Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools a job searcher can leverage. These tips aim to show you how to do just that.

Getting The Most Out Of LinkedIn

Complete The Profile And Upload A Professional Image

When using LinkedIn, you need to ensure that you completely fill out your profile and that you also add a professional picture of yourself.  When completing the profile, do not forget to have a clear and concise headline that is 120 characters or less that describes you.  LinkedIn states that when you have a completed profile, you will have a 40% greater chance of being successful at networking.  Potential partners, prospects, potential employers and customers will be able to find you faster. Remember thought, your LinkedIn profile and your resume should be different as they’re for slightly different purposes.

Take The Time To Customize Your LinkedIn URL

When you are assigned a profile, you are given a URL that has a bunch of random characters.  It is important that you change this to a clean URL that will help you appear on Google and bring you up faster in the search.  To do this, you will have to go to your Profile page and then click on edit which is located next to the public profile.  You should then be able to select the URL that you want.

Make Sure You Use The Applications Available On LinkedIn

There are a number of LinkedIn applications including My Travel and Events, Slideshare, Reading List by Amazon and WordPress.  If you are going to be showcasing a professional slideshow, you need to add the Slideshare plug-in.  When you share the books that you like, you can also provoke a conversation with all of your connections because everyone likes to see book recommendations.  The WordPress plug-in is another powerful tool that you can use to showcase what you are blogging about on your profile.

Ask For And Add Professional Recommendations

One of the best things about LinkedIn is the fact that you can receive and give recommendations that set you apart from other people and make you more credible.  The easiest way to get these recommendations is to ask your customers, employers or partners and writing one for them.  When you have 3 recommendations, LinkedIn will consider your profile to be complete.

Add Your Connections

There are a lot of people who start their profile and never complete it.  There is nothing worse for people to come across your profile only to find that it only offers the bare minimum.  When this happens, they will also see that you do not have any connections.

It is important that you take the time to ensure that everything about your online presence is professional.  Adding connections is simple as you only need to select the Add Connections button and LinkedIn will start to send out invitations linked to your email.  You can also add email addresses manually to your contacts.

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Join Groups On LinkedIn

It is recommended that you join groups on LinkedIn that are within your industry.  This way, you can meet other people in your field and make valuable contacts.  You should also see if there are any alumni groups on the network.

Include A Link To Your Twitter Profile

If you have a professional Twitter account, you should let other people know and link your Twitter feed to your LinkedIn profile.  However, if you are going to be tweeting more than once per day, you should set your tweet to only appear on your LinkedIn profile if they have certain hashtags.  You can link your Twitter account in the settings of your account.

Make Use Of Personal Updates

If you have something to share with your connections about your company or if you have something to promote to them, you need to use the update box and include a link.  This will automatically be shared with all of your connections.  If your connections like or comment on your post, it will be shared with their connections.


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