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Running a business is one of the hardest and most rewarding things that anyone can hope to achieve in life. Being the person at the head of a business that provides a product or service that people needs is important and bringing on the right people for that business is a vital part of the puzzle for success. When you make the decision to bring someone into your business, you are choosing to trust someone you’ve never met based on a piece of paper listing their credentials as a person. It’s a big responsibility to have on your shoulders, because if you choose the wrong person for the job you have just wasted time, money and enthusiasm on that person and the entire process has to start again.

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You need far more than just an instinct for being a good judge of character to start the hiring process, so you should always bring in an independent member of a HR team to work with you on the whole process. When you are deciding on the best route for hiring someone, you have to be able to predict whether you will still need their skills in six months, a year, two years’ time. There’s no easy way to know whether someone will last at your company, so you have to ensure that when you start your hiring process that you have clear goals for what you need, what you want and what you expect your candidate to be. The world of work is constantly evolving and shifting to meet the growing demands in technology. This means more and more people are choosing to work from home where they can, and employers are able to now facilitate this. Do you want to be the sort of employer who can offer perks like that, or do you want to have your team under your watchful eye? Questions like that should be asked before you go into the process, as you need to know exactly what it is you can offer.

Choosing the benefits that you want to offer your employees, as well as choosing the hoops that they will need to jump through before working for you is going to take some time. Some employers like to be able to perform pre-employment medicals, like the ones that can be arranged with CBD Medical. Others like to do a full background check and criminal record history on candidates that they are interested in. This may seem like a lot of work, but the hiring process isn’t an easy one. Making a list of the interview questions that you want to ask for the position, or multiple positions if you are hiring in more than one person, can help keep you on track during an interview. You want to be able to ask the right questions so that the interview itself doesn’t become one big waffling session that gets too far off track. You want to draw in candidates that want to work hard and remain flexible, while being happy in their job. It’s a fine balance; which you’ll remember from the days that you used to work under someone else. You may have been to interviews before that absolutely bombed, or that didn’t work out because the employer came across as limp and weak. You need to think about the experiences that you’ve had with past interviews of your own and base your own interview style around that.

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Attracting the right people can be easily done with a list of benefits that make them feel like you’re the best employer in the world, but it’s the retention that’s hard, not the attraction. Hiring in the right talent is going to happen to you at some point in the running of your business, and you need to remember that these are still people and not robots who are going to be turning up, performing their job and going home. A big part of you snagging the right person is being the right employer. Aside from a salary and a pension, what is it that you offer to people? Can they rely on you to be dependable and non-judgemental with their life outside of work? Can they believe that you are recognising their talents and are praising them for hitting targets? Are you offering the right reward system based on personal development, or do you want to offer a generic system for all? These are difficult questions for someone hiring for the very first time, but they are going to be things that a candidate is thinking about.

One of the biggest complaints from candidates after an interview is the lack of communication. If you have a hiring process laid out and interviews lined up, be clear with your candidates about when they should hear from you, and make sure that you are the sort of employer who will contact them in the event of a rejection. There is nothing worse for a candidate than sitting around and waiting for a phone call that never comes. If you say you’re going to be in touch, be in touch in a timely manner. When you are writing the job description to attract the talent, keep it to the point and try not to go into too much workplace jargon, either. There’s nothing more pretentious than hearing about ‘blue sky thinking’ and sounding like you’ve eaten a thesaurus! Be down to earth, so that you are approachable to people and focus on what you can do for candidates. Don’t forget that you need your candidates as much as they need the job, so only focusing on your needs is going to kick you in the mouth eventually.

The hiring process doesn’t have to be scary, as long as you have clear needs and a clear idea of who you want in for the job that you have. Be the boss that you’ve always wanted to have and make that come across in interview: you’ll nail it!


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