A CrowdFunding Social Network? Are you sure about that?

Here is my update for the crowdfunding social network that I will just refer to as “SF” for the purpose of this post.

The reason I am not mentioning the company’s full name because my previous review got an incredible amount of attention and in the process, drawing the attention of SF and they decided to take legal action against me and sent me a Cease and Desist letter stating that their company name is copyrighted.

So here’s the thing, there are Fair Usage laws and I am entitled to write a review, for sure. However I don’t feel like fighting with a large corporation that feels they can just stomp all over people.

SF made claims that they are going to be incredible, they are going to take the world by storm and they are going to make it oh so easy for you to make $64 000 a month with their platform. Well from what I can see there is nothing incredible about them, they are not taking anything by storm and as far as trends go it looks like they are on the way down already.

What is SF? The best Crowdfunding Social Network?

Crowdfunding Social NetworkSF claims to be a social network and a crowdfunding network. In pre-launch (before July 2016) I joined up for free, giving my credit card details and do you know what was inside their members area? Nothing! I took a video of this, showing that there was only one thing to see within the members area and that was a link to share with other people for them to join up under you.

The monthly fee for SF is $149 which they said will be charged when they launch, and every member you invite you will receive $50 a month. You also receive $4 for each of your referrals referrals. I know what that sounds like right?

They say also that you receive 80% revenue share. How $50 out of $149 is 80% doesn’t quite make sense to me. Anyway they claim you can very easily make $64 000 a month this way.

So my biggest question is how is this crowdfunding? It looks like you get paid to refer people! I’m hesitant to say outright what I think this looks like because SF likes throwing their weight around and geez I would really hate to have to remove this post too and rewrite it because suddenly freedom of speech doesn’t seem to apply!

Who owns SF and what is his reputation like?

The owner of SF has been involved in at least one previous law suit before for a company that was apparently MLM but others claim it was a pyramid scheme. So his reputation is tarnished, would you trust another company or product from someone that has a history like that? I can only speak for myself, the answer is most likely not. According to their website terms even his name is copyrighted so I cannot mention him here either. Like seriously?

I guess it is a good idea to copyright your name if your reputation is so shoddy, then if anyone mentions your name in reference to a previous lawsuit you were involved in you can threaten to sue them. I’m not sure about you but I find this incredibly funny.

SF’s Shocking Member’s Area during Pre-Launch

With all their claims I found it quite shocking to arrive and find nowhere to even add my profile picture, nowhere to add a project and even more concerning, nowhere to edit or remove the credit card details I entered into their sign up form to gain entry.

To me personally this stinks. In the video I took I explained why I think this stinks. I don’t think it is right for a company to claim to be something, offer zero proof and give a link to share so other people can join based on what they say.

I published my review on my website and I published my video on Youtube. Both of these hit first page on Youtube and on Google and stayed there.

Oh they did eventually add a payment area in June where you could edit your credit card details and they made a huge hoohaa about it too, like wow look at this great new feature! Surely every website that takes your payment details should have a section to edit them?

SF sends a Copyright Claim to Youtube

SF did not like this and sent in a copyright claim to Youtube because my video used their members area. I chose to remove my video simply because yes I did use their members area even though I believe I could have said it was Fair Usage and fought it. I chose to just remove it.

Here is a copy of the Copyright Claim sent in to Youtube by SF, do a Google search on that name and you will see he was involved with the group of people (including the CEO of SF) involved in the law suit  I mentioned above.

I did a new video without their members area and that also hit page 1 on Youtube. I will unfortunately be removing that video too because in their Cease and Desist letter they requested I remove all mention of their name on social media too.

SF copyright claim

SF kicks me out of their website the day before Launch!

On the 30th June 2016 I got an email from SF saying they are sorry to see me go. WTF? I got kicked out the day before they were going to launch on 01 July 2016. Worried I am going to take another video of the members area? So now I lost being able to see what was happening in the members area, which was a real bummer.

It is now August and the feedback I have is that the social network part of this “social network” has still not arrived? Oh dear, what happened to the next best social network? They have now added some areas to add projects for crowdfunding though. Although I’m not sure why anyone needs to add projects when anyone can just earn referring people?

Plus if you want to get crowdfunding why not just join a crowdfunding website that is free? I just don’t get why anyone would pay $149 for a crowdfunding and social network website. We have those and they are all free.

I guess with SF you can make money without adding any projects which is what the whole appeal is, but then that just sort of cuts out the fact it is crowdfunding doesn’t it?

SF Founding Member “Steve” begs for a phone call to explain how it works?

Someone claiming to be a founding member of SF was commenting on my website asking for me to call him in person to explain how it works. I can’t understand this, why not just explain it right there on my website for everyone to see? Why try and talk to me privately about it.

He likened my negative review of SF in pre-launch to writing a negative review from a foreword of a book… but how come then everyone was writing positive reviews on “a foreword of a book” that they had also not read.

And this was my biggest issue with SF. There was nothing to see, nothing amazing. Just the words of a man with a bad reputation promising the world… and you must go forth and spread these words and get everyone to join up and give their credit card details? Oh no thank you!

Oh and “Steve” has no last name, no profile picture and a gmail address? You want me to take you seriously?

SF founding member


Sf Steve call

SF call request again

SF book review


SF the “best” up and coming social network does a Google Trend nose dive

So how come if SF is THE up and coming social network they have done a nose dive in Google Trends since launching. I’m not an SEO expert but I would think that interest would have at least spiked a little bit when they launched, not just nose dived?

SF Google Trends

Just to show you how ridiculous their Google Trend results were, here is SF vs Phoenix Power Rising in Google Trends. In case you don’t know Phoenix Power Rising is an awful scam that is well just about dead now, but you can see how they had more popularity than SF! Or maybe SF is planning a slow and steady growth over the next few years?

SF is the blue and PPR is the red below.

F vs PPR

And here is my number one recommendation for making money online in Google Trends with SF and PPR for comparison. SF being blue, PPR being red and Wealthy Affiliate being Yellow.

SF vs PPR vs WA

SF sends me a Cease and Desist Letter

SF has accused me of using their name to profit off of and to promote my own opportunity, which they say is Wealthy Affiliate University. They have made it seem like I am a nasty person that just likes to badmouth companies to make money off of them. They have said in their letter that I have a pattern of doing this.

Yes I have a pattern – I review online opportunities and I give my honest opinion on these online opportunities. Yes I review the opportunities I find and I tell you what I really think of them, without buttering my words or trying to profit from you by recommending rubbish.

My opinion is that some are incredible and some just plain stink.

My goals for this website are to help you to make money online in an honest and ethical way. I want to help you avoid scams and things that will disappoint you and let you down.

And yes of course I make money from my website. I don’t do this purely for fun or to be nice. Yes I am passionate about making money online and I love sharing these things with you. When I find things I love online I recommend them and I affiliate with them and yes I make money from them.

You will find a good number of positive reviews on my website. Wealthy Affiliate University, SeoClerks, Affilorama, The Chris Farrell Membership, Bring The Fresh, Clixsense and Answered Insight are good examples of these. These are online business opportunities I recommend.

I also have reviewed some awful things and I have given my honest opinion on those too. Phoenix Power Rising, Affiliate University of South Africa, Indufuels and CommHubb are good examples of these.

It is not against the law to write an honest review and share your opinion. It is not against the law to tell people what I do recommend on my website.

I do not write negative and false reviews with any hidden agenda. I do not affiliate with scams and rotten opportunities to attempt to make money recommending them to you.

I write my review based on what I see and what I experience in the hopes it will help you to make the right choice for yourself.

So in short, I DO NOT recommend SF and I have every right to share my opinion on this. If you are looking for an online opportunity then there are a good number I do recommend and I mentioned them above.

I’m just wondering whether SF is going to be bullying every single negative review? I have seen some absolutely outstanding and spot on reviews of SF. I hope they aren’t next up for this BS?

SF pg 1

SF cease and desist letter page 2

Here’s what people were saying on my original SF review

Have a browse below of some of the interesting comments I received on my original review of SF.. and of course I have taken out the company name and the owner’s name where applicable as per SF’s Cease and Desist request.

I have to say that I really am disappointed as there were so many more comments and discussions that I just would not be able to add them all here, but I would love for everyone to be able to get get the whole picture of everything said and not just bits and pieces!

SF comment Fatima


SF Commet Sarah


SF tina comment



SF Kevin


SF Marcus comment


SF arief

SF Juliana

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen! What is your opinion? Feel free to share it all here, I approve all genuine comments that are not spammy so go for it say exactly what you are thinking!


Lynne Huysamen

Mommy to a pigeon pair, blogger and online marketer. Lover of chocolate, good books and buckets of coffee.


  1. Hey Lynne. I’m shocked reading about your experience with this company. I think I have an idea of which company you are talking about. I read about it elsewhere ironically!

    There is no way they are going to “take the world by storm” or whatever other claims they have made. Personally I hope to see this company fail. They don’t deserve success for treating people so badly just for voicing their opinion.

    Keep up the good work though. Don’t let this get to you!

    • Hi Hannah

      Very true! The only thing I said was so rotten is that there was nothing in their members area so they can’t expect people to share and promote their “opportunity” until there was something of substance to it.

      How can anyone expect you to share how wonderful something is and rave about it when nobody can see anything.

      You know what it makes me think of? The Emperor’s New Clothes LOL

  2. What is dnufhsams spelt in reverse?

    I think they’re obviously not a smashing experience.

    I wouldn’t trust them with the funds in my bank account. MLM, classic, and they should be scared cos of the traffic monsoon debacle.


    • Hi James

      Yes I just read something today about Traffic Monsoon going down. I am not surprised because I wrote a review on Traffic Monsoon and the owner, Charles Scoville, also has a shady history online.

      It really just goes to show that these people just do that same thing over and over again. Hardly anyone checks them out online and those that do read my reviews think I am dodgy and defend these shady characters?

      I just can’t get my head around it.

      The worst is just wait a year and Charles Scoville from Traffic Monsoon, Terri Petty from Phoenix Power Rising and this bunch from SF will just be at it again.

      And I’m the one sitting with a Cease and Desist letter? Like OMG?

  3. I’m so glad that I came across your review. I’m pretty sure that I know what “crowdfunding” network you’re talking about as I read a rave review on them the other day and was left scratching my head. It looks like they’ve added quite a bit over the last few days, but I’m still very skeptical as to substance. I’m sorry of all the trouble they’re causing for you and hope everything works out in your favor. Please keep us posted!

    • Hey Momma Bear

      Yes I have heard they have added some new features…. I just don’t understand why they couldn’t let everyone see and use those features before telling everyone to share their great opportunity!

      This is my issue with what happened here. All I have been doing is reviewing what I see…. and it has been sorely lacking.

      The other main issue I have is that they call themselves a “crowdfunding” platform yet the MLM approach to making money on this platform means that you actually don’t need to add any project or cause to get paid out. How is this crowdfunding?

      Adding a hefty monthly fee of $149 to a “crowdfunding social network” when there are free social networks and free crowdfunding platforms doesn’t make sense to me.

      I’m sorry but it just seems to me that this is NOT what they are making themselves out to be.

  4. It’s pretty extreme that they would take this kind of legal action on you, Lynne. Also, the fact that they were only willing to explain it to you in private, that is really suspicious. This makes them look really guilty.

    But I actually wonder if there is a big lesson to be learned here. I think perhaps your one mistake was going public immediately. In hindsight, I think what you should have done is stayed quiet until it launched. That way you would have still been a member on launch day, and then you could have fully exposed it for what it was right as it went live. The way you did it, it meant they kicked you out before you could do an insider video after the launch.

    But of course, you weren’t to know at the time that they were going to be so aggressive once you revealed what was inside it. But maybe next time you come across a scam like this that is about to launch, lay low for a while as you gather information…and then BOOM!

    • Perhaps you are right Marcus.

      However how many people are signing up during that period that I lay low and quiet? How many people get billed that $149 when I could have written an honest review?

      Even now I hear that the social network side of it doesn’t exist. I saw someone comment on my Youtube video this morning that someone has already been paid and claims thousands of other people have too. Them I look at their Facebook page and it says that revenue share is only being paid out in a few days. There was also someone on their Facebook page saying that they were screwed by$60 and they responded that they can’t control it if someone bails out and cancels their membership or their payment bounces for example.

      This just goes to show that people are already bailing from it.

  5. This really is incredible. SF has gone out of its way to try to take down negative reviews of itself, when the google trend already shows they’re tanking. I really hope they tank HARD and FAST. I only feel bad for the people that got their hopes up and were duped by this. It’s really unfair for the novice online moneymakers to get sucked into scams like SF.

    Keep on trucking Lynne! You’re doing an awesome job with exposing the lies and giving the public an inside view on these twisted companies.

    • Thanks Wing, I remember chatting to you in the comments on my original review of SF 🙂 Thanks for coming back.

      It really is sad that there are so many shocking things on the internet and it appears that they can just get away with whatever they want to. This just goes to show how they throw their weight around.

  6. Wow what an interesting review and your contact with the owner steve and their attempts to silence you is very shocking. People will go to extreme lengths to conceal their bad intentions just to make money, but at the end of the day, it will hurt them in the end as they are trying to make money off of peoples misfortune.

    • Hey Jazzy323

      Yes but apparently I am the baddie? The rotten apple?

      What has this world come to that something can be so bad yet I can’t open my mouth and say ooh careful, watch out for that.

  7. First off let me say Lynne I am very proud of you and the courage you have to call it as it is. Too many are afraid to really call out these scum bags for what they really are. I applaud you. Not sure what crowdfunding is but I certainly do know what a scam looks like thanks to being fooled. We learn from our mistakes but thanks to people like you, some will be saved from those mistakes. You Go Girl.

    • Too few people are being quiet in my opinion. There are glowing reviews all over the place for SF, most of them from way before there was anything to see!

      My main gripe was exactly that, how can a company tell people to go forth and spread the word about this amazing new opportunity when there is nothing there? Nothing but a referral link!

      All I really did was say that I looked, I saw and there was NOTHING there except the link, which tells me watch out, be careful.

      I don’t appreciate handing over my credit card details to a big black void with just a referral link floating around!

      It really is a pity that I had to remove that video showing the membership area!

  8. Smash What!? hehe

    There has been so many of these so called “GENIUS” crowd ‘funding’ platforms popping up of late… All claiming to be the next best / most original thing since sliced bread…. Claiming earnings before they have even launched. It is a joke Lynne. Nothing but hype in my opinion… It’ll all eventually come smashing down when the funds don’t come in.

    I know how you feel about the cease and desist… Often it is just a bluff, but it is always good to do your checks before ignoring them…. And choose your wording carefully 😉

    Got to love how the law protects those ripping others off and blatantly lying to get a quick buck tho… Then comes back to restrict and force out the few honest people in the industry who are not actually selling hype.

    Keep up the awesome work… You are saving 1000’s of people loads of money each month by doing what you are doing!

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    – Marc Parsons

    • Hi Marc

      Yes very much hype and not much to back it up. I also found that very amusing, that so many people were claiming they had made money already when nobody had paid anything. How does that work? I consider something an earning whenit is hard cash in my hand

      Even if they do pay out a few times I doubt it is sustainable, I predict it is already crashing.

      Well either we will know soon enough.

  9. Hello

    You certainly give some interesting and eye opening facts in regards to this crowd funding social networking company. I am always leary of prelaunch and the money they want a person to shell out before hand. They certainly make it sound fantastic and am I reading that right, where they say a person can make $64,000 a MONTH ?!
    Wow, all I can say is thank you for this detailed information on this, shall we call it a (fly by night – scam).
    I hope others read your material before getting involved with “Steve”

    • Hi Angela

      Yes it is all rather suspect isn’t it?

      Yes totally, they claim you can make $64 000 a month with them. I would love to earn that, however I think it is rather dubious that anyone will be earning that here.

  10. It’s sad to read about your experience with this company. I am very sure I know the company and I commend you for your courage and boldness to stand up to these fraudulent thugs.

    If there was anyone in doubt as to whether this company is a scam or not, the way they have handled issues with you should pretty much sum it up. They are being overly defensive and self-conscious. That says a lot about their credibility. It is SCAM. Simple as that.

    Keep up the good work exposing these criminal activities online, and thank you for the screenshots.

    • Hi Medu

      Thank you for your support!

      Yes their behavior screams guilty doesn’t it?

  11. Question: What is “The $64,000 Question?”

    Answer: (1) A 1955 TV show involved in a quiz show scandal. (2) An apparent 2016 crowdfunding pyramid scheme.

    It is not clear what the product/service is being provided at an appromimate monthly cost of $149. Access to a social media site?

    But the way it is being promoted ($64000 a month) makes it look like a pyramid scheme. Traffic Monsoon, an advertising company, went dark because their revenue sharing model did not work. And SEC moved to shut them down as a pyramid scheme.

    • Hi Glen

      Yeah I just heard recently that Traffic Monsoon went down. I wrote a review about Traffic Monsoon. It is interesting to note that the owned of that website, Charles Scoville, was also involved in other shady things online before launching Traffic Monsoon.

      There is pattern here people. The owner of Phoenix Power Rising, Terri Petty, was also involved in shady things online before PPR and now nobody is being paid out and everyone seems so surprised? I wrote a review on Phoenix Power Rising and it is shocking to see how many people defended this woman and PPR.

      And let’s carry on with this pattern here… the CEO of SF also has a sketchy past with a previous lawsuit against him for another online MLM opportunity.

  12. Wow Lynne,
    What an article. I once looked a bit into crowdfunding as a general interest, but never went that far as you did.

    In a way I have enjoyed your report and at the same time I was shocked. I am surprised that SF still can function the way they do?

    For me this is an absolute scam. Babbling what they all like to achieve and showing nothing for it???

    Kudos to you Lynne for exposing them. Don’t worry and don’t back down. Your article is appreciated!!!

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

    • Hi Sylvia thank you for your kind support. I am glad you enjoyed reading this post.

      There is nothing wrong with crowdfunding, there are some really awesome websites where you can add your projects.., oh and they are FREE by the way.

      I am on Patreon where I share information about recovery from addiction. I haven’t spent much time and effort on my campaigns due to time limitations but I get in a few USD a month for it.

      So don’t let this turn you off crowdfunding, this is by no means bashing crowdfunding… in fact SF in my opinion has very little to do with crowdfunding.

      How crowdfunding usually works is you have a passion or a cause (like recovery from addiction) or a project of some sort right? Then you add this to the crowdfunding website, you tell everyone about it and what you are doing and then hopefully lots of people each give a little bit of finance to fund what you are doing. In this way what you are doing is funded by a crowd.

      It really is a nice concept.

      However at SF you don’t have to add any passion/ cause/ project at all and you will earn money. This means the crowdfunding aspect is really just a smokescreen.

  13. Lynne, I love the brutal honesty in your reviews. I have to agree with you that you have every right to publish a review of a product or service! It’s crazy to me that they went as far to threaten legal action. It seems to me that if you have service you believed in and was legitimate, then instead of making threats you would reply with facts about why that review is off base and how your service is awesome. I think they self incriminated here…

    • Yes Heather exactly! And they are accusing me of trying to profit off of their “legitimate opportunity” by slandering it? OMG that is insane. If it was so amazing and legitimate I would so jump on board and promote it, I would LOVE to make $64 000 a month from a legitimate program!

      The problem is that I do not affiliate with anything that looks rotten to me. I just can’t, I don’t care if I can make money from a shitty opportunity. I have standards and encouraging people into signing up for something I think is unethical and not sustainable is wrong in my eyes.

  14. Hey Lynne, I too joined SF and got out when I realised that their social media platform was just using my own Facebook account. See, I’m in network marketing. I’ve spoken to my warm market about the products and opportunity of my own business. I didn’t think it was right to have to bug them for something like this. SO I cancelled my account.

    I contacted them a few times and they were very prompt and nice. But I didn’t feel OK with that as my only option.

    But before I left, they had updated the platform. People are able to add a profile pic and background pic as well as a bio and “project” info. At that time I had some issues saving the info I added. I guess they were still working on it. Not sure.

    Anyway, I’m not if it’s a scam, but I don’t like that people have to use their own Facebook accounts as the social network. I thought it would be an internal thing where people who signed up were able to connect with each other and by word of mouth we’d recruit others…now that I think about it, it’s not really a good idea. Plus way too expensive monthly. Considering there are no products or any consumable product. Not guaranteed sales and nothing in return for $150 per month is a little much for the little guy.

    I would love to hear that this actually works and that people find success in it. That would be great for those people involved. But, I’m relieved I won’t be one of them.

    Thanks for your post and your fight for the little guy 😉

    • Hi Lizp

      Yes that is exactly what I saw when I was a member, that you had to use your own social media accounts. How exactly does that make SF a social network? I had a screenshot of that information showing that they expected the member to use their own social media accounts as the social media part. But of course nobody will ever see that image again 🙁

      You are spot on $149 for a crowdfunding social network but there isn’t actually a social network and the crowdfunding isn’t really crowdfunding because it is mainly based on recruiting people, not on any sort of project or cause?

  15. Sounds like a shady pryamid scheme to me. I just feel sorry for the poor people that get involved in this kind of thing and expect to make money.

    I am surprised the government even allows such businesses to even operate. Even half the mlm businesses are scams.

    I guess thier target market are people that chase the shiny object syndrome or people that are really desperate in need of money.

    It’s good that you warn people of such things, if they were a legit company they wouldn’t need to take action on you.

    Thanks for letting us know abou this company

    • Hi Rose

      Yes that is the same way that I see MLM, most of them seem like scams to me.

      I agree with you totally, there are so many people looking for a quick fix to earning money, like you say – chasing the shiny object. This is why people go for things like this.

  16. Hello Lynne
    Thought a quick visit to your site was in order after your kind words the other day.
    First off you do have a fine site with loads of information for the newbie.
    Ok getting back to this article.
    Is this SF any relation to SFI?
    I don’t usually bother with these type of sites because from past experience, and this is over many years in internet marketing I tend to give them a wide berth.
    It also looks like you rubbed them up the wrong way with your review lol.
    I don’t believe that SF and their best Crowdfunding Social Network nonsense will get them very many converts from the established social media sites and in fact I haven’t seen anything about a launch. Maybe I lead a sheltered life lol.
    Anyway nice to see you doing your bit to keep us informed of these type of scams because that’s what they surely are.
    have a great day Lynne.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert

      Thanks for visiting my website, so nice to have you here 🙂

      Oh no SFI was a website I reviewed last year and there is nothing even remotely exciting about them. I found everything about them boring. Just another silly MLM opportunity, and like you say there are so many.

      SF had their pre-launch in May/ June this year and they were supposed to launch in July but from what I can see they only launched now in August. They make themselves out to be the greatest thing ever, yet you haven’t even heard of them! If they were going to take the world by such storm you would think every online marketer would have heard of them by now.

      Most likely you haven’t heard about them is because their launch appears to be more like a limp.

  17. I’m an 8 year online marketer and due to a tragic loss in my family hadn’t been actively marketing for 6 months. A lady who had been a Facebook friend for about a year talked me into joining during a lengthy phone conversation. This isn’t my style. As a long time marketer I never join anything without a thorough research on it.

    My sponsor had me in their secret Facebook group. What I saw was that the majority of people joining seemed to be complete newbies to marketing. Lambs being led to the slaughter. Good people with altruistic dreams who had no idea that this was not going to be the $64K a month opportunity they believed it to be.

    I got into some research on SF and I found Lynne’s YouTube review and one other extremely professional review. I learned that the founder of SF, up until SF came into being, had absolutely no online presence. No LinkedIn, no Facebook, nothing! In this day and age I consider that extremely suspicious. I left several comments on both Lynne’s and the other YouTube review.

    In the meantime I had worries that SF wouldn’t give prior notice before charging my card as promised. So I cancelled that card. I also left the secret Facebook group. A bit after that the lady who signed me messaged me that she tried to tag me in a group photo and couldn’t tag me. She asked what’s up. I told her I had left the group, SF wasn’t for me and wished her and the group well.

    Imagine my shock when a few weeks later I received a series of nasty messages from her. She had seen my comments on the review sites. How could I betray them she asked. Betray them? I was exercising free speech and leaving my opinion. She had been told on more than one occasion I wasn’t going on with SF. The comments were a month old when she attacked me. She made it sound as if I was on a non-stop campaign against SF. She indicated that my words and actions were going to hurt all the kids that SF was going to help. I asked her why she was so worried about my one opinion on a couple review sites. This lady had always been so full of “love, light, laughter.” Now she was wicked witch of the West.

    In any event, they apparently didn’t launch till August. On August 4th I received an email from SF that they attempted to charge my card unsuccessfully! And guess what? I never received the prior notice that they had promised to give.

    Lynne’s review is spot on. No way anybody is going to earn $64K with this platform. Stay away from it. What company that’s legit, bullies a person like Lynne into removing her honest opinion from YouTube? What company sends a cease and desist indicating their name or founder’s name can’t be mentioned? In my 8 years online I’ve never heard of such bull. All the red flags are up here.

    • Hi Linda

      Lovely to chat with you again, on yet another piece of content I had to create because of the bullying from SF!

      Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone here on my website, it is so important that everyone gets to read what others experienced too. This is what my reviews are about – the search for the truth. A search for online opportunities that actually work and a warning about the scams and the ones that don’t work.

      I am so glad that you cancelled your card, I’m not surprised. They never tried to bill me, probably because they know I would have shared that email with everyone!

      It is just so sad that some people are leaping to defend these things, even being abusive towards others that disagree.

      Like you say I just shared my experience and my personal thoughts on SF, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and to voice it.

  18. Wow. This is absolutely ridiculous!

    I can’t believe that they went full-force against you with lawyers and everything. I don’t know, just sounds like another company looking to make a “quick fortune”.

    Thanks for the post on this! And of course WA is popular, it’s only the best platform 😛

    • Hi Taylor

      Yes I know, it is crazy!

      That is what I also see. It is awful and I really feel sorry for everyone getting sucked in.

  19. Lynne,
    As I stated before I want to stand up and give you a loud round of applause for what you have done in exposing this “company” for what it is – a bogus piece of cow dung that only a foolish, naive person would get involved with.

    The way I look at it down the road if a lot of people still choose to throw away their money on this venture and continue to get lied to some type of action will take place in a suit against this fraud company. Herbalife a company that promotes diet pills and other forms of weight loss got away with taking money from naive people, telling them that they could become rich as distributors. Herbalife was investigated by the U.S. Feds and proven to be a pyramid scheme. Although it took years before the investigation was finally completed, in late June Herbalife was fined a total of 200 million dollars for their unethical practices, to be distributed to the individuals involved in their class action lawsuit against the company.

    This SF company that you have taken the time to expose somewhere down the road could face the same legal issues if enough people who have lost money band together and go after them.

    It’s long past time when these fraud companies that still pollute the Internet get exposed and then taken down monetarily. They are the reason why quality online opportunities such as WA have been wrongly given a bad name.
    Great article, Lynne as usual! Thank you for the tremendous effort that you have put in exposing SF for what they really are!


    • Hey Jeff

      Lovely to have you back again.

      Yes I heard about the recent Herbalife court decisions. I just can’t understand why they fell short of shutting down Herbalife? What a joke. It is an obvious pyramid scheme.

      Apparently the FTC has fined Herbalife $200 milion for deceiving buyers and sellers of its products “into believing they could earn substantial money selling diet, nutritional supplement and personal care products”

      As per FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramiraz “This settlement will require Herbalife to fundamentally restructure its business so that participants are rewarded for what they sell, not how many people they recruit,”

      So yes it has been proved that they are a pyramid scheme, the words of Edith Ramiraz says it right there, I mean that is the definition of a pyramid scheme… but the courts won’t call it that?

      Hopefully not too many people will come short with SF and I hope anyone that does come short is able to take legal action against them.

  20. What a review. Go get them girl. It is absolutely necessary for these crooks to be exposed and destroyed if possible. I think this company is all mouth with no substance. You have a right to express your opinion about any company. It might be different if it was a person but when you place yourself in the public arena things change. Keep up the good work. You must be doing a good job to create such a response. I received an inquiry about joining the project and knew right off that it was a scam

    • Thanks Johnny, yes I was quite surprised when I got that Cease and Desist letter. I must have missed the newsletter that told me that nobody was allowed to have an opinion anymore or voice it.

      I am glad you were wise enough not to get suckered!

  21. Wow. By sending you all those threats and letters they just show that they are a bully because they are worth zero. It just helps you further expose them for what they are. And that guy Steve who left a comment with no profile picture and his phone number just shows how unprofessional he is. He is probably someone living in his mother’s basement cooking up schemes to make money

    • Ben you’ve got me giggling out loud now picturing that, thank you. I always love a good laugh.

      I said in my review that I could be wrong about SF, I could be eating my words in a few weeks time. They said I will be eating my words. Why not leave me on page 1 of Google and Youtube to do just that? If they are so amazing I just don’t get it.

      Unless of course I’ve hit them where it hurts – the truth.

  22. Wow, how unbelievable for “SF” to going to such lengths to basically harass you. You did nothing wrong by giving an honest review of them. Just because they did not like your opinion, does not (in my book) give them the right to do what they did to you. Sounds awful scammy to me as well!

    • Hey Matt’s Mom

      Yeah well I suppose that bullying me is all that SF can do, they certainly can’t provide proof of a great product can they? If they had something of value I am sure that somebody would have seen it by now!

  23. Thanks for such an indepth review of these sites.

    I have never heard of SF but have heard of SFI which I dismissed as I never heard anything great about it.

    The various cort cases/decisions are lessons we all can learn from.

    I’ve bookmarked this site for future reading of your reviews.

  24. So sorry that you had that experience. I haven’t heard of them or know exactly what company you are talking about, but I have made it a rule of thumb to never give out my credit card information until I am absolutely certain of what I’m getting into. I research each company by Googling their name + scam and you can learn a lot that way. This is one reason why I joined WA, there were no reviews anywhere saying they were a scam, and I could joint for free without giving them my credit card info. You go get ’em girl!

    • Hi Carol

      Well in order to do a genuine review I had to hand over my credit card details or I would have had to base my reviews on hearsay and I like to really base my reviews on the truth of what I see and experience with my own eyes.

      Here’s hoping not too many people get sucked into this.

  25. Talk about a $64.000 question! How to make money with no product, no service and no trust!

  26. You’ve had a lucky escape here I think. I have to go find out who they are now 🙂 Sites and people like this should be shut down. It’s so unfair to perpetuate this idea that it’s easy to make money online.

    At least you’ve got enough exposure that prospective customers will be able to find your reviews if they search.

    • Hi Norah

      Yes I agree they should be shut down. It is appalling how websites like this gets a persons hopes up and then drops them. It is not easy to make money online, it takes time and hard work!

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