Global Wealth Trade Review

Global Wealth Trade Review
Overall Ranking: 10/100
Price: $169 – $3500, plus $35 – $150 per month, plus $69 – $194 per year
Website: www.gwtcorp.com

Introduction: What is Global Trade Wealth Corporation?

Global Trade Wealth is a very fancy, high end designer multi level marketing company that was founded in 2005 by Ramin Mesgarlou. They sell a collection of jewelry, sunglasses, watches, wallets, handbags and shoes. The main brands that they sell are Feri Designer Lines, Posh and Feri Mosh.

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What is Global Wealth Trade Corporation

What is Global Wealth Trade

The website is all glamour and in my opinion making big claims about earning potential. Talking about their website, when you become a GWT Luxury Consultant you get a GWT Virtual Designer Mall. Sounds fancy right? Well you get a website that is just like the one every other consultant gets. Check out these websites, all exact copies of each other:





So if you buy the Diamond Package for a whopping $3 500 for your GWT Virtual Designer Mall and then pay a monthly fee of $150 how is anyone going to find your website? Certainly not through online searches! Search engines don’t like duplicate copy. You will be having to pay for traffic, or perhaps you can get sales and hits on your website through social network marketing?

How ever you do it, you can bank on not getting any organic traffic.

Why pay $3 500 for a website you will struggle to rank?

GWT Virtual Designer Mall

Who is Global Wealth Trade for?

Well it looks to me like you will need to have a large amount of money to start this venture, if you want the Diamond Package you will need to front $3 500 dollars just to join and then also $150 a month for their monthly fee! This is not a small investment for an mlm company.

This is not for newbies to marketing and to multi level marketing. I suggest you only attempt this if you know what you are doing and you enjoy multi level marketing.

Pros and Cons for Global Wealth Trade


  • The products appear to be high quality
  • GWT appears to have a good reputation online
  • The GWT website is professional


  • The costs of their packages are ridiculously high
  • The monthly fee (PV) on top of the high cost of joining is overkill in my opinion
  • The products are grossly overpriced
  • Your Virtual Mall is the same as everyone else gets. There is no way to rank your website like this!
  • There appears to be a lack of training and support offered
  • If you have no experience in MLM this is not for you.


What does Global Wealth Trade cost?

The cost is anything from $169 to $3 500 for your GWT Virtual Designer Mall. There is also a monthly fee which they refer to as PV (Product Volume). PV is from $35 to $150 depending on which package you choose below. Obviously the more expensive the package you take the more your earning potential. There is also a yearly renewal fee of $69(plus taxes) for retailer VDMS and $194 (plus taxes) for all other VDM packages. Bear in mind too that there is a $5 administrative charge that will be deducted every time a payment is made to you too.


What does Global Wealth Trade cost

There are also shipping costs involved, unless of course you will collect from their head office in Toronto. There are numerous shipping costs shown when you are inside their website, depending on the type of order. It will be important to keep these in mind too!

Shipping costs for Products are as follows:

  • Canada & USA $49
  • International $165
  • Africa $295

Group shipping for products:

  • Canada & USA $49 plus $20 for fulfillment of each additional order
  • International $165 plus $55 for fulfillment of each additional order
  • Africa $295 plus $55 for fulfillment of each additional order

Retail orders:

  • Canada $14 (up to $140), add $10 for each additional $100 in value
  • USA $24 (up to 240), add $10 for each additional $100 in value
  • International (including Africa) $95 (up to $950), add $15 for each additional $100 in value

These shipping fees are insane. I just checked the conversion rate for $950 to South African Rands and it works out to R13 819.12.

So I have an online store myself and the way it works is a flat rate for shipping. This means if someone orders one product my shipping is covered, if a customer orders a number of products I might have to pay a bit in, but the fact is that I am making more money on the order right so I can afford to cover some of the shipping.

For my online baby store I charge R50 postage ($3.44) or R95 courier ($6.53) this is to anywhere in South Africa (flat rate for any retail order). For my wholesale baby store I charge a flat rate of R125 ($8.59) for courier to anywhere in the country.

I have also sent a few things overseas before even though my website states we only supply in South Africa and even then I never billed more than R150 ($10.31).

I have also purchased goods from overseas and I have never been billed more than $10 for my order to be sent to me.

These shipping fees are just plain cheeky!

So I can pay $3 500 to be a Diamond consultant, add in a $150 monthly fee, another $194 per year and then I still pay $295 to have my products delivered to me?

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Can you make money with Global Wealth Trade?

Well that is debatable isn’t it? According to their website the residual income potential is from $52 000 on the lowest price package to $1 560 000 plus bonuses on team sales.

I would think that trying to recruit people into an MLM scheme that comes with such high costs involved would be incredibly hard. MLM is tough enough as it is, especially since they are already well known for their ridiculously over-priced products.

Is Global Wealth Trade a scam?

Well I am already calling it the Golden Wealth Trade pyramid scheme in my own mind. I don’t like this and I don’t recommend it. It is MLM, which I consider to be a pyramid scheme and a scam. However many people consider multi level marketing a very legitimate way of making money. You make up your own mind on this.

My Verdict for Global Wealth Trade

This is a typical multi level marketing company with the exception that they take the grossly over priced products, registration fees and all related costs to an all new high.

I don’t recommend that you try this. I honestly feel you will struggle to make your money back even if you just take the $169 Retailer Virtual Designer Mall. If you do make sales you will need to nail your customer for insane delivery costs too. I just can’t see someone paying up to $950 on an already insanely expensive order. Nothing here looks like it is worth the price.

If you are a hardcore MLM marketer and this type of thing works for you, perhaps you could make a go of this?

Has anyone here had experience with Global Wealth Trade Corporation? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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Global Wealth Trade Review
Overall Ranking: 10/100
Price: $169 – $3500, plus $35 – $150 per month, plus $69 – $194 per year
Website: www.gwtcorp.com



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  1. Hi Lynne,

    A very in depth analysis of this company. Clearly, GTWC is targeting people in the high end market who have enough money to burn that the extra fees and high shipping costs don’t bother them. Otherwise, how could this company remain in business.

    It takes an hones person (like yourself) to easily spot a dubious scheme like that of GTWC who are probably making as much money with their extra fees and charges than for the products they promote.

    You have saved many people a lot of headaches by exposing this dubious company’s practices and I thank you for that.

    May 2016 be your most prosperous year ever!

    • Thanks PJ!
      The people that have this sort of money to waste on Global Wealth Trade are maybe not desperate for money. The thought crossed my mind that maybe they are targeting wealthy housewives that are looking for a hobby?

  2. That is a pretty big investment. Seriously, 3,500 and then $150/month. Seriously, you’re going to have to sell 3,650 within your first month to even break even. Looks like a ponzi scheme to me! Just like Empower Network. Is Global Wealth Trade even accredited with the BBB?

    • Hi Garen
      Yes Global Wealth Trade is accredited with the BBB! Like I said they are considered to not be a scam, however I look at any and every MLM business model like it is a scam.

  3. Hi Lynne, you gave a stellar review of this MLM program, they are NOT a company, they are a program. Most MLM’s are structured the same way, they are pyramids schemes/scams. You called this one right! Thanks for the very detailed review!


    • Hi William, so you and I think alike 🙂 There are loads of people that LOVE MLM and depend it very passionately, they say it is honest, legitimate and a wonderful way to earn money! Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

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