Filling The Gaps Of Colleague Absenteeism

The need to hire is a sure sign that your business is on the right track. It can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. But, it does bring a lot of stress. You’ll have to be a boss, as well as an entrepreneur. You’ll need to consider payment and employment law, on top of everything else.

Plus, when you become reliant on staff, you have to consider the fact that they have their own lives. Sometimes, emergencies or illness will mean they can’t make it to the office. If you fail to consider this, one employee absence could send you into meltdown. All of a sudden, you won’t have enough people to complete the day’s tasks.

The good news is, there’s no reason you can’t function when one member down. Consider these points to find out how.

Have a procedure in place

Every business needs an absence procedure. On a basic level, this will help employees know what to do. It’ll also assist you because you can ensure you have as much notice as possible. Most employers have a blanket rule of calling two hours before a shift. Obviously, that’s not always going to be possible. Emergencies do happen. But, when it comes to illness and so on, there’s no reason this needs to be an issue.
Bear in mind that, if you all start first thing, your colleagues won’t be able to get hold of you at the office. It may be worth handing out your mobile number or providing an email for them to contact.

Filling in the gaps of colleague absenteeism

It’s also worth implementing a callback procedure. On the one hand, this shows that you care. You need to check they’re doing okay. Plus, it allows you to prepare for ongoing absence if necessary.

Keep accurate records

It’s also important you keep accurate records. These are crucial for communication purposes, as they ensure everyone in the office is aware of the absence. If someone else took the sick call, it ensures you’re aware of what’s happening. So, as soon as an absentee call comes through, you should log the time, the colleague, and the cause.

How you keep track is up to you, but, bear in mind that scraps of paper are easily lost. It may be worth turning to something like this hr management software, which allows you to enter absence records straight onto the computer. As this connects to your rota, it will also allow you to see where you stand regarding altered staff numbers.

Share work so no one’s overloaded

The rest of the staff in your office will understand that absenteeism can’t be helped. If you have good team morale, they’ll want to do everything possible to bridge the gap. But, to ensure no one has a mountain of extra work, it’s worth spreading the excess jobs between your staff. Most of them will be okay with one or two more tasks. Much more so than they would be with a whole other person’s workload on their shoulders!


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