How To Add Insert Headers and Footers Plugin – An Easy Way To Add Code To Your Header File

Adding code to my header.php file used to fill me with dread the first few times I did it. After doing it a number of times for various reasons I now feel quite confident that I won’t kill my website if I have to add code to my header file.

I’ve now come across an awesome plugin that makes adding code to my header file so quick and easy, and without any risk that I will make a mistake with the code and wreck my website.

In addition to that bonus I have heard from numerous sources that when your WordPress website updates it can mess with any code that you have manually added to your header.php file which means you will have to go and do it all over again. Using this plugin takes away that little problem making it the ideal way in my opinion to add code to your header.

Here’s how to add the Insert Headers and Footers plugin to your WordPress website.

How To Add Insert Headers and Footers Plugin To WordPress


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