Conference Planning Advice For First Timers

You started out freelancing a while ago. You’ve grown your freelance business into a profitable and prosperous brand, and now you want to share what you have learnt with others. You are thinking of organising your first conference event for other freelancers to attend, complete with talks from you and other successful business owners about how you achieved your success. The only issue is that you’ve never organized anything like this before and aren’t exactly sure where to start.

The good news is that as long as you are organized and plan in advance, it should go smoothly. However, knowing what you need to plan and organize for a successful day isn’t always easy, which is where this guide comes in. Below are all of the most useful hacks for planning your first ever conference and making it a huge success. Read on for everything that you need to know.

Conference planning advice

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Set goals

Know what you want to achieve from your conference. Is the aim to increase awareness of your brand? Do you want to begin building a community? To be able to set goals, it is important to be clear about what you want from your conference. Once you have outlined what you want to achieve, you can then set measurable goals. Say, for instance, you want to increase your customer base by 200 people, invite 300 relevant people to attend, and your chances of achieving this goal are likely. When it comes to planning any event, goal setting is crucial.

Work out your budget

Decide what your budget will be for the event, as well as what you will need to charge for tickets (if it is a ticketed event) to make it worthwhile. As well as factoring in the cost of the venue and price for hiring speakers, don’t forget to consider things like travel costs, refreshments, worksheets and pens, and prizes if you are running any competitions. Accounting for security costs is also important, to do this use resources like the Cannon Guards website to get an idea of cost. When it comes to setting the ticket price for your event, you don’t want to overcharge, but you also don’t want to undercharge, it’s a case of getting the pricing just right.

Conference planning

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Choose a date

When it comes to choosing a date, it is vital to book a date that is far enough in advance. As that way, you should have plenty of time to plan everything out. The last thing you want when planning an event is being rushed, so it pays to set a date that is far enough in advance that you won’t need to rush your planning. After all, the chances are that your business takes up the majority of your time, which means that you won’t have all that much time spare for conference planning.

Offer more than talks

As well as offering talks from yourself and other leaders in your sector, it’s also worth offering other activities. Things like workshops, for instance, are always popular as these allow people to actively learn new things, making attending the event worthwhile. Perhaps you could also offer each attendee a free ebook to keep, as a complementary gift? Think outside the box and ensure that your event has value, and it is sure to be a success.

There you have it, advice for planning your very first conference.


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