Mass Planner for Automated Social Media – Trust Me, You’ve Got to Try This!

A while back I was trying to find out how to automate social media posts and I came across 2 amazing tools (Buffer and Tweet Jukebox) that I am still using today. Both of these have a free plan and paid options that offer a lot more. I will be reviewing these at some stage too, because they both great tools.

Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Last year I came across a tool called Mass Planner. It has a free 5 day trial so I gave it a go. I had to download the software to my computer which I am honestly just not fond of. Then I had to connect my social media accounts. I managed to link them all except Facebook, which was at that stage my busiest and most successful social network.

I struggled with connecting Facebook for about half an hour and then got irritated and uninstalled the software. In case you didn’t notice I am not the most patient person. If I try something out it must work, the first time and it must work well, or I am gone.

This happened in about October last year and since then I have searched how to automate social media posts over and over again. I was looking for a more powerful tool than Buffer or Tweet Jukebox. Mass Planner kept coming up, but I dismissed it each time as something tried, and something that failed to impress me at all.

Then last week I had someone in the online industry share some incredible results with me, the most powerful and amazing tool he has ever come across… and yes he recommended Mass Planner. If it had been anyone else recommending it I probably would have ignored the recommendation.

I returned to Mass Planner and this time had to pay because of course my 5 day trial was long gone! Fortunately the monthly cost is only $9.95 so it didn’t break the bank.

Within 5 minutes I had set up all my social networks and I watched some tutorial videos… it was then that I started to get a glimpse at the sheer power of this tool and how much it might be able to do for me.

I have not tapped into all the incredible features this powerful software has to offer, but it has already given me some mind-blowing results and it has only been a few days. Now I know why they only have to offer a 5 day trial to get customers!

Mass Planner Twitter results in 5 days

Just to give you an idea of what it did for me in the first 3 days on Twitter. Before using Mass Planner my daily tweet impressions were about 1000. After 24 hours my daily tweet impressions hit over 6000. After 48 hours my daily tweet impressions hit over 12 000. Now for me this is awesome. Not only that, but I made a few sales within the first 48 hours from Mass Planner posts.

Mass Planner Review
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: 5 day free trial. Monthly License $9.95/ month. 6 Month License $45.95/ 6 months ($8.32/ month)
Website: www.massplanner.com

Introduction: What is Mass Planner

Mass planner is a tool to make all your social media tasks and activities so much easier. You can schedule posts to your profiles and pages, as well as join groups, follow people and post to groups. Mass Planner works with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

What is Mass Planner

What Exactly Does Mass Planner Offer?

This will take a while to explain because they offer so much and I haven’t even tapped into all these awesome features yet. Bear in mind that all the features listed below are completely automated so you set the software to find groups, join groups, unjoin groups, follow people, unfollow them if they don’t follow you… imagine all of this happening while you sleep!

Mass Planner Features

All the group finders, joiners and follow features can be set up based on various things such as keywords or Twitter lists.

Facebook Features

  • Group finder
  • Group joiner
  • Group unjoiner
  • Accept invites to groups and invite people to groups
  • Contact Facebook members via private message
  • Like Pages
  • Comment

Twitter Features

  • Find People
  • Follow People
  • Follow back
  • Unfollow people
  • Favorite tweets based on keywords or lists
  • Retweet tweets based on keywords or lists
  • Contact people
  • Mention people

Google Plus Features

  • Group Finder
  • Group Joiner
  • Group Unjoiner
  • Follow people
  • Unfollow people
  • Contact people

Pinterest Features

  • Follow people
  • Follow Back
  • Unfollow people
  • Like pages
  • Comment on posts
  • Repin
  • Create Boards

LinkedIn Features

  • Group Finder
  • Group Joiner
  • Group Unjoiner
  • Profile Viewer
  • Send Connection Requests

Instagram Features


  • Follow
  • Follow Back
  • Unfollow
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Delete Posts

Destination Lists

This is where you set up destination lists for your campaigns. So for example you can set up a list to go to various places on one or all of your social networks.

So for example you can set up a list that sends a post to:

  • specific Facebook groups in a niche
  • specific Twitter lists
  • specific Google Plus groups in a niche
  • specific LinkedIn groups in a niche

You can choose thousands of groups to choose your posts to in one campaign. This is so powerful it makes me excited.

Although just on that note, don’t get too excited. Remember that each social network has it’s rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. If you don’t you could have a hold placed on your account, or even worse have your account banned. I will address this in the cons of this tool later on.


This is where you set up your actual campaigns. You can add in a number of different posts per campaign and set the destination for them all. There are three different types of campaigns you can set up.

A Standard Campaign is where you send to a limited number of destinations.

A volume Campaign is where you send your campaign to a large number of destinations.

A Scheduled Campaign is where you send your campaign for specific hours and days for each post.

There are loads of different options that you can choose for each campaign that you can play around with.

Mass Planner Pros and Cons


  • It is incredibly cheap for what you receive, so great value for money
  • Great customer support
  • Incredibly powerful tool where you can manage all your social networks in one place
  • Once you have set it up it is completely automated
  • It will increase your reach on social networks by a massive amount
  • You can reach a huge audience


  • Be careful and aware of the rules and regulations for each social media network. If you send out masses of content within a short amount of time you will get banned! Everything in moderation, start off slowly and build up the amount that you post regularly.

Mass Planner Training

While using the software there is a Tutorial button at the top, so wherever you are you can get a tutorial on that specific feature. This really made it easy for me to set up and get going.

Mass Planner Price

The free trial is 5 days, which should give you plenty of time to check out the software.

The monthly fee is $9.95 and this is for a total of 12 social media accounts (2 for each social network)

The fee for a 6 month license is $49.95 and this is for a total of 24 social media accounts (4 for each social network). This is a massive saving!

My Verdict for Mass Planner

You may have noticed on my website that I usually don’t rate things very high right? Well that is because I find most things seriously lacking in substance.

It is not often I get excited by something and this excited me.

Mass Planner is one of the few things I have found that I just love. I haven’t had this much fun with online marketing in a while, not since the day I found Wealthy Affiliate which is my #1 recommendation!

Whether your business is new and small or if you have a large online business I highly recommend Mass Planner. I have a small list of things I consider to be essential to my online business, Mass Planner has joined joined this list.

The only reason I didn’t give Mass Planner 100/100 is because I just don’t give that rating! I believe there is always room for growth and improvement.

What has your experience with Mass Planner been? Have you given it a go?

Here are some posts I have published on how to use Mass Planner:

Mass Planner 2 Tutorial 1 – Introduction to Mass Planner and Connecting Your Social Networks

Mass Planner 2 Tutorial 2 – Setting Facebook Tools

Sign Up for Mass Planner TODAY!

Mass Planner Review
Overall Ranking: 98/100
Price: 5 day free trial. Monthly License $9.95/ month. 6 Month License $45.95/ 6 months ($8.32/ month)
Website: www.massplanner.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I have not hear of Mass Planner until now. Sounds very interesting so I’m going to check it out. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Jaron
      It is a pleasure, I have found them incredible! Please come back and share what you experience has been 🙂

  2. I haven’t even heard of Mass Planner, but now I will definitely be checking it out. It seems like it is so easy to use with it having tutorials you can go through to understand how to set everything up. It also is very affordable which is a plus for me. I have bookmarked the page and will go back for reference. Thanks, for the review.

    • Hi Ashley

      Well maybe I am dumb but I did need the tutorials!

      Linking the social networks was really easy… but when it came to setting up the distribution lists and the campaigns and then linking everything I got a bit stuck. The tutorials were easy to follow and I was soon on my way 🙂

  3. Hi Lynne!
    glad I have found this article, all of my social media is a big mess. I both need to get cleaned up who I follow on Twitter and who is really active.
    The rest of my other network has also become a mess eventually.
    Personaly, I have not had so much scam to the tools where I can post automatically, they bring often a signature. I feel a little that this is a delicate balance between that it’s okay to post and decidedly to send his articles and they almost are received as spam.
    But if this software can organize it all for me so I’ll know who what and how I act in social media then it is definitely something I want to give a chance.

    • Hi Steen

      Yes this can do that for you and there is no signature on posts which is a really great benefit. I forgot to add this to the pros on this review.

      There is a free trial so you can check it out for yourself.

  4. I use Buffer and I like how I can still use it for free, I just have to check in about twice a week to keep my feed topped up. Does Mass Planner post to Google+ Profiles? Apparently no platform can, but I’d like to know if it does. Do you have any images of the user interface? I really like buffer because it’s really easy to use and I’m never confused about anything, plus they have a calendar feature that’s easier for dragging and dropping in your scheduling. Does Mass Planner have a demo site I can play with to see? Thanks.

    • Hi Sarah

      I will be adding some screenshots to my post soon… they don’t have a demo site you can play with, but they do have a 5 day free trial.

      Yes you can post to your Google Plus profile and groups too.

      Yes I also love Buffer and that is what I have been using for the last few years. But Mass Planner is incredible, much more powerful and does almost everything you would want to do to increase followers and engagement on all social networks on complete autopilot. You really just set it and leave it.

      I have been astounded by what it has done for me in just a week!

  5. Hey, I found out a lot of interesting stuff from your post 😀
    I’ve heard of automate tools for social media, but I didn’t really know how they work. I was afraid they would post too much or something like that, but I can see it’s not really the case, you can make your own campaign with the options you want.
    Do you think that, for a pretty new site, are these tools a necessity? I mean, if I can handle the social media by myself, I think I don’t really need an automatic tool, right?

    • Hi Ashley

      There are various tools you can use and all of them you set the frequency of posting and everything else yourself. If you are new to it and unsure, or perhaps you don’t want to spend the $9.95 per month yet then maybe start with a tool that offers a free service? Buffer is brilliant and you can connect up to 3 social networks without paying anything.

      Buffer is awesome for scheduling posts for the future. But scheduling posts is all it does. It is nice though in that it is very simple and quick to use.

      The question you need to be asking yourself is that yes you can manage your own social networks if you are just starting out… but why would you want to? I’ve been working online now for over 4 years and I think that anything you can automate, like email marketing and social network marketing, you should.

      Using Mass Planner you can start growing your social networks on the 6 major social networks with really minimal work on your side, just $9.95 a month. What would take you hours or work to do will just cost you a small monthly fee. For me this is so valuable!

  6. Wow Lynne, That is a high score indeed for this automated social media tool. Do you know why initially you had such difficulty working with it after you had installed it on your computer originally last year? Were the initial tutorials/directions lacking?

    I assume that more than anything else this tool would save you a tremendous amount of time with the ability to post all of your articles simultaneously on different social media platforms instead of, as I do posting them individually which takes up so much time.

    I have come to personally trust your judgement Lynne involving ideals having to do with running an online business.

    I will be bookmarking this article and quite soon at least looking into this tool which you obviously endorse quite highly.

    Thank you for sharing news about this tool, Lynne!


    • Hi Jeff

      I have to be honest here, the first time around I never watched any tutorials at all… I never watched any to link the social networks the second time around either. It is quite simple, enter your username and password, click on link it… so when just one social network didn’t want to link I got cross. I’m like that…. impatient.

      I should have then given it more of a chance, watched a tutorial or contacted support (which it turns out is superb but I never even gave them the change to prove themselves).

      I never even tried to work the software the first time after failing to link Facebook. When I am wrong, I do admit it, and I was wrong with Mass Planner the first round. I never gave them a chance at all.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    This Mass Planer sounds like a dream. For now I am using the free version of Buffer and I recall the Tweet Jukebox, however, this Mass Planer sounds like the real deal.
    I have besides my personal account three “Fan” pages on FB, each one according to my three websites. Will each of them count separately as an account, even though it is on the same Media platform?
    My brain certainly is rotating right now LOL.
    Thanks for this great review, appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Syliva

      Oh you will love this then! No, one account refers to the account you log in with… so if you use one account to manage all 3 Facebook pages that is just one account with 3 pages. I also have 3 websites and 3 Facebook pages. I am going to have to sign up for the 6 month license soon because I love Twitter and I have 4 accounts, one for myself and one for each of my websites. But the 6 month license I will save loads of money and get lots more.

      I will spend the next month learning more and then upgrade.

  8. This is very interesting! I could say I’m the same way, my first impressions matter a ton; It is due to high standard of todays technology! I have been also looking for an automated solution for some of my social networks so I will have to check this out! Great Post!

    • Nathaneal, I have since found out that their customer service is outstanding, so if you do have any issues just contact them. It will be well worth it.

      Good luck with this, I am about to add a screenshot of my Twitter Analytics to show how good this has worked for me.

  9. I find Buffer really helpful, and also use Tweepi but only for Twitter – not quite got my head around the other social sites. Zapier can copy tweets to facebook and other sites which apparently cuts time and effort, too. Thanks – will check out Mass Planner.

  10. Great post! I am at an early stage of building a website and I am excited to include social media. I have never heard of Mass Planner but I will write it down to start the free trial as soon as I have all my social media accounts going. It looks so easy!

    • Hi Eva

      It took a little bit of time playing around and watching the tutorials to figure out how everything works… but it is worth the time and effort because once you get over that first little learning curve the results are just out of this world!

  11. I knew you could automate the social media. I have not really looked into these types of programs. Mass Planner looks like a great tool. I’m going to have to give the free 5 day trail a try.

  12. Thanks Lynne.
    I am really interested but frightened at the same time. I was taught that anything automated was bad…I’ll give it a go and make my mind up. With a 5 day trial, I can’t go wrong.

    • Suzanne the trick here is to not get over excited and go wild. All things in moderation and used correctly this can really leverage your business.

      Set it up so you don’t follow more than 45 people a day on Twitter, join Groups on Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn but no more than 20 per day for each social network.

      I would start with Twitter to be honest, it has really worked well for me.

  13. Hi

    This is a great tool, keeping up with social media is a very hard thing to do especially in this day and age.

    Its not just remember to post but its remembering all of the different social media platforms to use because there are so many now, this is surely an invaluable tool.

    • Hi Ben

      Yes for sure! I have 3 websites which means I have a personal profile and a business page or profile for each social network… 5 social networks x 4 profiles in each one = Mass Planner LOL

      It really does everything for you and takes the hassle out of everything. This is the best thing I have found since stumbling into Wealthy Affiliate last year!

  14. Lynne

    I was wondering if you could send me an email in about 2 months reminding me of Mass Planner. I just started at WA and I am in the “overwhelmed” stage right now. I simply won’t take this on at this point no matter how much I really, really need it right now.

    Not only am I new to WA and building a website, I’m super new to social media. I think that Mass Planner may make it easier for me to do my social media, even though I’m a newbie. But, as I said above, I just have too much on my plate right now to take on anything new. But you can certainly put me down to receive an offer in 2 months from now.

    • Hi Jeff

      If you sign up for my newsletter you will get lots of great tips and information via email and you can stash them all for when you are ready to look at them! You can sign up in the side bar.

      I totally get you Jeff, in the beginning there is just so much to learn and you will easily feel overwhelmed. The best thing is to follow the courses as set out at Wealthy Affiliate, those will take you by your hand and lead you step by step how to set up your online business.

      Once you are adding content regularly, starting to get traffic and more comfortable with everything, it will be a better time to look at social media tools.

  15. Wow, Never heard of mass planner but now I have to check it out. Great information and always seeking more opportunities.

    • Hey Stuart

      Sorry I never saw your comment until now! I suppose it is because I have been having so much fun playing with Mass Planner the last week LOL.

      You won’t be sorry checking them out, that I can promise you. I have had amazing results. A huge increase in sales and referrals on all my websites since starting with them 2 weeks ago. I am still busying programming all my content for my websites into the software. I only have this website now to go and then everything will run completely on its own for all my social networks. I am still amazed at the sheer power of Mass Planner!

      Once I have everything programmed in I will have to update everyone on how it is working for me, I am sure it will be a great post!

  16. Hiya Lynne, great post sounds like an awesome tool,social media is very time consuming and I have let mine slide abit unfortunately as I’ve had so much on my plate lately, I did connect with Hootsuite which seems pretty good and will connect 3 social media accounts for free but haven’t had the time to play with it yet so not sure how it compares with Mass Planner but after reading your review and hearing how excited you are about it, I will definitely check it out when I get the chance. I will be interested to hear more as you delve into it so I will sign up for your Newsletter now for easy reference later. Thanks again

    • Hi Tracy

      So far the more I use it the more I love it! I spent a very hectic 2 weeks entering everything into the software for all 3 of my websites and for all 5 social networks.. phew but since then everything is taken care of on its own.

      I will share some updates after some time so I can give some concrete facts and figures.. but for now I am more excited than when I wrote this review.

  17. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for the great review and tips. I heard about Massplanner from 2 bloggers. I thought to give it a try and went to their website and it seemed too complicated for me. But after reading this I am more interest to dig to their services.

    I would like to autofollow people on Twitter. Is that possible with Massplanner? Now I am following everyone manually but would it be possible (or is it even legal) to autofollow people on Twitter?

    I have used Hootsuite and it boomed my impressions. Before, 1k-2k/day and after starting with Hootsuite 15k on average/day. But now I started to test Sendible because Hootsuite doesn’t allow to bulkschedule images.

    What about Massplanner, does it allow to bulkschedule images? If it allows I will start it right away!

    Lots of questions :D. Anyway, thank you so much for your helpful content. It’s always pleasure to read and hear your thoughts. I believe you are succeeding very well online.



    • Hi Roope

      Yes I also found it a bit complicated to figure out in the beginning but it is well worth it!

      Yes you can set it to follow people, based on lists, keywords, other people’s followers or people they follow which is really awesome. You can also set it to unfollow others and choose to unfollow all people that are not following you, or just to unfollow people that don’t follow you back.

      I was also doing this all manually as often as possible but it really takes up a lot of time.

      Well mass following and unfollowing people on Twitter is against their terms whether it is done manually or via software… just make sure to not follow and unfollow too many people per day. You can slowly increase this every so often but don’t start off with a huge amount.

      And yes you can bulk schedule images.

  18. So, technically what we’re looking at is an add-on that automates simple social media sites activities like accepting invites & following people?

    Mass Planner sounds like a big time saver that one. I personally dislike social media channels in general & being near any of them but by all means I understand their function & necessity.. & this tool seems to perform well to get the important tasks done quickly & effortlessly.

    I think you’ve convinced me..& it’s that inexpensive as well?! Definitely worth checking out at least..

    • Henry it is software that you download and you can get it to do almost any social media task that you need done. I absolutely love it. I wrote this review shortly after starting to use it and as time goes on I am more and more grateful for Mass Planner.

      I literally just log in once a day to my social media accounts and have a quick look around, maybe reply to any questions and then head off. I spend hardly any time at all on social media now, and I get a lot more done!

  19. Hi Lynne, I read the back in April last year when you first published it. I knew I had to have it. It’s taken me a while after other life and family expenses have kept cropping up but I finally signed up a couple of days ago, social media accounts are loaded and I’m about to start slowly building my campaigns (so i don’t get banned from fb or Twitter for spamming) but I can see the awesome power. I can be active on social media all day everyday, as long as pc turned on with out having to actually be on social media all day.
    I’ve been using free versions of buffer and crowdfire but didn t invest in them because even the paid versions couldn’t do as much as mass planner can for less money especially if you go for 6 month license. Exciting times.

    • Jenny I am so pleased to hear that you are trying it out! I have had so much success with Mass Planner it is insane. I used to spend a huge amount of time and effort on social media and now I just log in occasionally to reply to any messages.

      My Instagram account that I only started using a few months ago is about to hit 5000. My Twitter accounts are rocking and it is incredible.

      Good luck getting started, just one thing be careful with Google Plus! I actually disconnected my Google Plus account since I got a warning and I don’t want to mess with Google!

      Buffer, Hootsuite and Crowdfire don’t come close to what Mass Planner can do, not by a long shot.

  20. I love your no bullshit approach to making money online and even your approach to life.

    Although, I’m just getting around to some of your no bullshit material.
    I’m amazed at how well you cover the subjects so professionally. And, how your site is set-up with just the right monetization that fits the content. You are amazing.

    I have a long way to go to, even, do anything that would resemble your work. I know it is not necessary to be perfect but I can’t get my head around where to start to have a revenue producing website. Knowing what to write about to an unknown audience is a mind bender. Is this where you fake it ’till you make it?

    Am I cut out for this? I know my subject but I’m not sure of what to lay-out there that would draw the people, much less cause them to return. Does anybody really give a shit about self-improvement, anyway? PopEye said it well, “I Yam What I Yam”. Damn, That’s a heck of a philosophy.
    Do I have anything new or relevant or am I just blowing smoke up my own ass?
    Questions, Questions, Questions. Are these $64,000 questions?

    I don’t remember ever feeling this inadequate about anything. It’s not like me. Where is my confidence? I think I am, finally, facing the man in the mirror. I don’t seem to be able to practice what I preach. I can talk the talk, but I’m paraplegic when It comes to taking the steps to make “IT” happen.

    Thanks for letting me use your Couch. Just put it on my tab.

    • Luther everyone has their doubts and insecurities. Yes you might know your stuff and be confident in what you know, but then having the confidence to blog and share that with the entire world? That is another story entirely isn’t it? I actually wrote an article on finding the confidence to blog that might help you out a bit.

      And yes I really have seen that self-improvement articles do really well. The response I get to the articles I write and the Youtube videos I have published about my addiction and getting clean is amazing. I can promise you that self-improvement is a huge niche that does very well.

      You just need to get started and start writing. Yes in the beginning you may feel a little direction-less and not sure what to do but when you get started it will take a life of its own.

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