How to build a $100-a-month blog in just 90 days

On this earth, there is nothing impossible, but what you need to do is to Start.  If you’ve set your financial goals this year, money making would be no more a challenge.

You can earn using the resources of the internet, like blogging. You can make a $100-a-month from your blog in just 90 days.

The genre is quite interesting and fascinating for those who wish to turn their writing skills into money-making.

You just have to collect the ideas of trending niches to create your blog, for instance, niches like “Food, Personal Finance, Lifestyle, Mommy, Travel, and Marketing” make the most money.

If you create your posts after exploring the internet, you can build a $100-a-month blog in just 90 days.

Content writing is surely the first task, but here the marketing keeps more value and you should know the ways to market your awesome content pieces.

Pay a look at different ways to earn $100 per month from your blog-

How To Build A $100 A Month Blog In Just 90 Days.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are another potential source to earn thousands of dollars in a month. You can associate with a company for a paid partnership.

Meanwhile, a sponsored blog post is the one when a company pays to write a blog on your website.

The goal behind such a partnership is that the company would like to promote its product or service through the popularity of your blog.

The promotion of the post is not just limited to the fame of your blog, rather social media shares, and email newsletters may also work in the context.

Product Review and Giveaways

You can also earn by offering product reviews and giveaways on your blog. Ensure you do complete research on the product before curating your reviews.

Write good and bad side of the products you’re reviewing, not just one of them. Your product survey should look original and authentic.

A well researched and balanced product review can allow you to make money by selling to blog visitors.

If you get an affiliate link to that product, you can earn money every time someone buys through the link.

Paid review options are also available for writing an unbiased review on the product.

You can go through few review sites, like, Sponsored reviews, PayPerPost, and LinkFromBlog to accomplish your task.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can help you earn $100 swiftly.

You can add affiliate products that are in high demand, but the category of products would depend on your niche.

So, choose your affiliate products for your concerned niche.

For example, if you are into blogging, select affiliate programs relevant to blogging and web hosting.

You can pick Namecheap, Bluehost or Hostgator hosting programs, and promote them by offering a 50% discount on first domain purchase or free WordPress blog set up.

There would be more affiliate products, but you’ve to explore which of them has more purchasable. You can search for their demands on Google.

Write a simple post on those products explaining “how to avail them”. It would be good to include a small number of steps to achieve the offer. You can acquire in-depth knowledge of the field by taking up a digital marketing course that should help you understand the dynamics of affiliate marketing better.


Create and sell your eBook. This way you can earn enough pennies.

If you have a good knowledge about your blogging tips, you can make a paid eBook no matter what niche you’re focusing.

What you have to do is to cover a few unique things, like analyze your competition, check top industry blogs, and see what products they are selling.

Ideate to make a strong selling strategy. If there is no or little competition for eBook selling in your niche, then you can start it.

It could be possible that you can make enough dollars only by selling eBooks in a month.

Read ebook drink coffee


For last few years, webinars are in trend, and if to believe the data the craze is not going to end in coming time.

You can sponsor a webinar on the weekends and weekdays on trending topics. These webinars ask for the registration fee. Keep a reasonable fee for your webinar and you can earn enough pennies.  

Apart from the registration fee, you can offer relevant paid products at end of the webinar to your audiences.

You can ask them to buy through your affiliate link or buy your online courses if offering.

Membership Sites

For numerous entrepreneurs, passive income options are a great choice because when entrepreneurs take time to set up, once they’re running, the amount of efforts involved gets reduced.

As such for many passive income categories, like, information products, you’ve to begin at $0 each month and hope you sell enough to meet your goals.

You would have heard about membership sites, like Amazon Prime, ALT Balaji, Netflix, YouPreneur, WhishList Insider and many more.

You can go for a paid association with them to promote their content or even start your own membership program like online courses.

You would not only get money but also a long list of consumer data.


When you’re running a blog, you can start earning by registering to Google Adsense.  

This is the initial level of earning, and if you want to earn more you can ask people for displaying ads on your blogs.

Actually, both of these are a great medium of earning, and Google Adsense is a renowned one in bloggers community.

Although, once your blog earns good traffic, third-party ads would also be a great source of income.

So, you need to add high-quality content to your blog and that is on regular basis.

Traffic earning is important for third party advertisement s people go for a paid partnership to only whose blog is popular.

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Online Courses

If you’re an expert writer as well as a marketer, you can start your online courses on “learn digital marketing” like topics. You can start with free registration, and once you find your courses are going popular, add subscription fee.

Again, start with a low subscription amount so that people can easily take your offer.


It would be good to note that above-mentioned methods are like to make quick money through blogging.

But, they’ll work only when you’re focused on blogging for the next few months.

Ensure your posts are coming on a regular basis and you do enough research in knowing the interests and demands on the online audience.

Let’s see how many of you can make your a $100-a-month blog in just 90 days.

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