Google Sniper Review Scam!

Google Sniper Review Scam
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: F$47 once off fee?
Owners: George Brown
Website: www.gsniper.com

Introduction: What is Google Sniper?

Google Sniper is an affiliate marketing course. George Brown made more than $500 000 in the year 2010 and then launched Google Sniper which took the online world by storm. He was only 17 years old at the time.

Since hearing about Google Sniper I just had to have a look at his website. On arriving at his website there is nothing really to look at except a video clip which I watched. He explains how you can make a 5 figure income every month using his system.

He explains vaguely how he will teach you how to set up numerous one page websites that will each generate at least $250 – $500 per month. He mentions finding keywords that are low hanging fruit and finding the right niche for your website.

What is Google Sniper

I totally understand about keywords, low hanging fruit and finding a great niche, but aren’t one page websites old school? I thought that just didn’t work anymore?
He said you can set up one website in a few hours and start earning very soon. He implies that once that website is set up it will start earning money and you won’t really need to do anything else. This also sounds odd to me. As we all know it takes time and effort to set up a website and it needs to be updated and maintained. New content must be added regularly to keep your website ranking.
I found it quite amusing when he explained why there is a $47 charge for his system. He said he is not doing it to make money from you, he is doing that to firstly make sure that you are serious about using his system and that you are committed. His other reason is maintaining the costs of running Google Sniper. I don’t see what is wrong with making money from people, this is what we all want to do right? Why stress the point that he doesn’t want to make money of you? He apparently only wants to help others succeed and become rich.
He does state in his video that this will require work, which contradicts his explanation it only takes a few hours to set up a website and then the job is basically done and you will start earning. This doesn’t make sense to me. He made it sound like all you have to do is spend a few hours per website, set up 10 websites and earn an average of $500 per month on each website. Let’s make it a day per website so in 10 days you will be finished? Job done, earning $5000. Easy?
I found he contradicted himself a number of times in his video and this makes me wary and not want to trust him.

The other problem I have is that the only information available on his website is this dubious video clip. There is no other information telling you exactly what you will receive for the $47. Apparently it is a once off payment that he will happily refund within 60 days if you are not happy with Google Sniper.
I am personally not going to throw away $47 trying to test this website out. Instead I had a look around online to see what other people are saying.
There are some really great reviews on Google Sniper, but lets not forget that they have an affiliate program! So anyone that is a Google Sniper affiliate will give a glowing review. I am looking for reality here, not people promoting a product to earn money.
The first thing I noticed is that there is a discrepancy on the amount to be paid to Google Sniper. On the website it just says download Google Sniper for $47. My first thought was is that once off, monthly or yearly? In the video clip he clearly states it is a once off $47 and you will have no other expenses needed. How come these comments on christene-marketing.com show a different story? It also appears that once Google Sniper has your money you have to fight to get your  promised, no questions asked “60 day money back Guarantee” as well as have your monthly installments cancelled.
google sniper review scam
And here is some more feedback on pricing, as well as something else that I suspected. It seems Google Sniper is well out of date. Google keeps changing rules and whatever you do you need to stay up to date with all the changes. If you don’t you could find your websites may as well not even exist!
google sniper review scam comments 2
And here is some more feedback from Google Forums. Anything that puts my websites at risk is not something I want to play with.
Google Sniper review scam comments 3
From what I can see this is useless and risky! I doubt he started off trying to scam people, but it appears that is what Google Sniper has now become. Nothing more than a scam to get money off you.
No real information provided before you pay over your once off $47, or maybe it is $67 per month, who knows? Outdated training and promises that if you put the work in you can very soon be making 5 figures a month from single page websites? No thanks, this is not for me.
I’ve been working online for just over 4 years and I can see this is rubbish. There is no need to pay anything to learn how to choose a niche, start your website and choose low hanging fruit keywords. This information is available for FREE online.

Google Sniper Review Scam
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: F$47 once off fee?
Owners: George Brown
Website: www.gsniper.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hello, Lynne. I had heard of GS, but I haven’t checked it out yet, thanks for this review. You are right about Google updating regularly and it would be hard for George to keep his system updated. It sounds like he IS WANTING TO TAKE OUR MONEY! Thanks again for this review!

    • Hi Peggy

      It is a pleasure. I cam across loads of people saying that their website were penalized by this system. It is really not worth the risk. It is important to stay with up to date information!

      Kind Regards


  2. Hey,
    Glad you reported this as a scam because I myself fell for it and tried it out. I have to say that it is not a one time fee either and it’s not written anywhere that it isn’t only if you pay close attention. Theres also loads of upsells that give you nothing great added to it.
    Good review !

    • Hi Esteban

      So sorry you fell for it 🙁 In future always work on the basis of don’t pay anything unless you can see exactly what you are getting. This was just a video clip with no real information or substance to it. Big time scam alert!

      Kind Regards

  3. Interesting assessment. My guess is if 10 people a month pay this guy he is definitely making his $500. That always get’s me when someone charges you something and in the same breath says they aren’t trying to make money on you… really? Then why charge? To see if your serious? really? who cares. You are suppose to be doing it to help… isn’t that what he said? Yeah, help line his pockets.

    Thanks for the infor. I’ll get off of my rant now.

    • Hi lb

      Did you watch the video? He called it a contribution and then later a donation, not a fee lol. Crazy isn’t it?

      Kind Regards

  4. Really appreciate the heads up on scams like these. Seems that Google Sniper has quite a few holes that people should be aware. I will recommend that my friends also read the article. Thanks!

    • Hi Doug

      Thanks for visiting, yes please do. I didn’t go right into Google Sniper to have an inside look, but I saw enough to know it is a waste of time and money!

      Kind Regards

  5. Finally I found a website with all the information that I was looking for Google Sniper Review.
    You have some great information here! I am just learning about Online Jobs Opportunities, so I learned a lot. Thanks!
    You saved my day.

    • Hi Emanuel

      It is a pleasure! I really would have liked to have a better inside look at Google Sniper but with all the costs involved just to confirm it is a scam I decided not to waste my time and money. I would avoid Google Sniper!

      Kind Regards

  6. Google Sniper is a deceitful program to make money online. They don’t indicate the full price tag within the sale video. But the fact that you will face upsells once you purchase the first product.

    I hope people get benefited from your review here and avoid this scammy program that is overhyped and lacking of support as well.

    • Hi Edy

      Thanks for your input, I take it then that you had already heard of Google Sniper! I like everything to be above board and know exactly what I getting and what it costs before I buy anything. I am fortunate I am made that way or I am sure I would have lost a lot of money! I am very suspicious by nature lol

      Kind Regards


  7. Hello Lynne I did laugh when you said you reviewed this and still didn’t know how much it was..ha ha Sound like something to stay away from for sure. (Probably $47 to start and $47 each and every month) Interesting that there are two types of review on this product those who rave about how great it is and those who don’t But as you say those that do are all affiliates for the product.

    I agree with your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate Being a much better proposition for earning money online, well learning how to make money online.

    Great review thank you 🙂

    • Hi Peter

      That is exactly it, I tried to review it but really had no information on hand which is tough. I saw loads of people bought it and tried to get their “60 day money back guarantee” refund and struggled. I am not in the mind set to just throw money away.

      Kind Regards


  8. I’ve run into an ad for google sniper in the past. The video clip didn’t sway me. I agreed with the contradictions. He’s not consistent and it’s a red flag for me. Happy you’re spreading the word and giving better alternatives!

    • Hi John

      Glad you didn’t get caught by that one!

      Kind Regards

  9. Hi Lynne

    Thank you for the heads up. I have never heard of Google Sniper but I will definitely stay away from it.

    It sounds as if it is one of the worst scams out there. At least some of the other scammers our there pretend to teach you something but, from your review, it sounds as if he doesn’t even do that.



  10. Hi,

    Thanks for this review on Google Sniper. You have done a good job on them. I have taken note of this site and tell folks and friends to stay away from it.

    You post on #1 Recommendation is also cool. Thank again for opening our eyes to the fact that Google Sniper is a SCAM.


  11. I reviewed this company a while ago on my own blog and came to the same conclusion. But it amazes me that so many people still promoted this garbage. It just goes to show that for some marketers it’s just about making money and not helping people. And the thing is you can do both which is what WA does teach. So you’re totally right about your recommendation. Hopefully people will read your review and avoid this garbage.

    • Hey Eddy

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Google Sniper. I just can’t understand how there is so much rubbish around online. It really is sad and annoying to keep coming across these rubbish programs making false promises and stealing money.

    • Hi Bree

      Geez you really should stop spamming my website with your link. I agree that Clixsense is a nice opportunity to earn some pocket money, which is why I wrote a review on it. This is my website, so the links here are my links and I don’t allow people to come here and piggy back my hard work my work by spamming my website with links.

      So once again I have edited your comment and put my link in there instead.

      Obviously your tactics can’t be working very well for you. If you want to know how to really make money online why don’t you check out my website and learn how to do online marketing the right way?

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