Ecommerce Exasperation Why Aren’t Customers Completing Their Purchases?

For owners of an online store, there is nothing quite so irritating as customers adding items to their cart… and then not completing the purchase.

“You are nearly there!” You think, looking at your analytics in dismay. “Why did you stop? You were clearly interested!” You address this anonymous customer, wondering what happened, and why they came so far only to refuse to cross the finish line.

While it’s impossible to speak for every customer of your store, there are a few universally-applicable reasons why your customers may have failed to complete their purchase. Below, let’s investigate these reasons, as well as explore what you can do to ensure every customer converts into a sale.

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1) Your Shipping Costs Are Too High

Shipping costs are necessary for ecommerce businesses, but if you set your rate too high, then customers are going to abandon checkout. If customers have to mimic the checkout process just to get your shipping rates, then abandoned carts are to be expected.

What You Can Do

Investigate deals with couriers or bulk discounts so you can lower your shipping prices. The most you should be charging for domestic delivery is R90, and ideally less than that. You should also make your delivery charges clear elsewhere on the site, so customers don’t have to mimic a checkout just to see what the delivery cost should be.

2) Your Checkout Isn’t Simple To Navigate

You may think that your online checkout is easy to navigate, but you’re a tech-savvy businessperson. There’s every chance that someone less computer-literate to you doesn’t find the process intuitive, and after several frustrating minutes, they just abandon the whole endeavour– and you lose out on a sale.

What You Can Do

You need to work on your UX design. If you’re currently staring at the screen and wondering: “what is UX design?”, then you’ve got some research to do. Good UX design will allow your service to flow for even the most technophobic of computer uses, so it’s definitely an area you’re going to want to improve to prevent stalled checkouts.

3) They Are Deliberately Not Finishing Checkout

If you head to any website that offers advice on how to save money to buy online, you will find a tip that reads something like this:

“Add items to your cart but don’t checkout– the store might then email you a discount code to encourage you to make your purchase!”

There’s every chance your customers have read advice like this and are following it to the letter, in the hopes that their abandoned checkout will result in a discount code in their email.

What You Can Do

Offer discount codes on a regular basis, but don’t offer them if a customer fails to checkout. Instead, offer codes through your social networks and email lists. This shows you’re still a store that offers a good deal, but discourages the idea of abandoning a checkout in the hopes of a code. Oh, and if you’re worried about discount codes harming your sales, don’t be.

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Hopefully, one of the tips above will be able to solve your abandoned checkout problems. Good luck!



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