How to Approach a Business as a Social Media Influencer

Long gone are the days when terms such as social media influencer or social media brand ambassador were new concepts that only a few persons could grasp, and even fewer could really say that they have the needed status. Nowadays, there are hundreds of influencers across all the available social networks, with millions of followers and social media influencing is viewed as a real business. Depending on the number of followers and appeal to the public, influencers can land huge contracts from companies that choose to think outside the box when it comes to marketing and promoting their image. Even if you’re an influencer with lots of followers and multiple successful contracts with different brands, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to approaching new companies.

how to approach a business as a social media influencer

Try Not to Label Yourself as a Social Media Influencer

Just like any other job title, the status of ‘influencer’ is something that you rather earn, and you can’t just decide to label yourself as one, out of the blue. It’s 2018, by merely mentioning your name and your intentions, you give the business enough tools to check your social media profiles, and they will decide for themselves if your level of influence on social media is what they are looking for. Not labeling yourself as an influencer will also help with the collaboration in case you agree with working together since you won’t be perceived as a condescending individual.

Make Sure Your Subscribers and Followers are Relevant

Having a high number of followers and subscribers is very important for any influencer, however, when approaching a particular business, you need to take into consideration the fact that your followers should also be relevant for the product/services the company wants to promote. If your followers are mostly young women interested in fashion and cosmetics, approaching a company that sells chainsaws will be a futile effort as no matter how many followers you have, their interests and profiles are not relevant. If you really want to go all the way when approaching a new business with the intention of offering your influencer services, then you need to provide them with some data regarding your followers. Simple data such as location, gender, age and some primary interests should help any business determine if your traffic will be helpful for them or not.

Furthermore, to make sure there’s clear compatibility between you and the business you’re trying to approach, another type of research is more than welcome. By analyzing the same demographics for the people that use the services or products of the business you’re going to approach you can clearly stress out the similarities between followers and easier underline the positive effects your followers could bring.

Social media offers you a lot of data, and if you want to increase the success rate of your business approaches, then you will need to provide real information on followers and subscribers and explain how they adhere to their customer base. To sum things up, it’s more about quality rather than quantity when approaching a new business.

Explain How You Will Influence Sales

Even though the mechanism of sales influencing might seem straightforward to everyone, you need to make sure you thoroughly explain how your subscribers and followers will help boost the numbers for the business you approach. With every proposal, after doing the analysis mentioned in the previous points, it’s more than recommended to explain exactly what the sales funnel will be, what your ideas for sending more traffic and actually increasing conversion rates are and so on.

Do NOT Ask for Free Stuff in Advance

No matter how big you are, asking for free stuff in exchange for your services is the type of approach you should definitely avoid. Keep in mind that business owners work very hard to stay in the race and make a profit so asking for free stuff right from the start is not only wrong but can come off as rude.

Actually, you should do it the other way around. Whenever you’re planning to approach a new business, especially when the product or services they sell are not very expensive, buy the product first and show them that you really understand and like their business and that you are fully capable in helping them grow even further and that you have the means to do that.

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Back Up Your Proposal with Previous Results and Evidence

Similar to any kind of collaboration, as a social media influencer, you will need to be able to convince people that you can bring results. And what is a better way of doing that if not presenting previous projects and collaborations that worked really well? That takes to the problem of being capable of closely monitoring your results with any partnership you set up. Luckily, there are a lot of tracking services that can help you create detailed reports and evaluate your previous collaborations. Applications such as Google Analytics can provide you with accurate data regarding traffic sent, conversion rate, discount codes and everything else relevant when it comes to converting your followers into buyers or subscribers for the company you are approaching.


To sum things up, if you really wish to transform your social media influence in a day to day job and make a living from redirecting your followers towards different businesses, you need to pay attention to some vital aspects such as:

  • Don’t give yourself the ‘influencer’ title but earn it and prove that you can really bring something good to the table
  • Find ways to prove that your subscribers and followers are relevant for the business you’re approaching
  • Make it as clear as possible when it comes to ways and methods applied to increase sales and numbers
  • Do not ask for free stuff in advance but instead become a customer yourself to better understand the brand
  • Back up your proposal with data from previous projects

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