Home Office: Design a Comfortable Office You’ll Want to Work In

Working from home is a dreamlike situation considering how there is no traveling time and cost involved in you getting to the office. While it may seem like a convenience at some points, compartmentalizing your home office from your housework can be a daunting task. Building a comfortable work environment, therefore, is crucial.

What should be the extent of comfort?

At a home office, you will feel a lot more relaxed than at a custom built office site, but your productivity level can be seriously endangered by this very factor. Most people who work from home are unable to create a distinction between their personal and professional lives.

There exists a list of ‘don’ts’ that you will have to follow to ensure that your efficiency is not hindered by you being at home. That includes not having a TV in the office, not being at the center of household activity, etc. Keeping these factors in mind, some of the best ways to design a comfortable office at home are as follows:

  1. Desk Space

 Having a built-in office gives you the liberty of having an almost infinite storage space for items which are unneeded or are waiting to be disposed. Even with this freedom if your desk is still cluttered, then you are being a force opposing your comfort for no good reason.

Getting Monitor Arms online from Singapore is an example of how you can free up space on top of the desk. Your monitor will levitate and allow you to adjust your line of sight in accordance to your comfort. At the same time, you will have more space on your desk to keep all your immediate files, registers, and documents an arm’s length away.

Similarly, being at home also means that you will have time to carry out a small clean up mission every morning, where you free up space at the desk. Do not shy away from this routine, for it has the potential to make the rest of the working day quite splendid.

  1. Colors Scheme

In professional life, seldom things are as important as keeping a calm head while working. Although our minds do not immediately respond to the colors in the surrounding, an hour or two into work will get you frustrated, and that is when dull colors like white or strong colors like red and black will turn out to be an unpleasant sight.

There are only a handful of colors which go well in offices which function for around 8 hours a day, and these include light shades of blue, green, and violet. Of course, there are exceptions with people wanting darker colors, but if you are unsure, then these are the safest options. Opt for colors which are instantly visually pleasing when you look up from the monitor screen, and you will feel the vibes of comfort enter your body each day at work.

lamp chair desk


  1. Sufficient Lighting

A gloomy environment can almost always be equated with having a glum mood, and it is no different at the office. You are doing injustice to yourself if you have to squeal your eyes to see what’s written on the paper each time you need to read a document. Similarly, you do not want to keep falling asleep at this time and a bright light will help you find your active self. Bright white or off-white lighting is usually the best for office settings, primarily because they reflect very nicely from the colors mentioned above. So do not laze off on the lights if you want your comfort intact.

  1. Ergonomic Furniture

Whether you work at home, at the office, or outstation, your body needs some space to relax. A wooden chair without a comfort cushion or an armrest can turn out to be your worst nightmare at the end of a long and tiring day because they will cause pain to erupt from every district of your body.

When you are in the process of getting furniture for the office, try to ensure that it is ergonomic. A few checks include the chair having leg space, armrests, flexibility to support your back, and sufficient space for you to keep a cushion. Similarly, the desk should not be too high or too low.

  1. Decoration Items

How many bonus points do you think a comfortable rug gives your office? Quite a lot, and that’s because aesthetics in a professional setting are paramount. Keep an eye out for holiday seasons when you can get right decoration pieces like paintings, rugs, vases, etc. to put a magnificent and comforting finishing touch on your office.


The most crucial element is to strike a balance. You must not work in a place where you are eager to get out of and neither in one where you’re so relaxed that you become complacent. So long as you follow these tips while decorating your office, laziness and disincentives will start growing non-existent in your professional life. 

Hannah Guest Post About the Author:

Hannah is an interior designer by profession, and she knows all the ins and outs of using the right quality of the furniture and accessories for home decor and workplace. She is also a blogger who loves to write about the home and office maintenance tips and tricks. Read more about her posts at ergoedge.com.



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