4 Things I Love About Flodesk Email Marketing

Email marketing is essential to online business, we all know that. This in turn makes choosing an email marketing company a very important decision. One of the biggest mistakes I made with my online business is waiting years before starting to build my list.

I’ve been with Mailchimp, Aweber and Sendpulse over the last 8 years and a few months ago I changed once again to Flodesk. It was the best decision ever and I am going to list some of the things that I absolutely love about Flodesk and I know you will too.

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4 Things I Love About Flodesk Email Marketing

Here’s What I Love About Flodesk Email Marketing

Flodesk Has One Set Price

Yes you heard that right, there is just one set monthly price. This is a biggie for me since email marketing was seriously starting to get pricey. The monthly price for Flodesk is $39 and if you sign up through my affiliate link you will get it at only $19 a month.

This is for unlimited subscribers and unlimited email sends.

The thing is that when you start off with an email service it usually starts off rather cost effective, especially if you use a service like Mailchimp that offer a free service until you hit a certain number of subscribers or need to send over a certain amount of emails per month.

But once you start getting in subscribers and start to really get into your email marketing you start paying quite a lot.

I love the fact that I know that no matter how big my list gets I don’t have to worry about paying anything more.

Where else will I pay $19 a month for nearly 15 000 subscribers?

Just to give you an idea of how much I am saving here’s what I would be paying at other providers as per the pricing on their websites for 15 000 subscribers:

  • Mailchimp $159 per month
  • Aweber $149 per month
  • Sendpulse $70 per month
  • Getresponse $179 per month

Flodesk Is Super Simple

The user interface for Flodesk is so simple and so easy to use. I absolutely love it. I’m not a big fan of things being complicated. I like to spend my time creating content, not fighting to create an email.

All I need is a way to build my list through signup forms, a place to create my emails and a place to create my email sequences. Flodesk has all of these features and I love that creating my emails is so simple. With all the other email service providers it would sometimes take me hours to create one newsletter and that was from a template.

Flodesk makes it easy for me to create great looking emails in just a few minutes.

Email marketing

Flodesk Is Beautiful

I’ve already mentioned in my previous point that the emails are great looking but I really have to hammer it home here – Flodesk has outdone themselves.

The emails look amazing and so professional. I have never been able to create such a good looking and enticing email with any other provider.

Flodesk Converts

My open rate, click through rate and response rate using Flodesk is the best it’s ever been. I’m sure it is because they take all the design difficulty away and leave me to create the actual meat of the email in a jiffy.

My current stats for my most important list segment (which is my advertisers for my mommy blog) is off the charts! The first newsletter in my sequence which advertisers receive as soon as they are added to my list has a 65.5% open rate and a 38.5% click through rate – not bad right?

According to blog.hubspot.com the average good email rate is 20.94% – this of course varies per industry.

So… if you are paying a fortune for email marketing (or more than $19 a month) and if you are struggling to create beautiful emails that convert I highly recommend that you head on over to Flodesk email marketing and sign up for their 30 day free trial right now.


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Thank You Lynne,

    I always thought that email marketing is expensive, but after reading your review I can see that I can make a good deal. I see why you would enjoy using Flodesk, it does provide great support. The fact that the price doesn’t change makes it the best one.

    How long does it take to set up an account with Flodesk?

    • It took me only a few minutes to set up an account with Flodesk and getting it ready to send my first email took a little longer of course. Importing my list went quickly and smoothly as did setting up all my subscribe forms.

  2. Great article! I’m just starting on my online business and still searching the best way to use email marketing and which providers I should use. I understand that you have tried several providers for email marketing and your insights are very useful to understand the pros and cons of this particular services. And, you have also provide comparison in prices of other email marketing platform. I’ll definitely taken note and save the link you have provided as I move more seriously into my email marketing. Thanks!

    • I thought the pricing comparison was really important because it highlights exactly how expensive email marketing can become! I’m saving a fortune every month.

  3. I have been lookin for companies for my e mail marketing for my Wealthy Affiliate business as i want to set up newsletter shortly. This area of expertise has confused me as the majority of people that I know are using Aweber or Mailchimp. I was looking for something better and I had not heard of Flodesk which sounds perfect for what i want to do. As I am not yet getting lots of traffic to my website as I only started 2 months ago do you think that i should wait until that builds or will Flodesk help me get traffic?

    Thank you so much

    • Imelda I recommend that you at least add subscribe forms to your blog whether you are ready to send emails now or not. For this purpose you can use Mailchimp since it is free and it will be a while before you need to start paying. Then if you want to move over to Flodesk when your list has built up a bit or when you start earning a nice income from your blog. It is very easy to export your subscribers from Mailchimp and then import them to Flodesk. 

      Although $19 a month is an absolute steal for email marketing if you are starting out and you don’t have a lot of traffic to your blog yet you really don’t need to spend that money yet. 

      And yes having an email list means that you will get more traffic to your blog. The thing is that chances are good that a lot of your visitors you get now may never come back again, but if you have a subscribe form and they sign up you can bring them back to your website at any time! 

  4. Some really useful info here Lynne.  I’m still at the very early stages of my online business so I’m in the main focusing on building out the content. I do of course recognise the need to build up a following but am yet to focus any effort on list building or email marketing. I’ve just emailed your blog to myself so will circle back over the coming days and likely take up your discounted offer. All the best and thanks again – Jason.

    • Jason I highly recommend that you get a signup form on your blog even if you are not ready to start sending out emails for a long time – this way when you are ready you will already have some leads. While I clearly love Flodesk, I do recommend making use of Mailchimp if you are new to building a list – the reason for this is that you can gather leads for free and then at some stage you can move over to Flodesk when you are ready to start using your list.

  5. Great article, most people are into online business and will appreciate this post even me, this is very informative article, i was never really sure about how to go about my email marketing and i was being hesitant about it, i have not heard about flodesk before but from the article i guess it’s a nice one, Thanks Lynne for this awesome article.

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience with Flodesk. To be honest this is the first time I heard about Flodesk and I would love to give it a try. I also struggled with email marketing, it’s quite expensive and I was also trying to jump from MailChimp to another platform. You also compared the prices which made me easy to decide.

    • I have to agree with you that it is tricky getting started with email marketing in the beginning, I found figuring out how to create my sign up forms and designing my emails so hard. Flodesk makes it so super easy though!

      I’m glad you found this helpful Arsh.

  7. Hey Lynne, thanks for the recommendation. I have been looking at other email providers, as I am presently using Sumo, but I think I will need to start paying soon, and it will be a lot more than $19 per month. I have tried Aweber and Get Response in the past and didn’t find the interface that easy to navigate.

    I know I need to start making more of an effort of building my email list, and I just want to know does this price include an unlimited amount of lists as well?

        • I’m sure you will love them Michel – yes they don’t have all the same fancy things that some of the more expensive email autoresponders have but in all honesty I don’t ever use all of those things anyway! I find Flodesk is just perfect for all of my needs, including my pocket!

  8. This a great review of an important tool in affiliate marketing. I am shortly starting to look at email marketing myself and your article is essential knowledge on my behalf at least. The comparison of the prices and your experience with the other services speaks for themselves. At $19 dollars this seems to be a nobrainer to me.

    The 4 points you highlight reagrding FloDesk is central properties in an email marketing tool. I will save this article and come back to it, when I start the email marketing part of my busiiness.

  9. I kept hearing good things about Flodesk, so I decided to do more research whether it’s really that good. That brought me to your post, which helped me to form my opinion. 

    As someone who is still a novice in the online business, I have to be careful where I spend my dollars. Luckily, Flodesk is affordable and with their 30 day free trial I have no excuse left to not give it a try. 

  10. Nice insights to the Flodesk application which I’ve never heard of to this day, although I’ve heard of Mailchimp, picked from many mentioned. I’m at a point in my own Wealthy Affiliate journey where I’ve not come across newsletters and email marketing, but I have made a note of the program for future use and will be at that point, trying to get onboard cheaper. Maybe I’ll use your link Lynne!

    Good use of the statistics and percentages, these are important and I did latch onto them straight away, you’ve already done the work and research and your article appears honest, therefore Flodesk does seem like it comes out on top and it’s this quick information people want to know, saving their own time looking into services and products.

  11. Hey Lynne, Thanks for all the information you provided about Foldesk, I’ve never heard of it before reading your article, it is quite relieving to know that there is Email marketing out there that don’t scale-up the price as the subscribers’ list grows… I just started my blog and I might not need it yet but I have a question considering  Foldesk and email marketing Softwares in general:

    – Email marketing services are continuously enhancing their Softwares and adding new features such as A/b testing, automation series, surveys, behavioral targeting, landing pages …etc does Foldesk have that, or do you consider these features not really relevant?

    thank you 

    • Flodesk is a very simple and straight forward email autoresponder and no they don’t offer AB testing – which I totally get is very important to some people but this is honestly not a function I have ever personally used. They also do not offer landing pages, but once again that is not a feature that I have ever used.

      Flowdesk does have automation series which they call workflows which are really easy to set up.

      So to answer your question they do not have all those features that some email autoresponders have and that some online marketers consider essential, but for me Flodesk is perfect without all of those frills, it gives me everything I need.

  12. Hey there,

    Great article, I’ve really been enlightened.

    I was using Aweber before, but I didn’t really like it though… Then I was about to start with Mailchimp, especially because you can start for free and register up to 1000k or 2000k subscribers I don’t really remember…

    But as you said, the problem is that the more subscribers you register, the more money you have to pay, and this is just not good!

    That said, I might gonna have to give a try to Flodesk, which is cheap and seems awesome.

    However, If I join Flodesk, is there a video inside that shows how to set everything up ? I mean, something to walk me through the process of using it.



    • Warren their setup is so simple that I never had to look anywhere for help! However there is a great help section covering everything so you can have a look in their menu when you sign up 🙂

  13. Finally, I’ve found a good alternative to these email marketing companies I’m using right now.

    I used to be a fan of AWeber because of its simplicity and ease-of-use. But recently, I noticed they changed from the Legacy Follow-up Series which I have come to love into something weird and not user-friendly. So, I started looking for alternatives and went to GetResponse until I decided it is also not the one I’m looking for.

    Thanks for sharing and explaining about this Flodesk. Aside from the reason that I trust you as a friend, I am convinced by your explanation that this is “at par” with the ones we’ve used.

    • When it comes to user-friendly Flodesk wins hands down out of all the autoresponders that I have used in the past.

      I can’t slam any of those other companies though, because they are all excellent and I loved them while I was using them, but I have found my perfect fit now.

  14. Thank you very much Lynne. This article has changed my perception about t email marketing. I had always imagined it as very expensive. Your review is eye candy and informative. Keep it up and I sure will consider using Flodesk in the near future for my affiliate marketing newsletter.

  15. Hey, Lynne!

    Thank you for a very interesting, and engaging post. I am just starting my online business, yet, I had no idea what providers for email marketing were available. You certainly have given me a lot to think and research about. However, you do an amazing job at promoting Flodesk, so much that I am not even sure if I should look for any other option!

    Overall, your post is great. Thank you for sharing your experience in such a simple, direct manner. Keep up the amazing work!

  16. Hey, Lynne!

    Thank you for a very interesting, and engaging post. I am just starting my online business, yet, I had no idea what providers for email marketing were available. You certainly have given me a lot to think and research about. However, you do an amazing job at promoting Flodesk, so much that I am not even sure if I should look for any other option!

    Overall, your post is great. Thank you for sharing your experience in such a simple, direct manner. Keep up the amazing work!

  17. Hi, Lynne.
    Thanks for sharing your views on Flodesk Email Marketing System. I was thrilled to see the offering. At $19 per month, it is a big competition to the Giants in this field. The other three benefits make the icing on the cake very sweet. Simplicity to operate a system is definitely a plus point so I am in, for sure.  
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • I’m so glad I could introduce you to Flodesk Gaurav, it is an amazing tool.

  18. Hi Lynne,

    Thank you for the article.  Email marketing playing a significant role to grow the business, especially for home-based business.  You can build relationship with your customer, and building your brand.  That is why the tools is important. 

    Does Flodesk have integration with wordpress?  Can Flodesk automatically compile new post, and turn it to become newsletter? So you can just press send button or automatically schedule to publish it.

    Best regards,

    Kalle & Marie

    • Hi Kalle & Marie

      Unfortunately no Flodesk does not have that capability that I know of and I just had a look to see if they have a plugin which they don’t. 

      While I love Flodesk big time they don’t have the same level of functionality that many of the big email autoresponders have. This suits me perfectly since I really don’t need any of those things but it may be a big downside to other online marketers. 

  19. Having one set monthly payment is like you say a big plus. And the $19 a month is very reasonable too. It is easy to get drawn into a free deal, but then to find you are paying a lot more than what you really want to once your list grows.

    The Flodesk platform sounds as if it is very user friendly too, again this is a big consideration, especially if you are new to email marketing. I think this is what I have been looking for…You have sold it to me.

    Thanks for sharing,


  20. This is surely a good deal if for no reason but the price!  Then to have ease of use, and the tools needed to keep your list growing sure beats others.  Spending time on a learning curve is so frustrating.  Having a service that is recommended by someone I trust adds to the value for me.

    The in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing are enough to change, being able to keep the tools we need simple and performing is enough for me.  How many emails can you have in a campaign sequence?  Usually, I like to have a fairly short 2 or 3 mail campaign, but know that sometime in the future may want to expand.  What have you found successful for you?  Do you follow up with more than 2 or 3?  Or is it all according to the offer?  Thanks for the information.

    • There is not limit to the number of emails you can have in a sequence and what I love is you can branch off your sequence based on an event so you can have 3 emails and then if users click a link in the 3rd email you can branch off into another sequence.  

      I have only a few emails in each sequence but as I create new emails to send out to my readers I often have more that I like to add in 🙂 It depends on which sequence – for my Make Money Online segment I have another 6 emails with a gap of 2 – 4 weeks between emails and then for my advertisers sequence I have about 12 emails. 

      For my main business which is my parenting website I only have one welcome email in my sequence – I send emails as I go to that list rather than have an automated sequence because I’m constantly writing new blog posts and working on difference campaigns. I don’t want to flood my readers with a sequence plus send out regular emails of that. 

  21. I’m going to check this out further. Like you mentioned in your article, I started out looking for a cost-effective email service. At the time, I didn’t have a large budget to use for email. I chose Mailchimp like so many others because it was free to get started as I progressed though I had to upgrade. And it isn’t as economical as when I began. Thanks for the review of Flodesk.
    I did look at Aweber, and I was still thinking it over.
    Your post timing was great!

    • Mailchimp and Aweber are both great, but they don’t beat Flodesk in my opinion when it comes to being user-friendly and with opens, click throughs and conversions… plus the price speaks for itself!

  22. I have never heard of Flodesk before but it sounds very impressive. An affordable monthly email responder that is easy to use is something I thought would ever be available. I have tried at least two different email responders in the past and both were expensive and complicated to figure out. Flodesk sounds almost like a dream come true and I will be investigating it for sure.

  23. Wow, I must admit just how much my mind is blown. I started off my run with Mailchimp and all along I thought there was nothing that could beat this deal. And then Flodesk. Well, my mind is definitely made up. For that fee, its quite a great bargain. Thank you for sharing.

    • It is a pleasure Zay, I also started off with Mailchimp and tried a good number of email autoresponders over the years but I am now 100% sure that I have found my perfect fit, plus the best part is that they have an affiliate program so you can share their services and make an income from that too. 

  24. Thank you Lynne, this is a very educative and enlightening post for me. I have been using aweber for a while now and I didn’t think that there would be another email marketing that could beat aweber. It’s very good to learn about flodesk. It’s a very wonderful way for me to be able to make a single payment and enjoy all it’s features.

    • I used Aweber for a few years and they are really good Payton, but I just feel that when it comes to price, conversion, userability and how beautiful the emails are there is just no comparison. 

  25. This has really been helpful! 

    Some time ago when i first started affiliate marketting and tried email marketting, i signed up for Aweber twice but abandoned it as the registeration is just so complicated.

    Flodesk really does seem simple and when i sign up for email responders again, Flodesk will be my go to place! 

    Thank again! 

  26. I’m new to email marketing. I came across Mailchimp and ConvertKit, but they’re really expensive! I can’t afford to pay such a costly, monthly subscription at this point. Someone told me about a free plugin for WordPress, but it has a lot of limitations.

    It looks like Flodesk is simple to use. I love that since I’m not a techie either. I prefer to spend my time doing other things. Most of all, I like the price. One question…the $19/month is for a limited time? I think I could spare some money to pay a monthly subscription at that price.

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Enrique – no the price is $19 per month and not just for a limited time frame. I am sure that they will have to have price increases over time as all companies have to, but I am sure that it will be reasonable. I know there are plenty of free plugins and other services but they do have limitations. Flodesk is brilliant – I have been with them now for about 5 months and I am so happy!

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