Ecommerce Security 2018: How to Stay Safe as an Online Merchant – Infographics

Mobiles have made the Internet access easy for everyone and introduced mobility factor in it. Moreover, emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things or IoT is gaining ground and adds non-living Internet users on the web.

It poses great security threats to ecommerce like vulnerable entities on the web and compels online merchants to raise their security bar further. Recent statistics available on the web support the presented facts here.

Here is the eCommerce security infographic developed by Magneto IT Solutions:

Ecommerce Security

Ecommerce Cybercrime Report

Nearly one-third of ecommerce website traffic has bad intentions and can attack the online store using various techniques including malware delivery (92.4%) and through emails. Moreover, incidents of file-less attacks found high that indicates increased trends of sophisticated attacks on ecommerce websites today.

Types of Industries under the Attacks

Attackers have covered a wide range of industries in their targets, such as:

  • Ecommerce – 32.4%
  • Financial Institutions – 25.7%
  • Social Media & Emails – 23.1%
  • M-Commerce & Monetary Transactions – 12.8%
  • Professional Services – 04%
  • Other Industries – 02%

These data show the highest incidents of attacks in ecommerce,and it is 32.4% even higher than websites of banks like financial institutions.

Locked security gate

Impacts on Ecommerce

Many profound impacts of security attacks have reported on various ecommerce companies. Nearly 43% of small ecommerce businesses have received attacks while 54% of ecommerce companies have experiences of one or more successful attacks on their security walls.

Almost 60% of commerce sites have to windup their online business within six months after receiving an attack. Only 38% were survived after cybersecurity attacks and managed it well.

What Are Attackers Looking?

Most hackers are looking for following things while planning ecommerce attacks.

  1. Sensitive data of ecommerce visitors.
  2. Transactional and employee-related data of companies doing business with ecommerce.
  3. Username and password like data to access accounts.

Ecommerce Security Solutions

Ecommerce experts have suggested following security solutions in most of the cases.

  • Secure Hosting
  • Avoid Single Storage and Backup
  • Use Software that Prevents Hacking and Attacks
  • Use System Alerts


We have seen that ecommerce is the most vulnerable industry for security attacks. It is a soft target for attackers using various techniques to accomplish their bad intentions.

If you are an active ecommerce merchant, and aware of the significance of security measures for your online business, Magneto IT Solutions is an ideal destination to discuss your ecommerce security and obtain the best solutions in cost-efficient ways.

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Ronak Meghani is a co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, A Leading eCommerce Development Company in USA and India. He is closely working with e-Commerce ventures since 2009 and he has helped 200+ brands for building / improving their online ventures. You can follow him at Quora or LinkedIn.



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