Helping Your Brick and Mortar Store to Stand Out from the Crowd

Nowadays more and more people are leaving the traditional brick and mortar store behind in favour of online commerce. Sure, Ecommerce may entail less responsibility. But there are still profound benefits to running a tangible store that can help you bring in a whole lot more profit than you would by operating solely online. You get to offer better customer service, communicate with buyers on a face-to-face basis, and your consumers can survey your products in person, meaning that you are less likely to experience returns and exchanged. However, if you intend to continue operating in real life, there are a few things that you will need to do to make your business stand out from the crowd and to keep customers with you rather than straying to your competition. Here are a few things to consider!

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Store Signs

Signage is one of the most powerful business tools that your brick and mortar store can use to its advantage. A successful business will generally be located amongst other stores to make the most of customers who are out for a day of shopping. However, this makes it surprisingly easy to blend into the crowd. An eye-catching sign can help your business to stand out from the others that surround it, and as customers grow more used to your brand, it is what they will look out for when visiting the area. If you open up a chain, matching signs will ensure that customers in other areas know what you’re about and will draw existing customers into chains that may be closer to them than the original that they frequented. Building mounted signs tend to be the most successful, as they can be positioned high up above the entrance to your commercial property, attracting attention from all directions. Try to stick to your usual branded colour scheme and if you are going to use any images, use your brand logo. Remember to invest in your sign. After all, it is visible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Consider something like commercial grade LED string lighting. These are constructed with durability in mind, which is absolutely essential if they are going to be left outdoors year round. Remember that they will be facing the elements, and while severe weather conditions may be rare, the effects of consistent exposure to rain, light wind, and cold temperatures can prove surprisingly damaging. The sockets, power connectors, and bulbs will need water resistant seals. You should also look out for options with dimmer switches. This will allow you to alter the glow that your bulbs emit depending on how much light is needed. You can opt for a warm glow as the evening sets in, but boost things up to full and bright once darkness envelopes your store.

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Window Displays

Designing a window display is by no means a new concept. For years, merchandisers have been employed to set up attractive displays to lure people into all sorts of commercial properties. But for some reason, window displays still tend to be the speciality of larger companies and chains. It’s time that smaller businesses started using them to their advantage too! Not only will a window display give passersby an idea of what kind of store you run, but it will give them an insight into the quality of the wares you’re providing. For this reason, you should always keep your best stock in the window. Technically speaking, an effective window display is the first point of contact between a brick and mortar business and customers, so keep yours exciting and fresh!


Not every store has a prominent location on the main road or high street. In fact, many stores are relatively hidden away down alleyways or around corners. So you need to find a way of making sure that people, or potential customers, know that you exist and where you are located. The most effective way of doing this is signposting. This is a technique that you will find many smaller businesses using. However, larger businesses may employ them too. You might see this in service stations where you have to cross an indoor bridge to make your way to more shop, fast food outlets, or restaurants. Simply set up a signpost or newsboard with your shop name, logo, and an arrow in the direction of your store on the nearest busy street. Also, give people a rough idea of how far they will need to walk to get there. This will be most effective if the distance is short.

These are just a few methods that can help to draw attention to your small business, however, carried out in the right way, they will see a whole lot more customers come through the doors to complete sales and generate profit for you!


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