Excellent Employees: How to Appeal To Them, and How to Keep Them!

A business is nothing without its employees. These are the people responsible for making things work, they complete the daily tasks which keep your company ticking over and earning you a profit. For your business to be the best it can be, you need the right employees who will do their very best work for you and ensure your company is as productive as possible. But what can you do to appeal to, and keep the best employees? Here are a few ideas.

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Employee Benefits

When potential employees are looking at job vacancies like yours, it’s often the salary that will first interest them. Paying based on experience is usually the best way to go about things, and remember that a minimum wage salary will often get you the minimum amount of effort. But on top of the salary, employee benefits are significant. These are what can help set you apart from your competitors advertising their jobs; they are also what will help your employees feel secure and valued. Health and life insurance, dental plans, disability and retirement plans are all worth looking into. Depending on the type of role tha you are advertising, you could offer a company smartphone, laptop or car if these are needed for their job. Making workers feel secure, providing them with excellent benefits and even offering incentives for hard work is how you will snag, and keep the best workers.

Training and Education

One of the things that will always attract employees when they have the chance to gain education or training. None of us want to stagnate at work, these things can help people’s personal and career development, and it suits you too since you get trained and skilled workers. There are lots of ways you could go about this, whether it’s sending them to college one day a week or enrolling them in an online course which they do in their own time. You could send them on training days and to things like networking events and expos when they crop up.

Your Office Space

A pleasant office sets the tone for hard work, and when it feels bright, spacious and airy, it will put workers in a good mood. A dingy office can feel depressing and lead to lack of motivation. If your office space isn’t up to scratch, consider redecorating and upgrading things like furniture and computers. Use up to date software to make everyone’s lives easier, from time card calculators to accounting and HR software and more. Switch up the layout so that it feels spacious and makes it easy for everyone to move around. If you move desks so that they’re close to windows, your workers will benefit from the natural light which has been shown to boost mood and therefore productivity.

Team Building Activities

Your staff should be able to work well as a team too, after all, good communication means success and the smooth running of your company. ‘Team building activities‘ is a term that’s often thrown around in business with many turning their nose up to the idea, however it really does work. Companies pay good money for these activities because they’ve been shown to yield results. Make it fun, there are companies that offer exciting team building events from inflatable challenges to treasure hunts out there. Escape rooms are popular for team building events too. It’s a chance for your staff to bond and get to know each other, which can mean improved communication back in the office.


Employees want an attentive boss. They want someone that they feel comfortable speaking to if any issues crop up in the workplace. They need to know that despite being their superior, you will listen to them as an equal and take on board what they have to say- whether it’s complaints, queries or comments. That way, if any issues arise you’ll be the first to hear of them and they can be put right quickly. It could be a case that someone is unhappy in their role, workplace harrassment or even because of a new system that’s been put in place isn’t working well. Your employees are your ‘men on the ground’, you might be the company owner but its them who do the jobs each day which keep things ticking so in many ways they probably know more about it than you. If something isn’t working properly, you’ll hear about it much more quickly if your employees are comfortable speaking to you. It will also help them to feel at ease, and valued within the company when they’re comfortable approaching you.


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