make money working onlineDo you want to make money working online?

The problem is the amount of scams and time wasting websites that we need to wade through to find something real and honest. I am sure you have encountered exactly the same problems I have!

What is the Purpose of my Website?

  • To share honest, real ways to make money working online
  • Show you how to set up your own online business for free
  • Show you the best tools to help you run your online business
  • Share tips and information with you that will help you run your business
  • To share any scams or time wasting “opportunities” so you don’t waste your time or money!

I’m Sure You Are Now Asking Why I Would Do This?

It is simple really, I am so tired of scams and time wasting exercises. I have found some really awesome websites and opportunities that do work, that are honest and legitimate. I have done a lot of research and would love to share this with other people that are wanting to start out themselves.

I have also found many scams and time wasting websites that I want to share with you so you don’t waste your money, time or effort on things that will not work. Feel free to have a look at my About Me page to get to know me better.

Be Your Own Boss card with beach backgroundWhat Do You Need to Make Money Working Online?

  • An internet connection
  • A laptop or PC
  • A website
  • Training and skills
  • Time to practice what you have learned
  • Time to put into your business
  • Determination and drive

Can You Get Rich Overnight or Fast?

No, not unless you are incredibly lucky or win the lotto. I sincerely doubt it.

Starting an online business is exactly the same as starting any other business.

You need to invest yourself into it and work hard. It will take a bit of time to make money just as it will with any other business venture. Once you start making money the sky is the limit to what you can achieve.

Why Start An Online Business?

  • The freedom of setting your own working hours
  • The freedom to work wherever you are
  • Long term planning: residual income! What you put in now will pay off for years to come
  • No more rush hour traffic getting to work and back
  • No more 9-5 working for someone else
  • The work you put in is what you will get out
  • Income potential is massive
  • Once you know what you are doing, it is quite simple and easy!

Β What is Standing in the Way of YOU Deciding to Make Money Working Online?

Perhaps fear of failure? The amount of scams you have come across? Or perhaps it is that you just don’t know how to get started?

Have a read through the articles on my website and see if there is something that will work for you and then make up your mind. There is nothing to be scared of when you have the right tools and information to help you along the way!

Have you got any questions? Please leave a comment so I can answer your questions.

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  1. Great home page. I to want to work from home so I can help with the little ones. But I don’t think I will do it sitting on the couch like that guy in the picture, but you never know. Some times setting my own working hours can be tricky. Any ideas how to set aside time or manage time at home?

    • Hi Richard

      Well if you are like me, no you won’t look like that guy sitting comfortably at home. You will be standing holding a baby with a toddler attached to your leg while you are trying to work!
      My kids go to play school during the day and that is when I work on my 2 online baby stores. I set aside an hour during my work day to work on my other 2 websites as well as the evenings when my kids are in bed. I have an assistant during the day that helps me with my online baby stores so that really helps too!
      Being a parent really does make it tough to work from home, but then again working for a boss when you have kids is even worse. I know how often kids get sick. I can promise you that if I took off the amount of time in the last year for sick kids while working for a boss I wouldn’t have had that job for long! I can choose to stay at home if one of my children don’t look well. If I had a boss I would have had to send them to play school unless they were very ill. Here in South Africa you only get 3 days paid family responsibility leave. So just 3 days a year to look after 2 sick children?

      And that is best case scenario, for example my grandpa got very ill this year and died. I had to take time off to travel to him when he was ill and again for the funeral. That alone would have taken my 3 days. Instead I just got in the car, packed my laptop and went to be with my grandpa in his last days πŸ™‚

      Kind Regards

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandpa. That’s tough.

    You seem to really have your poop in a group! If you don’t mind me asking, is your baby stores bringing in part time or full time income?

    I’ve tried to get my wife involved with wa but she doesn’t seem to be able to find the time, sadly.

    What does having an assistant look like for you and wa. I mean how does she help you run the sites?



    • Hi Richard

      Thanks. It has been a rough year with the death πŸ™

      The baby store brings in full time income, not as much as I would like though. The problem is that managing stock and orders, sending orders out, making up products and new product development and all the admin work involved is huge. My assistant does most of that and I manage the website. I am very finicky when it comes to my websites and don’t let anyone touch them. πŸ™‚

      Kind Regards

  3. Great information. I always wanted to be my own boss. With all these sites claiming you can make money today, I have become fearful, so many scams out there. It’s true, you get what you put into it. Success cannot possibly come overnight, for long term goals anyway. I have been looking to try this for awhile. I am going to give it a shot and see what it has to offer. I absolutely love the idea of staying home. Wish me luck. I will come back if I have any questions. Thanks for being honest and giving us this information that can truly help us long term.

    • Hi Kitty

      It is a pleasure. And yes please contact me if you have any questions once you have registered, I am more than happy to help you.

      Kind Regards


  4. I think it is wonderful that you have this website to help people out with working from home. I found many scams over the years but was finally able to find success with my own affiliate marketing business. I have a few niche websites that generate a nice part-time income. My goal is to be able to quit my job and retire early. I’m 52 and would love to retire at 55.

    • Hi Wendy

      Thanks for popping by πŸ™‚ I am so glad you have found success with your online business, well done. I wish you all the best for retiring soon.

      Kind Regards


  5. Wow, great article you have written here. So much quality information on working at home. I love that you have your personal info and purpose of the site right up front. Excellent and kept me reading!
    There’s so much fear of failure when it comes to online business that it keeps people away. After joining Wealthy Affiliate I realized how many quality people there are to help you build a business online. My #1 recommendation: Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks again, good luck and take care Lynne!!

    • Hi Paul

      Thanks for visiting and for your feedback πŸ™‚

      Kind Regards


  6. Hey Lynne

    Great home page, it is awesome to see that you are promoting online business to the masses.

    I think it is definitely a tough slog to make any decent money, but so is anything worth doing.

    You have to be super dedicated and really want to make it work.

    You won’t be a millionaire over night but can definitely be an authority figure within your chosen niche and earn plenty of money that way.

    • Hi Aiden

      Thanks for visiting. I hope to make it just that little bit easier to help people make the right choice for themselves. Just taking a lot of time to do reviews lol, lots of work!

      Kind Regards


  7. Hi Lynne, I am interested in earning some money from home, part time whilst around full time caring for my children. I see in your article you write about needing time to put into the business, which I can understand the need for but I’m wondering how much time you think you need to put in to be successful? and whether it’s viable to do it with children with you all the time. I only really have 1-2 hours in the evening I can use, and not even that some days (with 4 of them someone pretty much always needs something at every hour of they day lol)

    • Hi Katrina

      With 4 children I can just imagine how busy you are! I only have 2 and they are at playschool during the day.

      Well it is always hard to say exactly when you will start making money and how much. But remember that this is a long term investment just like any other business would be. The great part about it is that you can work in your own time and as much or little as you like. Once you do start earning it is residual income, so the effort you put in will pay off for a long time to come.

      Kind Regards


  8. Great website on making money online in an honest way, Lynne!

    Yep, I have encountered a sea of ugly online scams, but the experience has helped me to find something legitimate πŸ™‚

    I look forward to learning more on how your website can help me further, and the reasons you have listed to start up an online business are very logical, but most people don’t see that.

    Your website will certainly open up peoples eyes to the fact that a “JOB” isn’t the be all and end all!


    • Hi Neil

      Thanks for visiting. I am so pleased you are enjoying my website. Starting an online business is a great way to earn money and build up residual income!

      Kind Regards


  9. Hey there Lynne, love the layout of your site.. nice clean and precise.I too am an online entrepreneur and completely love what you are doing here. It is refreshing to find another person who has similar interests as I do with the make money online industry.

    I will be back for sure!



    • Hi Beau

      Thanks for visiting, I am pleased you like my website πŸ™‚ I have been quite ill so things have been quiet adding new content. I will be adding loads more very soon!

      Kind Regards

  10. You are so right about there being so many scams out there today. I was a “victim” of a survey scam and didn’t make a dime. I am not sure how people can get away with it. I am so glad to see a site that talks about legit opportunity’s. There are so many good things to do and I hope people take your advice! Thanks.

  11. Great website and very helpful post for beginners who are just starting out in the online business game. Many newbies get caught up in scams and unrealistic claims. It’s very important to have a realistic outlook when you are building a business and its important to understand that there are numerous scams out there. Thank you for this information and I know many other people will find this content to be helpful and valuable! Keep up the great work and i wish you much success! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Johnathan!

      So true and that is why I am hoping to share ways to avoid scams online and also review all the opportunities I come across. We are all looking for a real and honest small online business opportunity, to better our lives and gain financial freedom. Unfortunately most of what I come across consists of scams and time wasting exercises.

      Kind Regards

  12. Hey Lynne,

    How’s it going? Just had to stop by and leave a quick comment on here for you. “And great looking website by the way!” I love what you’ve done with it.

    Also, thanks for taking the time to share the articles on here with everyone, myself included. I personally loved them (made for a great read). :-]

    Keep up the lovely work Lynne!

    Continued success to you,

    • Hi Keane

      Thank you for your kind words, it is always nice to know my hard work is appreciated!

      Kind Regards

  13. Good web site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult
    to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays.
    I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  14. Hey Lynne!
    Your website is full with value information on how to start a business online and you answer on all question that people might have. Very good explained!

    I was having fear of failure and once you fail, you realize that is not a big deal. You will always find a way to succeed after that. There is no success without failures first.Just do it.

    Thank you for your wonderful work you are doing here. I will bookmark your site and come back for more information.

    • Thanks Diego

      I am glad you found it helpful and interesting, I look forward to seeing you come back soon.

      Yes I believe that is what we are all looking for, just an online business opportunity. Something that is honest and pays!

      Kind Regards

  15. Hello Lynne,

    I wanted to check out your website since you did so for me. You have a create website… Very easy to navigate and very appeasing to the eye.

    You also have great relevant content, if only people knew how important and website was and the level of opportunities it can open up for you.

    Great Website and Content,


    Robert D. Gee

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for stopping by to check out my website, thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated!

      Kind Regards

  16. Hi Lynne. This is a clear and concise introduction to affiliate marketing, especially for those who are curious about how it works. I run a website aimed at new comers to affiliate marketing and understand the importance of answering and addressing points and stages to this working lifestyle. Like you said, people are wary of scams and it’s important for visitors and who ever else interested to feel you are being genuine by breaking things down and addressing things from a sceptical mind also. I also Agree that fear is a big factor in people’s deliberation in general life, not just working online.

    Tell me, how long did it take for you to find and implement this method of earning a living?

    • Hi A.D

      I have been working online for 4 years now mainly product based and started focusing on affiliate marketing this year. I am so loving the journey into something new and exciting.

      Thank you for your input on affiliate marketing.

      Kind Regards


  17. Hi Lynne
    I have been looking around for an online business that I can work at home when I came across your site. Your article was well set out and very easy to read. I will bookmark your site and check back regularly to keep updated with the latest information.

    Do you have one online business that you can recommend to me?

    • Hi Christine

      Thanks for the feedback, I am pleased you are enjoying my website.

      Yes my #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, click here to read my review.

      Kind Regards


  18. This information really helps to set the expectation for someone starting out online. There’s no get rich quick scheme to magically make a lot of money online – you have to work at it – it’s a business. This page points out all the resources needed to get started. What would be your best piece of advice for someone who wants to get started?

    • Hi Jeff

      The most important thing is to look at it like any other business. It will take work and some time to get started. You will also need to learn how to make money online. My #1 recommendation for this is Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need to know about working online is taught on their platform. Incredible support and training is provided.

  19. You’re so right about how many scams there are out there. It’s terrifying, really, when you’re browsing the internet and these adverts constantly pop up, all promising to make you £500 an hour, or to become a millionaire overnight.
    As you said, online business is a real business. It’s a lot of hard work, but I know that it will be worth it in the long run πŸ™‚ It’s just up to us to educate people about scams, hopefully so that the internet becomes a safer place!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Chloe, thanks for visiting and sharing your views. Yes that is my goal too, to let people know about all the scams out there and more importantly how to avoid them! There will always be new scams popping up all over, if everyone knows what to look out for and can recognize warning signs quickly there will be a lot less heartache!

  20. It’s been a dream of mine to work from home for a very long time. I have always been sceptical of working online from home – probably because I lost some money in an online scam a few years back πŸ™ Once bitten, twice shy perhaps? However, I have also read many stories from other people that have successfully started and maintained their own online businesses. Most of the ones that I word see as being “more” legitimate all seem to say that success takes time and hard work!

    I’m happy to give both to a new venture but I think that it’s the unpredictability and the unknown that’s holding me back. Perhaps I’m destined to be a slave to the fortnightly paycheque!!

    • Hi Boyo, yes I can certainly understand why you would be nervous about starting up online!

      Unfortunately yes an online business takes time and hard work. Anyone that says otherwise is not being honest with you and is probably trying to scam you.

      If you are willing and prepared to put in hard work and time you can really make some good money online! Just be careful where you choose to learn your skills and you will be fine.

      Here are my top 3 recommendations:

      1. Wealthy Affiliate (hands down the best!)

      2. Affilorama

      3. Chris Farrell Membership

      I hope to add some more recommendations to this list, but unfortunately I haven’t found anything really great that I am willing to really recommend you try!

  21. Very good post on online businesses. I really see the value in online marketing and this post does a great job of informing everyone on what it takes to be an online marketer. I will definitely share to my friends that are trying to start an online business because this is very valuable information.

    • Hi Nathan, thanks for visiting again πŸ™‚ It is a pleasure, and there will be lots more to come so I hope to see you here again.

  22. Hi Lynne,

    Very good points here.

    I believe starting an online business is the easiest and most profitable way for anyone with internet connection and laptop to start right away.

    Anyone with the commitment, the right expectation and focus will succeed sooner or later.

    Some do need guidance, some prefer to try it out themselves first, and discover that problems start to slow them down and their will to continue begins to waver .

    Actually, the quickest and affordable way that I know to gain this valuable guidance and access to community support for problems often faced by new business owners is through Wealthy Affiliate which you have unselfishly shared here.

  23. Great article, short and to the point but all the important points are in there. I particularly liked the part about how your own online business gives you so much freedom. I is lovely to be able to work form home in your dressing gown and slippers if you want.
    I have thought for a long time that this is the best time ever to set up an online business. Do you think bricks and mortar retail stores are on the way out?

    • Hi Margaret

      I certainly think that online stores are on the increase and that more and more people are shopping that way now… however there is a certain appeal in going out on a shopping trip isn’t there? Especially with things like clothing where I like to try it on myself and see how it fits before I buy.

      It’s a social trip and I think that won’t go out, but yes I do think it will become much less of a focus and buying online will become the norm.

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