Does Your Business Need An App Of Its Own?

Every business knows that they need a good website. If you don’t know that by now then you need to head back to business school. Being visible online is vital but are you visible enough? A website is one thing, but a mobile app is a different story. Everybody is constantly using mobile apps all day, every day, so you should probably get yourself one. Lots of businesses don’t think that an app is really applicable to them but whatever it is that you sell, you can improve the reach of your marketing campaign and increase profits. Don’t believe me, here are just some of the ways that a mobile app can help your business grow.



Be Visible At All Times

Making your business visible is incredibly important. People spend hours a day on their phone and even though most of that time will be spread across a small cluster of apps, they’ll still scroll through their homescreen tens, if not hundreds of times every single day. They don’t even need to actually open your app for you to see the benefits. If they’ve got it on their homescreen then they’re looking at your logo over and over again. Getting them to actually use it is a bonus. They won’t notice it, but your image will be slowly etching itself into their head until they need services like yours and you’ll be the first person they think of.

The Illusion Of Success

I’m not suggesting that you aren’t a success already, but having your own app makes you look like you’re a big player, regardless of what the app actually is. Any of the big companies out there will have an app, even if it’s just a silly little game. As soon as people see that you’ve paid for a digital marketing and SEO to build and run an app for you, they’ll immediately think that you mean business. The content of the app isn’t the most important thing, just having it there at all will help lend legitimacy to your business.

Direct Marketing

As soon as somebody has downloaded your app, they open themselves up to push notifications from your app. You don’t have to wait until they come to your website before they see news of any deals and offers that you’ve got on, or general information about your services. You can have it pop up on their homescreen and even if they don’t open the app, they’re already aware of the deals.

Customer Engagement

Giving customers a direct line to the company is a good way of demonstrating your value to them and improving engagement. An app that has a messaging service where they can contact you with any questions encourages customers to engage with you more often. Customers love this because they don’t always have the time to phone you up and people hate waiting on hold while they get passed around different departments. They’d much prefer it if they could send you a message and then get on with their day while they wait for a response.

The content of the app doesn’t have to be anything dazzling, just having one will benefit you before they’ve even opened it.


Lynne Huysamen

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  1. What an innovative idea for a website. Maybe having an app can be the next level for a better business growth. Thanks so much for this.

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