Google Trader Review – powered by Google? I don’t think so!

Google Trader Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Minimum $250 investment to start
Website: gtradersoft.com

Introduction: What is Google Trader?

Google Trader is a binary options trading platform that claims to make you money on complete autopilot. Not only does this software know only to trade when it knows it will make a profit, but it works on the Google algorithm.

Sounds impressive right? Let’s have a closer look and see what Google Trader is really all about.

What is Google Trader?

What has Google Trader got to do with Google?

Let’s at the association with Google. That is already a huge scam alert. If you look at Google’s trademark permissions you will see that using the Google name is so not allowed! Doesn’t it seem strange to you that this company has Google in it’s name but not in it’s domain? Actually that is not strange at all, they are taking chances here using the Google name, but to include it in their actual domain name would be just plain stupid. This would immediately have very bad repercussions for them if they had to be so cheeky.

Then they claim that their software is based on the Google search engine algorithm. Ooooh that sound impressive right?

Google Trader Google search engine algorithm

Actually no, not really. Unless of course I am really stupid here. For starters how the **** can Google’s search engine algorithm predict what the exchange rate will be doing or whether the oil will go up or down? Secondly nobody really knows Google’s exact algorithm, so like did Google sell them their formula? That must have been expensive huh?

Let’s get real here people this is a load of BS already.

So call me crazy if I am reading this wrong, because in all honesty I know nothing about binary trading options and I don’t know exactly what Google’s algorithm is. I also can’t figure out how the two could possibly be related. Like I said, I could be dumb so let’s keep digging here.

Google Trader ONLY trades when it KNOWS it will make a profit!

Yeah um this is getting a little silly now isn’t it? I’m not even going to say what I think about this claim.

Google Trader

Google Trader is Automated… Yay!

Um yeah this is another big time scam warning. Just remember you don’t have to do a thing to make money, just sit back and let Google’s search engine algorithm predict the exchange rate… this has got to work right?

Google Trader auto-trading software

Google Trader is completely risk free and 100% guaranteed!

That is not how I viewed binary trading options. The way I understand it binary trading options are notoriously high risk adventures, especially if you know nothing about trading. You either win or you lose. If you don’t know what you are doing it can be viewed quite like gambling.

Google Trader review scam

Is Google Trader a scam?

Oh yes, Google Trader is scam for sure! Everything about it screams scam. If you can’t see this already and still want to try it out please go ahead and I would love for you to come back and let me know how it worked out for you.

If you don’t sign up with them and try and click on their disclaimer link and their Terms of Sale link on their homepage the links don’t work. You just stay on their home page.

Once you have signed up and given them your contact number you can have a look around inside. Here’s what they have to say about risks when you are logged into your account and check out their terms and conditions. This paints a different picture to no risk and just about guaranteed profit right?

Is Google Trader a scam?

By the way within minutes of registering with them I got a phone call from a very pushy woman that insisted this is legit and wanted to know immediately “Are you with us?”. Really if this was such a great opportunity surely it would speak for itself right? From within their platform I should be impressed and quite frankly I wasn’t. The only thing they are interested in is getting that $250 from you! From the feel of the phone call I think their tactic is to get you to hand over your money as fast as possible before you can have enough time to think about it.

By the way her explanation of the Google Algorithm is that they use the information from the internet to predict trends… it is not Google’s actual algorithm nor is it really based on it. Yeah well we knew that, but why claim it is on their website? Doing an online search yes there is some research that shows search trends could predict what the market does. However Google’s search engine Algorithm refers to how websites get ranked and has nothing to do with binary trading options.

This is nothing but being deceptive.

If Google Trader is a scam how come there are so many great reviews online?

Yes this is a question I have been asked a number of times when I put a scam label on an opportunity to make money online. The answer is quite simple. I make money on this website through affiliate marketing. If I find something I think is awesome I sign up as an affiliate for that opportunity. This means that if someone purchases through one of my links I make commission.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I have reviewed so many scams on my website, all of them have had affiliate programs. It would be so easy to change them from exposing them as scams to raving about these “great” opportunities. Then if you sign up I can make some money off of you being conned out of your money.

Please be aware of this and if something looks like a scam and you see a positive review on it just click on the link and have a look at it in the address bar. If the address looks plain and simple like this: http://gtradersoft.com/ then it is a direct link that is not affiliated. If it looks like this: http://gtradersoft.com/?clickid=3339859490&affid=3816963&affuser=binary100 then it is an affiliate link and someone is making money off you if you sign up through it.

Affiliate links all look different, some will have a referrer username and some a number. But I am sure you can now see the difference between an affiliate link and one that is not affiliated.

This is not to say that just because someone is referring you to something that it is a scam, but be aware that if someone is going to make money from you purchasing something they could have ulterior motives.

My Verdict for Google Trader

Everything about Google Trader stinks.

Tall promises of making money without spending money, no risks and all on autopilot. They claim to have access to Google’s search engine algorithm that gives them completely accurate trading predictions and they are using the Google name?

Perhaps you will make money with Google Trader, perhaps you will lose loads. The rating I have given here reflects the fairy tale between what they claim on their website and reality. The fact is if you think this will work you will probably have much more fun going to your closest casino with $250 and yes be prepared to lose it.

Have you had any experience with Google Trader? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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Google Trader Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Minimum $250 investment to start
Website: gtradersoft.com


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. I knew it sounded too good to be true. I’m glad I found your review before I gave them my details! I can’t believe they actually called and tried to pressure you into buying and then still risking all your investment!
    You obviously know how to look deeper into these types of scams, have you seen any yet which are legitimate? If so, are there any that stand out particularly?

    • Hi JH
      Yeah and got another phone call from them today, another very pushy lady that didn’t know when to give up and leave me alone. It is very sad how they operate.

      Yes there are a few opportunities that stand out for me, but it is important to look at what your needs are. There are a few places where you can earn a very small amount of money filling in online surveys such as Opinion Outpost, Inbox Dollars, iPoll and Answered Insight. However the amount of money is really not much, you can read my post on why I think online surveys are a waste of time. You might be wondering then why I suggest it, well simply because loads of people love doing this and think it is a wonderful opportunity.

      Then also for small amounts of money you could try loyalty programs like Swagbucks and Qmee, or perhaps User Testing to test websites? Then there is Clixsense where you can make a small amount of money clicking on ads… once again not great but it is legit.

      Then onto opportunities that will require some effort on your side before you are able to start earning but are really more of a business opportunity that will give you an income in the future (much more my idea of making money!). So the best thing I think you can do is start affiliate marketing. The place I recommend for this is Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best and you can start for free and only when you are ready and want added benefits join the paid premium membership.

      Other places to learn and get support to start an affiliate marketing business would be Affilorama, Bring The Fresh and The Chris Farrell Membership.

      If you want to start your own online store with your own products or services I suggest you check out Shopify.

      So far those are the best opportunities I have managed to find. I hope to add to that list in 2016, it is just so sad that my list of scams is so long and the truly great opportunities I can count on one hand!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    I am not a big investor. I have my 401k and a few other investments. I am very sceptical when it comes to parting from my money. I think I would have been very weary of this if I would have come across this, however, I could see how someone could be scammed by this. Thanks to folks like you that police these sites and give us consumers a heads up alert! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Julie
      Yes I think if you want to do Forex rather learn how to do it and go with an approved Forex trading website that is above board. My husband tried one website out and he said it was great so he will be helping me write that review because I know nothing about foreign exchange!

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