How to Make Money Online for Beginners

Are you tired of looking for a REAL small online business opportunity?

Do you want to know how to make money online for beginners?

Have you, like me, encountered countless scams online?

Until recently all I have come across online are:

how to avoid online scams

I wanted to know HOW make money online and do it honestly.

None of the above are appealing to me personally. I wanted to make a real business, put in some work and reap the rewards of my efforts. What appeals to me is honest, real work. I am not scared of working hard and I love the idea of being the only one responsible for my success.

steps how to make money onlineHow many websites have you come across that make you pay before you can try anything? Or there is NO information on the website but it claims you can make a fortune overnight? HOW do you do this? None of these websites tell you a thing!

I personally want to be able to see what it is, how it works and top prize be able to actually have a look and try it out before I have to pay anything. The reason most “business opportunities” don’t allow you to see anything is because it is a scam. Don’t try anything you can’t see for yourself or that is not explained properly.

I suggest you only try a product that you can try first before you part with any money.

I will only be sharing products on my website that are FREE or free to try before buying. Products that I have personally checked out and are awesome.

What is standing in the way of you starting your own Online Business?

Perhaps it is fear of failure?

Or distrustful to try anything because of all the scams?

Are you scared to try something new?

Please let me know what is standing in your way (leave a comment below). It will help me to better assist MORE people in their path to success.

Do you want to know HOW make money online and in your own time.

How to Make Money Online Easy!

I have been working online since 2011 and not only I have learned a lot about how to succeed online but also about people. All people are different do things in a different way, but these 3 things are common to all people that make money online.

1. They Have Help & Support

There is only one thing more frustrating than being stuck and that is not having anyone to help you with your problem.

2. They Have A Website

Without a website of your own you will struggle to make money online!

3. They Learn Regularly & Put into Practice what they have learned

Nothing can be done without learning and practicing first!

Think about everything you have achieved in life and how it came about: riding a bike, swimming, reading, writing, mathematics.

Steps How to Make Money Online

  1. Choose A Niche (your passion)

  2. Set up Your Website

  3. Create Quality Content

  4. Generate Traffic

  5. Monetize Your website and start earning money!

These are the basics steps involved and yes it will take some time to start earning money online but so will any other business you launch!

How to Make Money Online Easy

I want to show you a real Online Business Opportunity for $0

One that you can see, try for FREE and ask as many questions as you like. Questions that will be answered and information that is at your fingertips.

Here is what you get when you sign up for free:

Help & Support

  • Personal help & support from me (username Lynnehuy)
  • Support via Live Chat
  • Ongoing discussions
  • Help within a massive community of users

2 Free Websites

  • 2 fully functional WordPress websites

Unbeatable Training

  • Video Classes
  • Tutorials
  • Training Courses
  • Classrooms

Yes this is at no cost whatsoever, no credit card details required just sign up! You won’t find an offer like this anywhere else.

There is a Premium option available which gives you access to loads more amazing options, but this is there is no obligation at all to use Premium. You are welcome to use the Starter version for ever!

How Make Money Online And

Read my full review here.

You can also read Honest Testimonials of Wealthy Affiliate from Members: An Inside View.

If you have any questions about getting started with this amazing opportunity please leave a comment below. I would love to help you!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. I was interested to read your thoughts on the survey option of earning online. As you point out you have encountered some that pay and are legit.
    When I first came online to earn a little extra I took on many of these survey sites and they all paid – the problem is they’re set on demographics!
    This means that they can kick you out of the survey halfway through – without compensation.
    So, from that point of view I can see why so many people consider them dodgy. They do pay if you manage to complete though 🙂
    Great article!

  2. You have it all here. I just found your unique.

    There are so many scams and get rich quick schemes out there that promises riches overnight. The truth is, building a business needs a foundation.

    The foundation of an online business is a website which you mentioned within your article. Support is also a very important aspect for marketers.

    I was interested with the websites. Is it true that one will get 2 free websites? Waiting:)

    • Yes Tony, completely free! Amazing isn’t it? No catch just free. If you don’t believe me just click on the link and have a look.

  3. The one thing that I thought stood between me and starting an online business is the knowledge of the web. You see, I am not from a techie background and I thought creating a website is only for professionals.

    However, SiteRubix by Wealthy Affiliate made it easy for me. When my website went online within minutes, I remembered saying to myself “Wow, that’s fast!”. Within the next few months, I realized that web technicalities is the least of my worries.

    My real task is actually to come up with original content and ideas for my online business – and that’s something I am working really hard on right now.

    • Cathy I totally agree, generating interesting and unique content on a regular basis is vital to an online business! It can take up a lot of time and effort but it is worth it. I find it very rewarding!

  4. Due to the numerous scam encounters I have had in the past, I am a bit skeptical about joining this program of yours.

    What make this program different from that of the others?

    From what i have read it is similar to that of the others who sometimes charge $1 for sign up and later hits you with a $49/month fee.

    I guess this program is FREE to join but i will be hit with a $47/month fee. What is the guarantee that I will achieve success with this one. Because I didn’t achieve success with the others.

    • Fidel you don’t have to pay a thing! After a month you can still stay on the free Starter account, you can stay on the free account forever. You don’t enter any credit card details!
      I have tried out other programs and what makes this really different is the support and training that is provided. If you follow all their instructions you are sure to make it, no need to even go Premium. This will take time and effort though, it is not overnight you will achieve success.
      If you sign up for the Starter account you can check the discussions and chat to loads of people that are already succeeding. I am sure you will achieve success with this. It is completely different from anything I have ever seen before.

  5. Hello, Lynne. The public will be able to use the information on this website. They will learn that to start an online business, they will first need to get the training required.

    When they enroll in Wealthy Affiliate University as a Starter member at $0 cost. They can remain a Starter Member OR pay Premium membership fee of $19 per month.

    Keep writing good content as you have done on this site and let people know about Wealthy Affiliate University. Take care, Lynne.

    • Thanks Prince, your feedback is appreciated. Glad you are enjoying it!

  6. Hi Lynne, I have had several bad experience in the past. It is very disappointing to see that there are lots of scam program out there that claims you can make quick money but in actual fact they aren’t. Thank you for showing me this opportunity, I will definitely give it a try.. besides its free!

    • Thanks for visiting Kumar 🙂
      It is a wonderful opportunity, but remember you will need to put the work in!

  7. Awesome article. I’ve read numerous reviews on WA but this one catch my eye while I was doing research. I loved that you added the personal factor in. And how you listed other failed tries to making money online. Anyone in the business has been scammed at least once. It’s not fun but we learn from our mistakes. Good read!

    • Thanks for the feedback John and for popping in.
      As long as we learn from our mistakes, I think that is the key!

  8. Lynne you cover the topic very well and surprised me with how poorly taking surveys treated you.

    I have never personally tried a survey because when I looked at one or two it seemed like quite a bit of donkey work to get little return. And another issue for me was my geographic location. Many surveys seem to require you to be based in the US.

    You didn’t mention affiliate marketing in your early experiences. Why is that do you think? Were you just not aware of it or perhaps did not appreciate the significance of those affiliate links at the foot of many websites.

    Affiliate marketing is where I entered this online world but you still have to be sure to pick a good one if you want to make a decent income. Even then you are always in the hands of those running the scheme. They can stop it whenever they choose and you income ceases.

    • Thanks for popping by Ian
      I never mentioned Affiliate Marketing in my earlier experiences as I had never tried it 🙂 I am in the process of trying that out and will be sharing on my experiences.

  9. Hello, I really understand what you are talking about. With people seeking to find a legitimate online business to do, they often than not bump into scams online, which is really disheartening. But with your kind of article that is proffering the true reliable way to make that happen is really helpful. Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go for anyone that wants to start an online business that thrive. Like you said, there is nothing like a quick fix to making money online.

    • Thanks for visiting Nnamdi 🙂

      It is sad there are so many people looking for a quick fix, it makes it so easy for con artists to take advantage.

  10. A lot people don’t realise that earning good money online takes work and patience to build up. People seem to think that you can’t earn money online without scamming people, or without having some special skills of some kind. The truth is, anyone can set up a profitable online business if they are prepared to follow a step-by-step training course and take action. The trouble is, most people aren’t prepared to do that, they just want it handed to them on a plate. That’s where the scammers make their money, by praying on that desire to earn money easily.

    • Spot on Marcus! If you had to set up any other business you would expect to invest possibly money, but certainly a lot of time and effort into it. The same principle applies to an online business.

  11. Been there Lynne! I tried the surveys and the link exchanges and even the playing games for “money.”

    None of them ever made me anything.

    I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate free Starter membership and I can honestly say it changed my whole way of thinking about Internet marketing. Now I am a Premium member and learning a ton.

    Thanks for the excellent review.

    • Hi Tom

      Glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate as much as I am. What I always like to ask is: Is this a CAREER opportunity? If not then it isn’t really worth it is it!


  12. I was always scared to start for 2 of your reasons. Fear of failure and and fear of all the scams. I’ve been scammed more than once and it really hurts…especially when you were trying to earn money because you didn’t have any and then you wasted what little you had. I got very angry. You are definitely right about not buying into anything that isn’t up front with all the details at the beginning. That is a big red flag! Thanks for putting this information out there to help other people not become victims like I have. I’ve actually recently found the opportunity your talking about here and so far everything is very promising!

    • Hi Brittony

      So sorry you got scammed, there are so many out there! I hope you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliates as much as I am. I can promise you that it is authentic and a wonderful opportunity. A breath of fresh air compared to what I have found before.


  13. What is this website service even called? Do you have a full review on just it? I know a lot of sites have free starter memberships, but it seems there is always an upsell. Is it possible to have an online site without paying anything? I guess you’ll still have to have some features that cost.

    • Hi Sarah

      Thanks for stopping by. It is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read my review here. The Starter membership is completely free, it is not a trial that runs out after 30 days. You can set up your online business completely free. Of course you can go for the Premium paid membership which offers loads more features but there is no obligation to. There are no upsells. What you see is what you get which is something I really like about it.

      Kind Regards


  14. The more I got down the page the more and more interested I became. I think the opportunity to start something up online with support is too good to ignore!
    I’m not going to lie to you – I’ve been struggling with my blog ever since I started it up…this could be exactly what I was looking for.
    Do they cover traffic from search engines?

    • Hi Chris

      Absolutely everything is covered, step by step training with tasks to complete. Traffic, how to get rankings, how to use Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, PPC… you name it and it is there. Plus any questions you have you can ask the community and you will have your answer in literally a few minutes.

      Kind Regards


  15. Hi there Lynne

    Your story is exactly the same as mine. I’ve been trying to make a living online for the last 8 years now (on and off). So far I haven’t achieved it,actually that’s an understatement, I’ve never made a single penny.

    I’m the same as you, I want to work hard to build a real business, something I can be proud of rather than telling people about my latest mlm that I joined (those days are over).

    The training you recommend, may I ask what it’s called? I also see you state that you get 2 free websites, what will I be selling through these sites?

    I look forward to hearing from you

    • Hi Lee

      Yes I have tried mlm and it is not what I am after either!

      It is Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full review here. You can literally do anything you like to make money. You can create your own products, do affiliate marketing and promote other products and earn commission… the sky is the limit. All you need is to be willing to learn and put in the work.

      I have 4 websites. 2 are product websites and do reasonably well. I sell baby and toddler clothing in South Africa. One website is for retail and the other for wholesale. I have been working with those for 4 years now.

      I am now working on another 2 websites which are my passions: making money online (ie this website) and recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism because I a recovering alcoholic and addict.

      As long as you have a passion and something you can share with the world that will benefit others you have the ability to make money.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

      Kind Regards


  16. I was recently thinking about starting up a small business online about one of my rather geek passions – horror films! Do you feel there is space in the market for this sort of thing and do you feel it is easy to do?
    Where would one go to find some sort of training for this kind of thing?

    • Hi Chris

      Yes I believe their is a market for every niche, especially when it is very specific. As long as there are people interested in what you are passionate about you have a market. Considering how many people there are in the world the market is unlimited when it comes to online work.

      The best place to learn how to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate, read my review here. Everything you will ever need to know about working online is on this website and if it isn’t already there the community will assist you with your question!

      Kind Regards


  17. Hello Lynne,
    I can really relate to what you said and at some point has considered all the options you named… making money online seemed rather spammy like that. I tried things like Pay per click or Pay per survey. And yes, I was never patient enough to make anything out of them.

    I am very glad I found Wealthy Affiliate because they gave a much more honest way to making an online business and a very active and supportive community to boost.

    I want to share a little story, before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I was on my campaign to make money through a “make money online fast” kind of page, I have to admit, it was quite embarrassing. And I just though it doesn’t feel right and I am just not offering values to anyone. So while searching around I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, I wasn’t very open to the idea of making a website and I am not sure how I took the plunge because they didn’t offer free membership to Vietnam, my only choice to use it was to pay $47 for the month. Upon retrospection, I’m surprised at how I decided to make that sudden change in a day. And the good news is I did not have to regret that decision one bit. To anyone wanting to start an online business, I would say Wealthy Affiliate offers one of the best service and stands out from the other… Really, you should get away from the “making money right now” schemes.

    All the best!

    • Thanks for visiting Ah Nguyen, yes I think a lot of people get sucked into the NOW of making money and not the long term investment of actually putting in the work and effort. I think perhaps we all hope and believe we can suddenly change our lives and become successful overnight?

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us, I am glad Wealthy Affiliate is working well for you too.

      Kind Regards


  18. I’ll be completely honest- I’m one of those people that’s definitely scared of getting taken in by scams. I mean, really, who isn’t?!
    It’s a real shame that the online world has devolved to such a point that any offering of an online business is immediately treated with such hostility….sad but true.
    Anyway, you’re right- if there’s a free trial, it makes it so much easier to know what you’re getting. I think that the more information is available before you have to make a decision, the happier you’ll be to eventually part with some money (if you have to).
    Thanks for all the great information!

    • Hi Chloe

      Yes it is very sad and there are so many scams out there. Perhaps read one of my latest posts on ways to avoid scams online, which will help you recognize a scam.

      Wealthy Affiliate does not fit any of these points, and the best is you don’t have to spend any money at all. Click here to read my full review. It really is an amazing online business opportunity.

      Kind Regards


  19. Hi Lynne, thank you for a self explanatory offer that helps us learn how to make money online easily and without being scammed. The truth is, it may be fear of the unknown on the din called the internet, where there is the good and the bad! We feel bad from having lost money and time only to lose in the end. But rightly said, at times we open ourselves to the scams, because we do not want to work hard & smart, and the scammers take advantage of the get rich mentality….you have laid it quite clearly on what to do and the most important: the HOW, which is never available from the scammers!
    Thank for the important message to all.

    • Hi Violet

      Thanks for visiting and for your input. Yes you put it very simply there, the scammers take advantage of the get rich quick mentality. If we just keep in mind that money = hard work and effort it will be a lot easier to avoid online scams.

      Kind Regards

  20. I recently have scoured the internet for a way to make some money..and by money I don’t mean the pennies offered by survey websites, which I tried and got fed up with.Unfortunately, I had no luck despite the millions of offers saying I would make money. I wanted something quick, but that’s just not possible with any online programs. I’m seeing my best bet is on Wealthy Affiliate. I agree with your #1 recommendatiod 100%! Although I have not made any money with my site yet, I’m only a month into it. Thanks to WA I already have some traffic from all around the world tho so I’m hoping the money will follow soon! Thanks for the useful reviews, keep them coming 🙂

    • Hi Nicole, it will probably take a few months before you start earning… but you will start earning. You also have your very own online business which is really exciting. Congratulations and keep at it.

  21. Hi Lynne

    I cannot tell you how many scams I have bought into. There are countless on them and some days I am even afraid to open my email account because of spam.

    I also got started off on the wrong foot with internet marketing by scraping emails from Craigslist. Luckily I stopped doing that, because it is not the right way to build an online business.

    WA is very good to me and also showed me the ropes to do it right.

    • Hi Viljoen,

      I am so sorry you fell victim to so many scams! It really is sad when we try and find ways to make honest money online and all we can find is scams.

      There are so few legitimate opportunities in comparison to scams.

  22. Hi Lynne

    Thanks for such a great breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate. I came across your article as I was searching for more information on Wealthy Affiliate.

    How long will it take me to make money with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate and how long will it take to make $1000 per month?

    • Hi Viljoen

      I have just today written a post on making money “fast” online 🙂 I would say don’t expect to make any sales for at least the first 6 months. This is realistic. I can’t tell you how long it will take to make $1000 a month.

      How long is a piece of string? I know terrible of me, but that is the answer.

      There are just too many variables. How much new content do you post, how long is each post, how engaging is each post, how does your post rank…. how profitable is your niche? Yes some niches are just more profitable than others. How good are your call to actions? Do you do social media marketing or email marketing too?

      I can tell you that if you keep up with adding new quality content on a consistent basis you will start making good money.

  23. Hey Lynne!

    I have been looking for ways to get started with my own online biz, and Wealthy Affiliate looks AWESOME! 🙂

    I see you have outlined many good points with Wealthy Affiliate too. After reading about the training, the amount of support you get and especially the price, this training platform is certainly the best one I have come across so far.

    I will definitely sign up as a free member 😀

    • Hi Neil

      I am glad to have pointed you in the direction of a great learning platform. There are a few more good ones I like but this is without a doubt the best!

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