How A Good Pinterest Marketing Strategy Can Boost Your Business

While I usually think of Pinterest as a social network, and perhaps that is how it started out in 2010, it is actually a visual search engine rather than a social network.

For the non-business user Pinterest is a place to pin items of interest to relevant boards for referencing later. It is a place to generate ideas and inspiration.

For the online marketer a Pinterest marketing strategy can be an incredible way to give your business a boost, to gain traffic to your website, to make sales and to build your list. There are also online marketers that make money through Pinterest with affiliate marketing without having their own website.

One of my biggest regrets as a blogger is not learning how to utilize Pinterest properly when I first started working online. I did register on Pinterest very early on and I pinned a few things from my website over the first few years, but I had no clue how to make use of it to my advantage.

Now that I have a much clearer understanding of how Pinterest works and the true power of Pinterest I kick myself for not making Pinterest a top priority as soon as I started blogging.

Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Top Advantages Of Pinterest

Lifespan Of A Pin

This is the part where Pinterest really rocks for me – pins can generate traffic for weeks, months and even years to come. When you compare that to the dismal lifespan of other social networks you have to understand that Pinterest is a gold mine there for the taking.

To put it into context here are some stats I found online for the average lifespan of different social networks:

Pinterest – 3.5 months

Facebook – 6 hours

Twitter – 18 minutes

Instagram – 48 hours

LinkedIn – 48 hours

There are some days where I don’t have time to pin any new content yet my website traffic from Pinterest stays relatively constant. Imagine you didn’t post anything on another social network for 3 days in a row… how much traffic do you think you would continue to get for those 3 days?

It’s A Search Engine

As we are all aware, gaining followers on social media is no easy task. The trick with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and LinkedIn is that it is very much a followers game. The more followers and fans you have the better your reach.

Yes there are things you can do on all of those social media websites to increase your reach. The fact still remains that in order to get good engagement and traffic to your website you have to gain followers.

With Pinterest you can have very few followers and still get buckets of Pinterest traffic to your website. It is all about optimizing your Pinterest account, your boards and your pins for SEO. If you can master those skills you will be able to build your account quickly in comparison to other social networks.

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Pinterest Is NOT Hard Work

In comparison to other networks Pinterest is very little work. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are very time consuming. The bigger your social networks are the more you need to work at it.

Social networks require you to engage with your followers – it is very labour intensive.

For Pinterest you need to spend some time optimizing your account for SEO, getting yourself added to some group boards and create some of your own groups boards. After that your focus is on pinning new content regularly.

Pinterest Results In Website Traffic

This is another massive factor for me. As mentioned above the other social networks result in a huge amount of extra work when your accounts become popular.

When your account on Pinterest starts growing and your reach increases the result is website traffic. You don’t get huge amounts of queries on Pinterest or having to engage with fans on Pinterest.

When someone on Pinterest sees something they they click on it and go to your website. They don’t inbox you and ask you a thousand questions about it.

This is something that drives me crazy on Facebook. I can publish a post with all the information on it and a link to go and buy the product. Yet fans will comment on that post or send a private message to ask for the price, availability, how to order and plenty of other questions. Yet all the information is handed to them on a platter.

I have found that even with all the hard work that I put into social networks my traffic stats are often dismal. Facebook used to be an amazing source of traffic. Since some of their updates a few years back when they moved their focus from pages to community my Facebook traffic tanked.

How A Good Pinterest Marketing Strategy Can Boost Your Business 1

Start With Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy Today

Now that you can see the incredible advantages of Pinterest you need to know how to get started with your Pinterest Marketing Strategy to reap the benefits.

Optimize Your Pinterest Account

The first thing you are going to want to do is look at how your account is set up and make some tweaks to ensure that your account is optimized. If you have a personal account change it to a business account and verify your website so that you have a lot more features and access to detailed analytics.

Do Keyword Research

This is a biggie – just like you would research keywords for your website you can also do keyword research for Pinterest. This is very important since you want to know what Pinterest users are searching for so you can target those keywords to get that Pinterest traffic.

Optimize Your Boards and Pins

Once you have completed your Pinterest keyword research you will want to optimize your boards and your pins for those keywords so that your boards and pins rank well on Pinterest and generate traffic.

Create Multiple Pins Per URL

It is important to create special Pinterest images and focus on creating 3 – 4 images per URL. You can then play around with different images and see which ones perform really well and which ones don’t. Creating more than one image per URL will generate more traffic than just one pin.

Join and Create Your Own Group Boards

One of the best ways to gain extra exposure is to find and join popular group boards in your niche, as well as create your own group boards and invite members to collaborate.

Pin Different Types Of Content

Mix and match the types of content that you pin. Along with creating a few different images for specific blog posts, products or or services that you offer you can also create pins for your domain name such as inspirational quotes or more promotional type pins.

You can also pin affiliate links and Youtube videos which can be very useful. Some countries are eligible to publish videos directly onto Pinterest.

Pin Regularly and Consistently

While building up your Pinterest account it is important to pin regularly and consistently. You can schedule your pins through Pinterest which will make it much easier for you to pin regularly. Another excellent tool to use is Tailwind – the big difference here is that while you can schedule pins through Pinterest you cannot schedule your pins to be repinned to additional boards. Tailwind offers this option which is going to be very beneficial.

In addition to being able to schedule pins and repins Tailwind also has tribes which is a feature where you repin other members pins and you can add your pins to tribes for other members to repin.

Tailwind has a free trial so you can pin 100 pins before deciding whether you want to sign up for the paid account. If you use my affiliate link to sign up you will get your first month of Tailwind free! I personally found Tailwind to be a game changer for me when building my account.

Do you have a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in place? What tips can you share?

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