DS Domination Review: You’ll pay WHAT to learn Drop Shipping methods?

DS Domination Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Get Started at $19.95/ month, then Advanced Training at $99.00/ month for Elite Level, $249.99 once off for Unleashed Training, $499 once off for Monopoly Training, plus if you want to be an affiliate to make sales and receive payment you must either pay $9.95/ month or a once off payment of $199
Website: dsdomination.com

Introduction: What is DS Domination?

DS Domination claims to be an easy way to make fast money online, in their introductory video on their website they claim it is as simple as copying product information from one place to another. They also claim to be able to show you how to make a load of money using eBay, Amazon and Walmart.

They don’t give any more information on their website or their video other than claim to be able to help you start your own e-commerce business.

What is DS Domination About

What is DS Domination

So what type of e-commerce business are they offering and how does it all work? DS Domination offers training on drop shipping. This is quite simply buying something from one place an reselling it elsewhere.

So simply put this is an example of what you would do. Find something on Amazon that you would like to resell, let’s say this product costs $20. You then go onto eBay and advertise this product for $25. When someone purchases it you then purchase it from Amazon and have it sent directly to your customer and you make $5.

Pros and Cons


  • They will teach you how drop shipping works… umm although I am sure you can just Google it too.


  • Hugely overpriced
  • You can’t try before you buy
  • You can’t even see what is inside the program or have any sort of explanation of it before you buy it.
  • The owner Roger Langville has a sketchy reputation online
  • MLM (huge turn off for me!)
  • You have to purchase all levels of the program to be allowed to make commission on them. Ready to fork out $499 yet?
  • Your customers will receive goods in packaging from a different company than the one they bought from. This will make them distrust you.
  • You are encouraged to copy and paste the same description you found for the product from one place to another. If someone is searching to buy something surely they will check around and buy the cheaper one? Not so easy to make sales is it?
  • The same method is being taught to everyone at DS Domination, surely this means market saturation? If not right now then certainly very soon.
  • You must be very careful about the terms and conditions for eBay (such as charges to list items) and Amazon. You will most likely be breaking Amazon’s terms and conditions, DS Domination teaches methods that contravene Amazon’s terms and conditions… good luck making this work!
  • Drop shipping is NOT that easy as they make it out to be.
  • You need to earn a reputation online before people will start buying from you!

Who is DS Domination for?

Perhaps seasoned MLM marketers that are ruthless and not worried about conning people into purchasing these courses? Otherwise I don’t advise anyone try this one out!

DS Domination training

Well this is a training course on drop shipping so yes they provide training, but I just can’t believe that anything they manage to teach is worth anything close to what they are charging. Anything you want to learn you can most likely find out on your own online.

If you want outstanding training and support to start your own online business rather check out my #1 recommendation, yes they will teach you a number of different ways to make money online. Not just limited to one line of online marketing, and NO MLM. Why not rather go into affiliate marketing where you don’t have to go to all the trouble with drop shipping? You can just promote Amazon products and get paid commission…

How much does DS Domination cost?

The first level is Pro Level and this costs $19.95/ month. Then you will need to do advanced training after this, it costs $99.00/ month for the Elite Level, $249.99 once off for the Unleashed Training or $499.00 once off for Monopoly Training.

Then if you want to be an affiliate and earn money referring people to DS Domination you will either need to pay $9.95 per month and there is also a $199.00 Market Extreme Pack which will teach you how to successfully market each course as well as provide you with marketing materials.

The thing is if you were getting a quality product that will earn you a return these prices is one thing, but how much does DS Domination really cost when you have invested not just time and energy but also the above prices? Ouch!

Is DS Domination a scam?

Yes I do believe so. The first scam alert came to me when watching the video and they claim you can make money easily, with hardly any work on “autopilot” with this system! So tell me if this is such an easy system that works on autopilot why on earth would I then need to pay ridiculous fees like the $499.00 for the Monopoly Training? I’m not sure what your version of autopilot is, mine is I can push one button and go to bed.. wake up in the morning and the money has been jumping into my bank account right?

Is DS Domination a scam

Can you make money with DS Domination?

No… you will spend loads though! Yes I am sure a few people at the top are coining it, but really this does no mean it will happen for you. This is a typical MLM scheme. The people at the top are making loads of cash and the rest (you) will make nothing!

Can you make money with DS Domination

My Verdict for DS Domination

DS Domination is nothing but a really bad MLM opportunity. From the close to useless training for exorbitant prices to the fact that they are actually going to teach you methods of drop shipping that go against Amazon’s terms and conditions. They also neglect to advise you that eBay charges for listing items so chances are not only will you waste money on the DS Domination training but you will end up pay eBay too!

Drop shipping is a valid way to make money but it takes time and effort, it is never going to be on autopilot! You need to really research what you want to sell.

I do a few drop shipping products on my baby product website and it works well, but I have various products that I stock and each one has a different story. Some I keep stock of, some I do drop shipping and some I have made up when a customer orders. I don’t believe what DS Domination is teaching is worthwhile at all.

Read a good review about them? It is probably written by one of the poor sods that fell for this scheme and they are desperately trying to get referrals to try and make their money back.

If you don’t want to hold products then why not just go into affiliate marketing? This is a great way to earn money online!

Have you had any experience with DS Domination? Please share your thoughts in the comments section! And if you have any more Pros I can add let me know, I honestly couldn’t think of anything.

Are you tired of scams or working online for pennies? Check out my #1 Recommendation!

DS Domination Review
Overall Ranking: 00/100
Price: Get Started at $19.95/ month, then Advanced Training at $99.00/ month for Elite Level, $249.99 once off for Unleashed Training, $499 once off for Monopoly Training, plus if you want to be an affiliate to make sales and receive payment you must either pay $9.95/ month or a once off payment of $199
Website: dsdomination.com



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  1. Hi Lynne, wow DS Domination is a great way to spend money! I can think of better ways…

    I can’t believe the amount that you are expected to pay to become an affiliate either – it’s crazy! I certainly check Amazon and eBay before I buy things to get the best price so I’m sure hundreds of other people do as well.

    When you take in to account for eBay the listing fees, final fees or if you are a shop the monthly fee and the monthly fee for Amazon, you need to sell a lot of products before you get your money back!

    This is a great review, I really hope people read it before entering in to their training system!


    • Hi Sammi

      Yes I was shocked at the prices, I get that people get scammed and all, but with this amount of money? How can anyone validate that price for training? Shocking really.

  2. Hi Lynne. Wow! ZERO out of 100! We’ll, thanks for being so direct. Good to see. If a company merits a score like that then they deserve to get it. And it certainly sounds like these guys do! The cost is an absolute shock. And anyway, it sounds like it doesn’t work anyway. Or maybe for ruthless network marketing folk like you say!
    Thanks for this honest heads-up!

    • Hi Jamie, yes I am nasty with my scores! I just can’t bring myself to give them any points when they are so clearly not trying to offer anything of real value… just another shoddy MLM thing. Take away the bad, overpriced product and what do you have? A pyramid scheme… not nice.

  3. Hey Lynne,
    Wow that is one complicated payment method! I haven’t even finished reading full and I was already turned off when I saw the pricing plan. Especially the affiliate part, they actually charge you to become an affiliate, how ridiculous is that?

    We help them make money and in exchange, they charge us? MLM companies really are cutthroats, they all share the same goal – drain as much money from the users as possible. thanks for taking the time to write this review Lynne, definitely avoiding this scam!

    • Hi Riaz

      Yes crazy isn’t it? I would never pay someone to be able to promote their product and make them money!

  4. As I can see from your review of ds domination, this company is trying to dominate you instead of providing a real help and support. I completely agree with you that there is no reason to pay so much money to this company because you can find alternative legit drop-shipping companies with a good track record. Moreover, once you get trained in affiliate marketing through a program such as Wealthy Affiliate there is no more need to pay ds domination. Also, whenever I see autopilot promises I immediately turn off to such programs. I agree with your verdict.

    • Hi Rufat

      Yes that is where I knew immediately something was off, the “autopilot” promise! Not a great opportunity here at DS Domination at all.

  5. hi Lynne, interesting how expensive the cost of DS domination is, and I don’t like the way it works.
    Btw, have you ever heard about pop-up domination? It’s not really about affiliate marketing course, but more on pop-up plugin that claims to increase subscriber conversion. The claims look interesting, but I have not dare to try it yet. If you have any experience, do share with us.

    • Hi Rina, thanks for visiting. Nope I haven’t heard of Pop-Up Domination before. I have heard that having pop-ups on your website can greatly increase your conversions, and of course your subscribers too…. for me personally I hate pop-ups and I find them terribly annoying. I always close them without looking at them. I wonder what everyone else feels about them, certainly an interesting topic to think about.

  6. Hello Lynne,
    DS Dominaton seems to be very costly… I don’t like that either. If they claim you can do money without work, that’s not true! We need to work for everything! I glad you posted a great review to help others!

    • Hi Max, yes that is what annoyed me from the start the automated system. Besides if it is so “automated” and easy how come you need to pay $499 to learn how to use this system?? Nothing about this makes sense unless you come to realize it is BS!

  7. Lynne,

    A very well written article about DS Domination. In fact, I was selling one of the product in Amazon and within the group, we are aware there are people who buy the products from Amazon and sell it to ebay. Usually these people wait for sellers like us during special promo and they will sweep our entire inventories at low price. This kind of tactic doesn’t need to pay money to learn so long as you have already acquired to skill to sell in Amazon. One just need to duplicate the skill from Amazon to ebay. I hope the readers will learn to be cautious especially the article superbly well articulated. Lynne, thanks for sharing.

  8. Hello Lynne , as I was very interested in getting started with dropshipping I was reading some reviews.I found one about this “Ds Domination” system that was very positive.And all the people in the comments were excited.

    You say that the packages will be left with the seller’s badge.If I am going to buy from a seller to re-sell to someone else but the package has other seller’s label on this is a problem.Is that all drop-shipping is about?

    Are they teaching only methods for Amazon and Ebay?…There are so many suppliers out there.

    And you say it is a scam after all.I will go on and check their video right now.Thanks for this review.

    • Hi Tasos, there are so many problems I see with this program starting from their claim that you will hardly have to do an work and it is so simple to do… it is autopilot. Right? Then why on earth are they selling a $499 training package to learn how to do this? They contradict themselves completely.

      From what I understand they do eventually teach you how to do this with other companies but not immediately.

      And yes to answer your question the order has the packaging of the company it is sent from, not from the company that your customer purchases it from. So very quickly they will realize they have been duped into paying more money. I would be very annoyed if that happened to me!

      Yes there will be a lot of positive reviews for DS Domination, they are the people that are trying to sell DS Domination packages!

  9. Very informative site. You laid out the structure and what happens within the DS domination system and what you would pay for each level to get no returns without a lot of extra work. This type of scam appeals to the masses for it promises quick money for little work. Showing everyone details of this scam will hopefully open some eyes to the way scams like this function. Many people fall victim to scams like these everyday and this site will allow others out there a chance to avoid losing money, frustration, and anger towards themselves and making money online. People need to change their ‘want money now’ habits and this site will begin their journey. Great job and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Yes that is where you really got to the truth, the “want money now” attitude. There is nothing that can fix a money problem immediately and people don’t seem to understand this and fall victim to scams!

  10. Wow. This sounds like an intriguing business model. I’d like to learn more about it. I don’t really understand why you need to subscribe to this special program to do it. Couldn’t you put items on EBay all by yourself and then when wins the bid, send it out to them? I guess they claim they can streamline things so that you don’t have much work to do.

    Do you know anyone who has tried this? You mentioned that there is MLM involved and right away a red flag warning goes up. I think you are probably right to label this as a scam. The system seems way overpriced. I would suggest that a person first become familiar with EBay and see if they can actually make any money using Walmart products or whatever. That would be the starting point.

    Everybody checks out Walmart and Amazon first before they buy anything. They know the prices! Why would they pay five dollars more for something they can direct from the vendor’s website?

    • Hi John

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with drop shipping, it just depends on the way it is done. See drop shipping is not the process of buying from one company and selling on another. Drop shipping simply means you don’t hold the products and when someone orders from you, you get the supplier to send the order directly to your customer.

      The way I see it DS Domination shows you how to try and “trick” customers and also suppliers. I actually do drop shipping on a few products on one of my websites. I have a direct arrangement with my supplier and I have a discounted price off their retail price that we have agreed on. I am a wholesale customer, not a retail customer. They know I can help them make more sales so they are happy to give me a discounted price.They know I send straight to my customers from them. I can charge my customers the same price they would pay if they bought directly from my supplier. So if they do realize it was sent from another company and not directly from me they don’t feel like they have been conned!

      Do your own investigation and form your own personal relationships with suppliers and you can make a nice business I am sure. There is no reason to purchase these expensive products, besides DS Domination really has not much to do with the products. It is MLM, the main focus is recruiting people, people are the real products here.

  11. nice very well presented review. Drop shipping is a very powerful method to make money online. not sure the training at ds domination is all that good or worth while.

    A lesser well known method of dropshipping and while being a product owner is Amazon FBA program, but from what I see on the FBA (fulfilled by amazon) is that it is complex to understand because of the language used.

    Amazon FBA allows you to essentially dropship as they store, pack and send your product to your customer. They also allow you to place your product on the market places provided by Amazon and Ebay and your own website with full site integration across all 3 platforms, and they will manage stock for you warning you when it its low..

    And with Amazon associates they also provide sales team that work for a comission callled affiliates (amazon associates) This is dropshipping at its best. Is this covered and taught is DS domination?

    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for sharing about Amazon FBA program. I’ve heard of it before but haven’t investigated it yet. Thank you for explaining how it works.

      Yes DS Domination does teach about the Amazon FBA program so I’ll give them that. I’m just not so sure that the training provided on this is worth what they charge. Surely Amazon themselves will give plenty of information on how to do this?

  12. Hi Lynne,
    Wow! You certainly don’t pull any punches in this review of DS Domination. I appreciate your honest and informative review because I have burnt my fingers once too often. I do not know that much about drop shipping but the basic concept seems fairly simple and I am sure I could find out plenty just by googling it. However, I know that being successful is often much more difficult than it seems and I feel sorry for all the poor suckers who fall for schemes like this, pay good money and never experience success. Being told that you can earn money easily on ‘autopilot’ is always a big red flag to me!

    • Hi Erica

      Oh yes autopilot is a big time red flag, as soon as you see that you can run, no need to look any further in my opinion!

      Yes drop shipping is a real way to earn money, but find Google for information or try another program. This DS Domination is not the way to go!

  13. Your review both shocked and amazed me. It’s jaw dropping to see the chutzpah of some people. I wonder if they get anyone to sign up for DSD? It makes me wonder who could AT THE SAME TIME be smart enough to have enough money to join DSD and stupid enough to join. I would be interested to know if they ever had anyone sign up. It’s mind boggling. Thanks for the review/warning.

    • Hi Jeff

      Well you’ve just put the truth right out there! Yes I think some people fall for it. I mean they are still around aren’t they so they must be pulling in some money still right?

      When researching this “opportunity” with DS Domination I came across a number of people that said they fell for this one. It really is sad. People just so badly want to believe in BS opportunities don’t they?

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