How Paid Survey Works And Process Of Market Research

The paid surveys are the online rewarding programs that pay the internet users for participating in the research study. The paid surveys offer the simplest way to make money online without any technical skills. Taking survey is easy, simple and interesting and above all, we get paid for this. In this article, let us see how paid survey works and how to earn money using paid survey sites.

How paid survey works

What is a survey?

The survey is a process of collecting the data from the targeted and non-targeted group of people for analysis, statistics, etc.

What is a paid survey?

The paid survey is an online market research program that rewards the survey takers for completing the survey. Unlike the regular surveys, the paid survey is highly category specific and allows only targeted people to participate in the survey. By taking the paid surveys, the Internet users can earn money and help the research at the same time.

What is Market research?

The market research is a research process conducted by the large companies and organizations to learn about their product/service reach on the market. The market research is very important for any company to understand the views of the consumers/users of their services. By this way, they can learn what the customer’s view and their need for change.

The process of market research.

In this section let use see the basic process of market research. When a company launches a product or services, they will have to know the feedback about their services. The feedback is collected in various forms one of which is asking the customers to fill out the short feedback form or a short survey. Most of the customers will not waste their time filling out the forms and surveys. So, the company cannot get the full opinion from the potential customers by this way. So, they have to do a full market research to get the opinion and feedback from the potential customers.

The companies themselves cannot approach the targeted group of customers. So, they approach the market research companies who are the experts in market research. Once the company approaches the market research company, they will be asked for the basic idea regarding the research. The market research company will already have the templates of the survey conducted by the others. The company can get an idea what are the questions should we ask the customers in order to get the exact feedback.

Once the market research gets the set of instructions regarding the survey, they will use it to design and create a survey. The survey will have a number of questions regarding the topic and each question will have a number of answers related to the question. Once the survey creation process is complete, the company will be asked to review the survey. The survey will be reviewed to see if everything is correct and then the survey will be tested for standard & quality before it is available to the survey takers.

How paid survey works:

Once the survey creation process is complete, it’s time to ask the targeted group of people to take the survey. The market research company will already have the community of members who take surveys for money. Since the members are paid for taking the surveys, they will read and complete the entire survey without leaving the survey in the middle. The members will be paid only after fully completing the survey.

The company would have given an instruction in the order that the market research should be only conducted across the targeted people. So, the market research company cannot send the survey invitation to the entire community members. So, they have come up with the basic solution which is to match the demographics with the profile of the member. By this way, they screen the non-targeted group of customers before sending the invitation.

This process is automated. Once the filtering is done, the survey invitation will be sent to the members who are considered relevant to this topic. The survey taker will not be allowed to directly participate in the main survey. Instead, the member has to take the screening survey which will automatically filter the non-targeted survey takers. Once this process is complete the survey taker will be allowed to take the main survey.

Even in the main survey, there will be tracking questions where if the survey taker is considered to be a not fit or a survey taker just answers the question without reading the answers properly, they will be kicked out of the survey immediately.

It can take up to ten to fifteen minutes to complete the survey based on the number of questions and nature of the answers. Once the targeted member completes the survey, the reward will be instantly added to the account. The reward points can be later redeemed for cash or gift cards. You can also do paid online surveys to earn money online.

Finalizing the research:

In the meantime, once the entire survey event is complete, the market research company will collect all the data and form a report for the client. The report will be created according to the client’s requirement. Once the client receives the report, they will analyze their company products & services views in the market. By this way, they can improve the products and services according to the customers’ needs. This is just an example and the market research is conducted for several reasons other than to get the opinion about the products and services.


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  1. Thanks for sharing details about online surveys. In my view paid surveys are not a good way to earn money for long term.

    • Yes I totally agree with you on that one Neha. Online surveys are fine for a bit of pocket money and I’m sure they are amazing for people like students that are just looking for a fun way to make a little extra but for a full time income it is not going to come even close to meeting your financial needs. I know there are a lot of people that claim they make nice money doing online surveys but I have tried loads of online survey companies and I cannot see this being possible.

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