, change of address or price increase can be implemented immediately and without expense.

4 Legitimacy

Having a website is now like having an address. People expect you to have a website. It adds legitimacy to your business.

5 Marketing and Lead Generation

Your website can become your main marketing tool and it is a highly effective one! You can integrate this with lead generation for email marketing. You can increase your reach in the world with your website and the sky is truly the limit with what you can do. A lot of online marketing can be automated leaving you free to run your business while your website works for you!

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