Global Test Market review

Global Test Market Review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: Free to join
Website: www.globaltestmarket.com

Introduction: What is Global Test Market?

Global Test Market is an online survey company that has been around since 1999. You can earn Market Points in exchange for filling out surveys.

The cash out threshold for Global Test Market is 1000 market Points and that is equal to $50.

Upon first registering with Global Test Market you need to update your work, home, interests, technology, vehicle, health, travel and finances profiles. For each one you complete you get 30 entries into their US $3 000 quarterly prize drawings.

So let’s have a closer look at Global Test Market and see if this is what you are looking for!

What is Global Test Market

Registering with them is very easy, it then takes a little bit of time to update all the sections of your profile. It is advisable to do this because the more detailed your profile is the more chance you have of being sent more surveys. As mentioned above each section of your profile you fill  in will also enter you into the sweepstakes, who knows maybe you will get lucky?

You can check on their website to see if there are surveys available, or you can wait until they have been emailed to you.

Who is Global Test Market for?

Well you have to be at least 14 years old to qualify for Global Test Market, this means teenagers can use this as a way to earn some extra money which is nice. On that note, it is probably most  suitable for teenagers that are wanting some extra pocket money.

Pros and Cons of Global Test Market


  • Free to join
  • Available in over 60 countries which was a massive pro for me as a lot of these survey companies leave out South Africa!
  • Legitimate company
  • If you get kicked out of a survey you get entered into their sweepstakes so you might still earn
  • You can earn 20 Market Points for referring people (although this feature is not available in all 60 countries!)
  • Can join from 14 years of age
  • Payments through check or Paypal
  • Market Points can be exchanged for Gift Cards from retailers, including Amazon and Starbucks
  • Market Points are awarded immediately, unlike a lot of survey companies that have a waiting period for approval or other reasons.


  • Earning potential is very low
  • Cash out threshold is 1000 points which will take a long time to get to
  • High kick out rate for surveys which is annoying
  • Payment processing can be lengthy, you could wait up to 5 weeks for a payment!
  • You could get to half into a survey and then be disqualified, surely screening questions should be first to save time and effort?
  • Lack of intimacy of customer support
  • Market Points can expire! If Market Points are not used within 3 years they expire. If there is no activity in your account for 12 months your points will expire.

What does Global Test Market Cost?

Global Test Market is free to join.

Can you make money with Global Test Market?

Well what do you consider making money?

You need 1000 Market Points to cash out. 1000 Market Points is equal to $50, so 1 Market Point is $0.05. The surveys that I came across were 35 points each and on average they took 25 minutes to complete. This means that the survey that takes you 25 minutes to complete will earn you $1.75. This is of course in the hopes that you don’t get kicked out of the survey which happened to me a lot.

Although all the surveys I came across were 35 points apparently some surveys are up to 250 points. I wonder if anyone has actually seen one of these? If you have please let us know in the comments below!

Yes over time I am sure you will be able to cash out, and it might be nice for some people to have the odd $50 every few months.

Is Global Test Market a Scam?

No, Global Test Market is not a scam at all. It is a legitimate company that has a good reputation online. This is a breathe of fresh air as the majority of online survey companies I have review have been scams!

Is Global Test Market a scam?

My Verdict for Global Test Market

If you are wanting to earn money online by taking online surveys then I recommend Global Test Market as one you should definitely try. Searching online their have been a few complaints about them, but nothing that I would consider too serious and these are things common to any online survey company anyway.

For example there have been complaints from people that they don’t get sent a lot of surveys, well this is the nature of doing online surveys. This is in my experience what happens with every online survey company and not isolated to Global Test Market.

What I do like about them (and only a handful of other legitimate online survey companies) is that their website is simple and there is nothing to do there other than take online surveys. If you have tried other survey sites you will know what I am taking about. A lot of survey companies have a social side to them, “tasks” to complete for points and a lot of other BS which makes me label them a complete waste of time.

On that note, I don’t really recommend doing online surveys if you are serious about making money. It is just not a viable way to spend your time if you want to earn anything more than the odd few bucks every now and then.


Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

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Global Test Market Review
Overall Ranking: 65/100
Price: Free to join
Website: www.globaltestmarket.com



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  1. Hello Lynne,
    Thanks for the informative review on Global test market. So I’ve got two question:
    1-how many surveys you can do in one day? like is there 20 survey per day? I want to see the potential to it.
    2- In the referral program, do I need to be from those countries (listed in global test market’s website) or my referral or both?

    • Hi Jagulba
      The amount of surveys you can do really depends on where you are. I managed to do one survey successfully over a period of two full days and I couldn’t qualify for any others. From what I have researched if you are in the US for example you could qualify for three to five per day.
      Referrals to Global Test Market need to be one of the approved countries listed on their website.

  2. Hey Lynee,

    Realistically how long do you think it will take to get 1000 market points? I have heard of a lot of survey sites that install some software on your computer? Is this the case with Global Test Market? Any other survey sites you recommend over them?

  3. Hi Lynne,

    It was nice to meet you from your website.Thanks for your review , i used to do surveys for money like you before , but shortly found out that maybe not a 100% what they were scamming was my own time. Too much time invested for little money and at times they wouldn’t even acknowledge that i did their surveys from start to finish resulting in me not earning anything.

    Keep it up.



    • Hi PavaniAnanda

      Thanks for sharing your experience, I have come across lots of people that just love taking online surveys. I’ve also had some people that say they are with a number of different companies and they make $300 – $500 per week. I can’t understand that because in all my efforts I haven’t been about to even hit $1 per week, never mind a cash out amount lol. Go figure?

  4. Hey, Lynne!

    I have been very unsuccessful at making money online from surveys in the past, but perhaps because I joined the wrong ones that offered such little rewards!

    From your review, Global Test Market sounds like a promising online survey company that I can actually make some money from 😀

    There are many good points to this survey program, so I will give it a shot.


  5. I have been looking into doing some surverys as a way to make extra money while I build the online business I am working on (that is taking quite a bit longer to generate income than I thought it would).

    The more I read about surveys the more I am realizing that it probably isn’t the best way to make money. Either they don’t end up paying at all or they pay so little that it is barely worth my time. I hadn’t heard of global test market review. I am happy to hear that they are not scamming anyone.

    I think I will need to look into some other ways to make some extra money while I build my business.

    Thanks for the insights!

    • Hi Simone

      Building an online business takes time just like any other business does. I am sorry if it feels like you are not getting anywhere. Let me know if there is anything specific you need help with and that I can look at for you?

      Regarding the surveys well sorry to say I agree with you on that, I honestly don’t think taking surveys is going to make you much money no matter which company you try!

      Maybe check out User Testing, it takes a little while to register and to do your test before you are accepted…. but they at least pay $10 per test and they don’t mess you around! Don’t get your hopes up too high on that either though because all the tests available have requirements and usually you won’t fit into exactly what they need. The bright side is that usually they state on their website who they are looking for. Otherwise it is just one screening question.

      • Thanks Lynne. I haven’t heard of user testing. I will check that out! I know that it takes time to build an online business (just like any other business), but I am always questioning if I am doing things right.

        When I got into this I was under the impression I could make a full time income within 6-12 months. That is not the case for me. I am lucky if I can buy myself a nice Starbucks Latte once a week with what I have earned so far…hahaha

        • Hi Simone

          What is your website link? Let me have a look 🙂 I’ll send you an email.

          It might take longer than a year but you should be making more than Latte money by now.

  6. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for the great breakdown on still another survey company.
    I really appreciate your time, research and the rest of your website.
    Wow, I can still recall my involvement with a lot of these outfits, none of which was ever very positive.
    The way I look at “Survey” companies is in the Scam realm for the simple fact that almost all of them over-hype what you can earn, and they earn off you actually doing FREE trials that then convert to Full Blown accounts for products, because the survey takers do not keep good records and remember when to cancel things.
    They also serve as Sales Funnels to a lot of other bigger Scams like the Empower Network & others.
    So how much aggravation and chance of $$ loss is it worth to try and get 1,000 points for a lousy $50.00?
    Lynne in closing I really appreciate your words of logic here; “Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!” a bit more.
    Thanks again for the great read all my best,


  7. This is an amazing website. It is so full of information. I am bookmarking it for future reference.

    • Hi Luther

      Thanks for visiting and I am glad you have enjoyed my website 🙂 I look forward to seeing you around.

  8. Thanks Lynne. I am happy to find your website. My appointment with Better Fuels (pty)ltd was scheduled for the 06/06/2017. I will not attend i have visited their offices on the 15 MAY 2017 they were there. whoow life is rough.

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