Great Business Goals for 2018

Happy New Year! The start of a new year is an exciting time for many of us. Both personally and professionally. It’s a great time to make some goals and set yourself some targets for the year ahead. Don’t worry if you haven’t already done this (or if you’ve already given up on a few) it’s never too late. It can even be a good idea to set monthly goals instead. Sometimes setting vague goals for the year makes them hard to achieve as our brains aren’t built to focus on the same thing for so long.


Have you ever set yourself the target of losing weight only to find that by June you are actually heavier than you were in January and crash dieting in a desperate attempt to get beach ready? That’s because you didn’t make a clear plan. It’s the same with business resolutions. Instead of making huge declarations of how much money you are going to earn or how your business will grow, break them down. It’s great to have a final target in mind, but you need monthly plans to help you get there.

It’s also crucial that these targets are achievable. You need to push yourself, but a target you can’t possibly beat can be demoralizing and actually end up having a detrimental effect. Say you want to grow your online reach. If you gained 2000 Twitter followers last year, it’s not realistic to aim for 20000 this year. Here are some goals that you could set for your business this year, just make sure they are realistic for your business and your current stage.

Sort Your Website Out

Whether you are based primarily on or offline, you need a fantastic website. In 2018, a

business without a professional and well-designed website isn’t going to be taken seriously. So, while things are a little quieter in January, spend some time looking at yours. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, or it needs a lot of work it can be worth contacting CDNsun to make sure the job’s done well.

Your website above all else needs a clean, easy to read design, it needs to be fast, the SEO needs to be spot on, and it needs to work equally well on a mobile screen.

Customer Service

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if your business is online, or doesn’t focus on sales, customer service doesn’t matter. It always matters. Even if you only deal with clients or suppliers, you need to be professional and offer fantastic customer service. Measure your improvements in this area by monitoring social media engagement, reviews and return customers.

Go Green

A resolution we should all be making, both personally and professionally is to become more sustainable. Find ways to use less power and water and make simple changes like printing less, or printing double-sided when you do. This won’t just help save the planet; it will also save your business money and time, and help you to build a reputation as a sustainable business that cares.


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