What is Crowdsource about? Can you make money doing freelance jobs or is this a scam?

I’ve personally always been interested in how to make money working from home and there have always been ads for typing from home and doing tasks from home. I recently came across this website and just had to find out what is Crowdsource about and whether it is worth the effort. Let’s jump in and have a look.

Crowd Source Review
Overall Ranking: 10/100
Price: Free
Website: www.crowdsource.com

Introduction: What is Crowdsource about?

Crowd Source claims to pay you for certain tasks you complete online. These tasks are made up of a variety of jobs such as copywriting, moderation and transcription. The pay per task varies greatly starting at about $0.02 per word or $0.20 per short task.

What is Crowd Source about

What was my personal experience with Crowd Force?

Registering with Crowd Source was an easy process. Once I was inside I immediately went to have a look at what jobs were available. As you can see from the screenshot below there were a lot of tasks available. I qualified for 94 tasks and in order to qualify for more I would have to take some courses first.

It appeared these courses check to make sure that you can actually spell and write correctly. This made perfect sense to me. The tasks that I had to qualify for first were obviously higher paying tasks so instead of trying to complete the smaller paying jobs first I headed straight to do a test. At this time there were 248 surveys, 1 transcription and 159 writing tasks available.

what is crowdsource

I easily completed the course within 10 minutes and went back to go and complete some tasks. However when I returned to the jobs available suddenly I qualify for nothing! There are now only 121 tasks available and I don’t qualify for them. I need to take another course to see if I am good enough to take those tasks. I’m feeling annoyed because it is quite obvious that over 300 tasks have suddenly disappeared in 10 minutes flat.

Crowd Source jobs qualify

The other strange thing is that they wouldn’t allow me to complete any tasks or complete another course to qualify for better tasks until I have verified my Paypal account. I started to feel uncomfortable about that. I can understand if I am paying for something for me to verify my Paypal account, but surely if someone is paying me I should be able to just give my Paypal email address.

I go through the process and verify my Paypal account, then I take the next course which I apparently fail. They say you need to get 90% or higher in the course to get through. I might be a little slow at times in some departments but this course was quite frankly easy and simple, there is no way that I could fail an English comprehension course. So here’s my take, this stinks.

I quickly change my Paypal password and check that there are no authorized payments that shouldn’t be there.

The next thing I do is go online and search for other reviews of Crowd Source to see what other people are saying about them. I never do any research before I do my review as I want my reviews to be base purely on my own personal experience.

What are others saying about Crowd Source?

There are lots of positive reviews for Crowd Source, although a common theme is that the editing staff can be inconsistent. They seem to often reject work without giving any clear reasons as to why.

While reading comments on the reviews lots of people said that they sent in a load of work and the majority gets rejected, they say it appears that they only accept a small portion each time so as to appear legit. The readers of these websites all rated Crowd Source incredibly low.

One of the reviews I read said Crowd Source has over 88 000 jobs available which makes them a great website to use… ok so I only see 121 tasks that I don’t even qualify for. I am sure if I do the next course and qualify there will be even less jobs and I will need to take another course?

Here is a rating I found online that really hits home what the problems are with this website.

Crowdsource complaints

Being paid by Crowdsource

Payments from Crowd Source are made via Paypal.

Pros & Cons for Crowdsource


  • Paid via Paypal


  • Earning potential is very low.
  • Few earning opportunities compared to what they claim
  • You can do a lot of work and have all or most of it rejected for apparently no reason
  • Suspicious when over 300 jobs disappear in less than 10 minutes after you have just “qualified” for more tasks

Who is this suitable for?

If you are willing to take the risk of being messed around and if you can complete tasks having them rejected, then you might like to try this.

Training/ Tools Overview

They have a support centre with FAQ’s and they have “courses” to take to qualify for higher earning. I found these courses a little dubious.


FAQ’s and a support request form. From what I could find online it appears there are very mixed reviews on whether they come back to you or not and how fast. Some people have had excellent support and others say they have not been gotten back to. Once again some serious inconsistency.


No costs involved.

Verdict for Crowdsource?

I’ll be honest here, I am not sure which way to go with this one. My personal experience tells me something stinks here. The reviews I have read have been mostly good, with feedback in the comments saying Crowd Source is terrible. I really like to check the comments on blogs because this really evens out the reviews and gives opinions from lots of other people. Anyone can write a blog and share their opinion, but it really is just an opinion now isn’t it?

My personal view is that is something is dubious or possibly untrustworthy stay away from it! I am not sure if this is a scam but there is most definitely something off here. A much better option for freelance work is Upwork, read my Upwork review here.

Do you want to learn how to write your own blogs to make money? I promise it will be a lot more lucrative than Crowdsource! Click here to learn more.

Crowd Source Review
Overall Ranking: 10/100
Price: Free
Website: www.crowdsource.com


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  1. Great and accurate review of Crowd Source! This websites definitely sounds like a scam and with the income potential being that low, it also reminds me survey-taking sites like Inbox Dollars! Inbox Dollars and sites like it sounds a lot more genuine than this one since a lot of the work you put in isn’t even counted a lot of the time. At least in those programs the work you put in actually means something, even though it doesn’t produce much success! 🙂 Great review Lynn, I hope you continue to expose scams like these! 🙂

    • Hi Johnathan

      I’m glad you enjoyed my review on Crowd Source. Yes I did a review on Inbox Dollars too, another complete waste of time and energy! You can read about it here.

      I am hitting scam after scam and so many time wasting websites in my quest to find some real online business opportunities. It just goes to show how many people are searching for online opportunities to make money, leaving such a huge market for scammers to hit.

  2. I just don’t get how anyone could bring themselves to works for 2 cents. I just don’t get it. Seriously, you can make more money taking surveys.

    • LOL Ben, there you said it! Exactly how it is. Why work for 2 cents, and even the surveys don’t pay much!

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