Excel Cash Flow Review – $15 per link posted… Really?

Excel Cash Flow Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $97

Introduction: What is Excel Cash Flow?

Excel Cash Flow claims to pay $15 per link posted online with their program. Debbie Jones/ Cami White, apparently the spokespersons for Excel Cash Flow (more likely fake names with stock images) says she can teach you a way to make money online easily without any experience necessary.

You can make $379 per day with just 60 minutes work and it is easy as can be! Just join her program for $97 and she will get you started.

What is excel cash flow

Sounds great right? Ok well there is a reality check on the way shortly.

Let’s just take a quick look at the scam warnings we have already hit. No experience needed, hardly any work needs to be done and it is easy as can be? Major scam warning here!

Posting links is a sought after service?

Before I take you through the pros and cons of this program I just want to point out that any company that knows about online marketing will know that posting links is so old school! It is a black hat technique that can damage your website. Any website that claims to pay you for posting links is a scam. If they say large companies need YOU to help them post links to rank their websites this is really laughable. There is no demand at all for this type of work.

Search Engine Agent?

Excel Cash Flow says you will be trained to be a “Search Engine Agent” (just wait a bit while I laugh myself silly here), this is an amusing term and what they really mean by this is “Spammer”. Yes you will be spamming links all over the place. Sound like fun?

Quick and Easy money to post links?

They claim it takes about 4 minutes to post a link, well yes maybe it does. However how long does it take you to find a place to post the link? Then what are the chances that link will stick? Hardly likely at all! Do you think they will pay you for links that get removed? Not a chance!

And just like online survey companies making claims that you can make ridiculous amounts like $50 per survey, this will not happen… ever! $15 per link is just such a blatant lie. You will be lucky to be paid a few cents per link and that is only if it sticks which is unlikely!

Excel Cash Flow Pros and Cons


None, yes absolutely no pros whatsoever. Keep reading and you will see why.


  • High cost to join this program
  • You won’t earn $15 per link posted, this is just blatant dishonesty (more like a few cents)
  • You will only be paid for links that stick, not links posted
  • Most links you post will be marked as spam and deleted by website owners so your work is wasted
  • They provide training to post links? Well if they do then this is worthless training isn’t it? Link building is useless!

Is Excel Cash Flow a scam?

Yes Excel Cash Flow is a scam. It has all the warning bells as well as the exact same videos that are used on numerous other “work from home” scam websites. The marketing and promotional material is also duplicate content, the same text and images are used. Not exactly unique are they?

Aside from that there are the unrealistic claims and the hype associated with this program. Add in the fact that you will just be spamming all day and probably have nothing to show for it… not exactly a choice career is it?

is excel cash flow a scam

My Verdict for Excel Cash Flow

Stay far away from this, it is a downright scam. You will lose your $97 and waste a lot of your time and energy trying to make money with Excel Cash Flow.

I have a far better way to make money online, just check out my #1 Recommendation!

So please stop wasting your time with scams and offers that are too good to be true!

Have you had any experience with Excel Cash Flow? Please share your opinions and experiences in the comments.

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Excel Cash Flow Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: $97


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Within seconds of starting to read your post I recognized the scam. I’ve seen it half a dozen times over the past four years. Every time it’s had a different name but the idea is always the same! Make $300+ a day by just posting links. Spend only 2-3 hours instead of working a full 8 hour day…It’s sad that whoever is putting this out there is comfortable stealing from people like this! Every scam review posted is a chance for people that might fall into the trap to be protected against it. You’ve done great job putting this together!

    • Hi jCamden

      There are so many of these scams around, all the same just a different name. Any website that claims you can make money from posting links is sure to be a scam.

  2. Good catch Lynne !
    This all sounds too good to be true for me, too.
    To be honest, I only wanted to check excel cash flow out but I realise now that is a waste of time and money of course.
    I really hate these type of scam websites … they just take some free content, make a pdf or some kind of membership area and voila for this I pay what?

    Thank you for taking the time to review this scammy Excel Cash Flow website.

    • Hi Jason

      That s exactly what I think goes on here, and the amount they charge ($97) is ridiculous! I certainly won’t be buying into this.

  3. hi Lynne
    Well could this be more of a scam! $97 to learn how to be a scammer. Hmmmm no thanks! Posting link is very 1990. And it actually never worked. You just end up annoying everyone with all the links you post everywhere. For things that no one is interested in. And $15 to fill out a survey? Yeah right, more like 15 cents. You are right, there is nothing positive about this program.

    • Hi Emily
      Lovely to have you here again. Yes I can’t understand how people can believe this BS! Although perhaps people that are new to working online wouldn’t know these things.

  4. Good research, Lynne.
    You have saved a of of people a big headache and loss of cash by exposing these scam artists.
    My question is, why do such people become scammers instead of delivering value to people? Do they make more money being dishonest rather than honest? Or, do they get a kick out of bilking people who they simply see as suckers who deserve to be cheated?

    Well, thanks to you their income will decrease as more and more people read your post. Good job, well done.

    • Hi PJ
      That is a great question and it is something I often think about. It must be that these scammers get a kick out of it, in conjunction with believing that they are doing less work in the long run. The way I see it they still have to set up a website and get traffic… so it really must be the same amount of work right?

  5. Hi Lynn,
    Have you ever done a review of SaleHoo? It sounds like Shopify might be similar to Salehoo. I keep wanting to try one of these types of eCommerce but I really want to get the perfect niche so i have “analysis paralysis” or “niche paralysis” that keeps me from joining one of those. One thing I didn’t understand was the $40 charge for retail added on to those other amounts. So for the basic one it would be $29 +$40 per month? What is included in the $29 and what is in the $40? Do they have dropshippers to choose from? I have heard of Shopify for a long time but never really sure of what it was. If you have done a SaleHoo review I would like to read that too–they sound sort of similar.
    About that Excel Cash Flow, I’m really surprised that Microsoft doesn’t sue them for using the name Excel, especially associated with a pure scam machine.
    You’ve really done such a good job with your website! I just keep hopping around trying some of this a little of that and end up getting no where. It’s ADD — Attention Defeceit Disorder It’s much better to stick with something and take it as far as you can go with it and still enjoy it. That’s really the way to go!
    Take care,

    • Hi Barbara

      You have just made me aware of SaleHoo, so nope I haven’t. It doesn’t appear to be like Shopify to me at first glance. Shopify provides a platform to create an Ecommerce store whereas SaleHoo appears to be more of a directory helping you to find products to sell on eBay or Amazon, either wholesale or via drop shipping.

      I am not really into platforms like that when I can just do that myself for no charge.

      Yeah Excel Cash Flow is just awful, another shoddy opportunity that I don’t recommend.

      You should really pick something legit and work hard at it. Nothing happens over night, contrary to what all the scam and time wasting “opportunities” making money online takes time and hard work.

      I highly recommend checking out this review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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