5 Tips For Hiring An English Content Writer

If you are a full time blogger then you will know that hiring an English content writer is going to take the heat off you in a big way. The fact is that it is not easy writing a huge amount of high quality content on a regular basis. If you have multiple websites like many full-time bloggers do then it gets even tougher to keep up.

Hiring an English content writer may sound easy but if you have ever tried to hire a content writer that writes quality content you will have found out for yourself that it is not an easy task at all.

The majority of new English content writers I have tried out have not been English at all and my goal of acquiring a high quality article has not been achieved. Instead I have sat with a piece of writing that I can barely read it is so bad.

It is not only the grammar and spelling mistakes that are the problem – there is often a cultural difference that is glaringly painful. This has been very prominent with guest posts that are sent to me for publishing where the writer is insulting towards mothers yet expects me to publish the post on my parenting website!

Over the years I have gotten better at sourcing English content writers that can provide me with high quality content.

Here my tips for hiring an English content writer (and see at the bottom a list of writers I recommend):

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5 Tips For Hiring An English Content Writer

Review The English Content Writer’s Profile

Whether you are searching on Fiverr, Seoclerks or HireWriters make sure to check out the writer’s profile and carefully read the reviews. Check to see the country that the writer is from and read as many reviews as possible. When you see a great review also check the country of the person reviewing the writer.

It’s also a great idea to review the reviewer. I have once bought an article from a seller that had rave reviews only to find out when receiving my content that the writer was clearly not English and the article was terrible. When I went back to the reviews of that writer I checked the buyer profiles and found that they were not English either so they were not really the best people to review an “English” article.


Contact The Writer and Ask Questions

This is an essential step in the process of vetting content writers. I have a standard set of questions that I send all potential content writers and although I am interested in the answers to the questions I am more interested in the way that the content writer  responds to my message.

Here’s what I usually send to potential English content writers:

“Good day, I am interested in using your content writing services. Can you please answer the following questions for me:

  1. What country are you from and what is your first language?
  2. What topics are you most comfortable writing about?
  3. Can you write on any topic?
  4. What is the procedure to follow if I am not entirely happy with content provided?
  5. Can you please send me samples of your writing to check?”

Any content writer that replies with one word answers and says things like “Order now” is not going to impress me and will not be getting any orders from me.

I’m also interested in hearing what the response is to number 3 – the truth is that is not easy to write on any topic, especially when it comes to things that are technical or very specialized.

An example is that one of my websites is about recovery from addiction, it takes a lot of insight and experience about addiction to write a high quality and useful article for that website.

Writers that are desperate for work usually respond that they can write well on any topic. I prefer people to keep it real and honest.

Ask To See Samples

As given in my questions above, I always ask to see samples of past content written so that I can evaluate the quality of the content that I should receive if I place an order.

Strangely enough I’ve had a few sellers refuse to give me a sample telling me that they think I will use that content. Go figure right? Well that definitely equals being scratched off my list of potential writers!

Placing Your First Order

When you are trying a new content writer don’t place an order for multiple articles at once. Start off with one article and wait to assess the quality.

In fact I only place orders for one article as a time with new sellers for a period of time to ensure that the quality is consistently excellent before I start placing bigger orders.

Write Plan

Writers That I Personally Recommend

I’ve found a few writers that I really enjoy making use of and I have stuck with them over the last few years because I have never been disappointed by them. If you are looking for an English content writer I highly recommend you try out these services:

My Content Writing Services

Yes I have to put my own services out here, I have some content writing services that I offer on Fiverr, a gig for long articles and a gig for short articles.  I do not personally write the posts, I outsource that work to a South African mom that I personally trained to do content writing for me.

Her first language is Afrikaans but she is completely fluent in English. She is a brilliant content writer and always my first choice when it comes to getting content written for my own websites.

Here are a few samples of posts she has written for my parenting website:


I love EliteWriter because they are a team of husband and wife. The wife writes the articles that are along the parenting, beauty and home topics and the husband writes the tech and businesses topics. This means that they can provide a wide range of topics and still provide fantastic quality.

Here are a few articles written by EliteWriter:


Angie is a fantastic content writer that is incredibly skilled at writing excellent reviews and I have used her for a lot of reviews on my parenting website in the past.

Here are a few of the reviews she has written for me:

I hope you have found these pointers for finding and choosing an English content writer helpful, what tips can you share?


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hi,

    a great blog post about something I will run in soon myself. As I am starting to get overwhelmed with the content I need and want to produce I was already thinking about hiring a content writer. Your article opened my eyes as it seems harder to find suitable help than I expected. At least now I know how to go about it and what mistakes to avoid.

    Keep up the good work.

    All the best,


    • It is fantastic once you find a great content writer Jow, but the process of getting there can be problematic! I’ve had so many encounters paying for content and then receiving something that my 8 year old daughter would have done a better iob of researching and writing! Then the writer insists that he is English when he clearly is not. It really has gotten me upset in the past but I have some good writers now and thought I would share them to save others the trouble!

  2. This is an interesting perspective but I actually personally enjoy writing and have been trying to get into content writing. From reading this article, I can gain tips on how people would prefer to hire me and the sort of questions they’d be asking, so thank you! That being said, I also will sometimes need my own content writers (ironic) since I’m heading back to university soon and sometimes have more hectic stretches than others. I will definitely be using this resource to help me out then! Thanks again!

    • Maria it can be a nightmare looking for an authentic English writer – yes a content writer can be very useful for sure for those busy times when you need the content to keep on coming but you are not able to keep up with writing. 

      I think that writing content can be a great way to supplement your income. The reason I don’t do it myself is because I can’t keep up writing for my own websites as it is, I just cannot add that additional pressure on!

  3. Hey, I am a blogger too. content writing is a big task, It is also one the funnest things that I love doing. Recently, I wanted to do some freelance content writing but did not where or how to start. Do you require any content writers for any of your blogs? Then I am up. As you said I can answer all those four questions properly. This is such a bad resume lol. But If I do any outsourcing with my content writing then I would look into what you said for sure

  4. Really interesting to see that in your search of good English content writers you have stumbled over people that their content isn’t even in the language that you’re asking for. I have been thinking of hiring one since I have a lot of issues with bringing up new ideas to the table. English isn’t my first language but I try my best to work hard and create what I want to create and make it look like what I imagined in my head. Isn’t it a stressful feeling having completely different wordings in your content throughout your website? Any recommendations for that?

    • Hi Stephanie – I have nothing against writers that are not English, but if I am wanting English content it must be excellent. As mentioned in my post the writer that I use for most of my content is actually Afrikaans but fluent in English. I’m not sure what you mean about having completely different wordings on my website? Do you mean content that is written by different people? Nope that doesn’t really concern me too much, since I have found excellent content writers that write in the style that I want. When it comes to guest posts I can reject any post that I am not happy with so that is also fine. 

  5. These writers are looking to earn money which is ok but they really do need to brush up on their English skills if they are to get high-quality jobs. Most of them live in countries whereby English isn’t their native language but if they intend to become high-quality writers then this is an obvious skill that they would have to perfect. That is the only way they would receive better recommendations from bloggers looking to hire a writer and some of them can even get the job fulltime.

    I would soon be looking to hire writers and even plan on making them my fulltime writers. I have found some useful tips on this post that I had no idea about and would actually save me lots of money. Thanks for the writeup. 

    • That’s exactly it Manuel – I do not hold anything against them as they are just trying to make an income, however anyone trying to make an income in any field must first make sure that they can do the job well…. and also be honest. When a writer puts on their profile that they are a native English speaker and I then find out that they are not and that their English is terrible it really annoys me. 

  6. Hi Lynne, I really appreciate you have shared your experience on this topic with us.

    As every other blogger I started writing my own content. As time went by, I begun to discover what worked and what didn’t. And I also realized that I would have to write 24/7 to keep up with the demands of an active blog. I think it’s time to begin outsourcing. Your tips have made me view things differently. I’ll bookmark this post and reread it as I start hiring writers.

    • When you find the right content writer you will find outsourcing your content writer an absolute pleasure! 

  7. This article is just in time for me since I am planning to hire a writer. A week ago I received an email from a writer offering me a collaboration and work for me as a writer. I asked sample of her works and she sent me 3 of them with different categories. The content is good including the grammar but I found it not convincing if I am the reader. I wanted to give it a try but I am still not decided. 

    • If you are not happy with the content try someone else, you really do have to find someone that fits in with your style and if you didn’t find it convincing then no doubt your readers won’t either! Shop around until you find the right person. 

  8. Although I have never hired a content writer before, I am seriously thinking about it as it will take a lot of pressure off me to keep up with my content. Hiring a writer would free up a website owner to focus more on other areas of their business. There are many good writers who are qualified to write about many different subjects. If you do hire a writer you must find out how capable they are so you have quality content being written. This article gives good information about this.

  9. This is very timely as I start my own blog. Content writing is really hard especially if you are not a native speaker of the language. I find this article very helpful because i learned that I can outsource my contents to more competent and eloquent writers. i might try this strategy. I have a personal target of writing at least 12 blog posts per month. Your idea rocks. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

    • I’m sure it is terribly hard to write in English if it is not your first language and 12 posts a month is a fantastic goal! 

  10. Thanks for writing this article, Lynne! I have a blog and honestly, I am struggling to maintain the right frequency of posts. It took me around a week to complete an article and I am seriously thinking of getting some help to at least publish one more in a week. This article will be of great help to me in finding a good writer.

    • I’m so glad you found this helpful Vinayak 🙂 Have you ever tried any writing exercises to increase your speed of writing blog posts? I also used to take ages to write a blog post and now I can write a blog post in less than a day! 

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