Four Corners Alliance Group Review

Four Corner Alliance Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $18 to join, $47 per month for Starien (training), $29.95/ month for a newsletter, Financial Literacy 1 $10, Financial Literacy 2 $10, Financial Literacy 3 $25, Financial Literacy 4 $60, Financial Literacy 5 $150, Financial Literacy 6 $300.
Website: www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com

Introduction: What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

Four Corners Alliance Group is a subsidiary of Cornerstone Alliance Group LLC. They claim to provide what they call a legal and ethical wealth creation platform for every day people that have a variety of experience levels.

What is Four Corners Alliance Group


So that is how they describe themselves in summary on their website. Overall their website has a nice and professional feel to it. Let’s have a closer look and see what they are offering.

There are 7 streams of income with this opportunity.

Income Stream 1 and 2 Four Corners Alliance

So the first income stream is earning direct commission from sales of the Financial Literacy levels 1 to 6. It is a 4 x 6 matrix structure, yes MLM… see I am already not very impressed. See the image below for how this income structure apparently works.

Four Corners Alliance Group Instant Commissions

So this might look enticing but really how realistic is this? We have seen so many unrealistic promises already haven’t we? Then the second stream of income is what they call a 100% Match on Affiliate Commissions. So if you have directly referred someone into this business and that person makes sales you will earn 100% of their commissions too. So according to this website you can be making millions of dollars very easily. All you need to do is refer 4 people? And they each refer 4 and then they each refer 4 and so on….

Then we have the third income stream which is earning commission on Starien sales. So firstly you must subscribe to Starien yourself at $47 per month. Then you can start selling to your downline too. And yes remember this point, you need to purchase everything here at Four Corners Alliance Group in order to be able to market it.

According to their website the Starien subscription is a digital marketing academy, where you will learn via video how to be successful online. And if you succeed in marketing this service and having a downline of 4 people that also have 4 people that are active and so on and so on to 7 levels you can earn a whopping $54 736!

Starien Monthly Commissions

The 4th income stream is the Financial newsletter for $29.95 per month, this is a vibant and information packed monthly financial and lifestyle newsletter. And from this income stream you can earn $76 116!

Four Corners Alliance Group Financial Newsletter

The 5th and 6th income streams are Sponsor’s 100% match on items 3 and 4… so if you have directly referred someone into this program you will earn 100% of their income for the Starien subscription and the financial newsletter.

The 7th income stream is simply commissions on retail sales, ie people that are not part of this MLM opportunity.

Pros and Cons for Four Corners Alliance Group


  • Reasonable compensation plan


  • This is MLM and as I have said so many times before I don’t like this one bit!
  • Overpriced, useless products. Everything promoted here you can find on Google, for free!
  • Ridiculous claims of possible earnings. This is not realistic and it is blatantly dishonest to make people think they can earn this
  • Because of these useless products it will be terribly hard to get referrals under you
  • This company is relatively new (2012) and has not proven to be trustworthy
  • You must pay to join
  • You must buy each product before you can make any money promoting it

Who is Four Corners Alliance Group For?

I suppose experience online marketers can make something of this, but really why would you want to? If you are an experienced online marketer why would you want to purchase these products in order to resell them. There are plenty of other MLM’s that are not as bad as these ones, I suggest you try something else. This will just give you a bad name and ruin your reputation as a serious online marketer.

What does Four Corners Alliance Group cost?

Too much! If you want to take advantage of all income streams you will need to spend a total of $573 to join up and buy all the Financial Literacy products. You will also need to pay $76.95 every month for the Starien digital marketing academeny and the Financial newsletter. I mean really you can get a financial newsletter from any financial website, they’ll send you one with pleasure every month at no cost.

I can’t believe how they milk this!

Can you make money from Four Corners Alliance Group?

I’m sure the people at the top are making some big bucks, while all the other people are struggling and spending money. Why spend money to make money? You can promote products and make commission on sales without paying a thing by going into affiliate marketing.

Is Four Corners Alliance Group a scam?

My gut is telling me to rate this as a scam. Everything in me wants to say yes Four Corners Alliance Group is a scam.

My Verdict for Four Corners Alliance Group

This is a very good example of a very bad online Multi Level Marketing company. There are a lot of MLM’s that get a low score in my eyes simply because they are MLM but they are not necessarily a scam. This company shows me exactly what I hate about MLM and why I rate all MLM’s badly.

The only thing nice I can say about them is first impressions their website looked nice and professional when I first arrived and it gave me a good impression for about 30 seconds… right up until I started reading what they had to offer.

Please don’t fall for this one I am sure you will be very disappointed and lose every single cent you put in. You will struggle to market these products and you will really find it hard to get anyone to sign up under you.

I have seen some feedback from people that are enjoying Four Corners Alliance Group but as with most MLM’s there are a few people that make money and then there are the other 99% that put the money in so that the people on top make it big.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

Wealthy Affilates

Four Corner Alliance Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $$18 to join, $47 per month for Starien (training), $29.95/ month for a newsletter, Financial Literacy 1 $10, Financial Literacy 2 $10, Financial Literacy 3 $25, Financial Literacy 4 $60, Financial Literacy 5 $150, Financial Literacy 6 $300.
Website: www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Ugghhh…..I hate MLM and the fact that you have to buy so many products before you can have a tiny inkling of making any money. I have absolutely no intention of joining Four Corners Alliance Group. $29.95 a month for a newsletter?! Newsletters are generally free! So let’s see here, $47 a month, plus $29.95 a month, plus all the financial literacy stuff you have to buy = money wasted and good luck making anything from them! Thank you for posting this review!

    • Hi Brian, thanks for sharing your opinion, my sentiments exactly! Strange that so many people are raving about this opportunity!

  2. Whenever I am promoting a product, I tend to look at my self-conscience. I still want to get a sound sleep in the night wouldn’t I? Trying to lure people into buying expensive products but did not get the value often make me feel that its a bad idea to market that product. Especially when it coms to affiliate marketing, its really about finding the balance between the value of the product & also the pricing.

    • Hi Adrian, yes you explained that perfectly. I take pride in what I do and this relates very much into the work I do. I will only promote something I find valuable, useful and value for money. I will review lots of things and give my honest and personal opinion of them.

  3. Hi Lynne,

    Great honest review of four corners alliance. I have heard of them and so many sing sweet praises about them.

    I too am not a fan of MLM’s. Just not not my cup of tea.

    I was surprised to find what you say in the cons, that most of the info in 4 corners can be found on google and that their stuff is over priced.

    Yep, best avoided for me!

    Thank you.

  4. I completely agree with you on this one. These multi-level marketing ideas are full of empty promises. For anyone making money, there are two or three people who are losing some and suffering despite their hard work. I am glad that you think the same and I hope that this article helps others from making the mistake of getting involved in it.

    • Hi Molly

      That is a very good way of looking at it! Yes some people will make money, but most people will lose. So even if you do make money, you have to live with the knowledge that the people you recruit will probably lose money… not a nice thought now is it?

  5. Hey Lynne

    Thanks for the fantastic review.Never heard of these guys and thanks to your write up, I don’t want anything to do with these type of people.

    No trial, mediocre products, unrealistic financial promises all equate to a bad opportunity.

    As you said, there are some decent MLM, but this one is no where close.I truly feel for those that fall prey to these ‘scams’ and loose their hard earned cash with the hopes of realizing financial freedom.

    I am sure that their support structure leaves a ‘bad taste’ in one’s mouth as well.

    Glad you are making folks aware of guys like this.

    Thanks and Take Care

    • Hi Roopesh

      Happy to help you with pointing out these rotten scams! I’ve heard loads of people have fallen for this one and lost a lot of money 🙁

  6. Very Poor Review, first of all, both Starien and the monthly news letter are optional. Yes it is MLM, how ever it is not. You also failed to mention that it is a forced matrix program, which means that even if you do not recruit a single person, you can still get a team built under you. Yes, you join for $18.00, no other fees are ever required to be paid. It is a completely automated system. I joined in December of 2014, since then I have left both of the full time jobs I was working, and now work from home. I have sponsored over 50 people directly, no that is not a great deal of people as some have sponsored over 1500. But 4 Corners is a legit business model that does pay, not to mention, for those that live in the United States, 4 Corners is a legit home based business that allows you to save thousands on your taxes.

    • Hi Joseph

      I guess the biggest problem here is that this review is based on my findings and my opinion.. and my opinion is that all MLM is nothing short of awful. If you were doing so great how come you are searching around online trying to find reviews to leave your links on?

      So you are saying that you can join for $18, do NO work and still make money because it is a fully automated system? Then why add your bitly link to a sales video which has the same old story.. completely broke a few years ago blah di blah BS.

      So you’ve been working hard at this for nearly 2 years and you have 50 direct referrals right? How does 50 direct referrals pay you a full time income? If I look at the matrix on the Four Corners Alliance Group website that means you are earning “total potential earnings” of $640 a month and you quit two full time jobs for this? I am sure you are saving on taxes, if you earn so little you will be under the tax threshold and not need to pay taxes.

      If you are earning a decent amount of money full time you will need to pay taxes..

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