Computers Can Help Your Business, but They Can Also Break It

Computers are often seen as a wonderful invention that has helped to spur creativity and productivity in various business sectors. Whether you work in the music or construction industry, you probably use a computer for one reason or another. It could be to produce music, it could be to analyse building blueprints, or it can even be to manage financial problems. Either way, computers are now a necessity in business and it’s foolish to not use technology to grow your company.

However, as much as computers can help your company, they can also break it. How, you might be wondering? Let’s dive into the many situations where careless computing can ruin an otherwise sturdy company.

Computers can be a benefit to your business

Protecting Your Network From Online Threats

If you’ve ever heard of hackers breaking into websites and leaking all kinds of things, then you’ve probably prepared some kind of digital protection to help your business. Unfortunately, there’s a misplaced belief that hackers gain access by simply guessing passwords or using sophisticated tools in order to break into a system.

The reality is that most “hackers” use social engineering and system vulnerabilities. For instance, you might be using a piece of software that is vulnerable in one way or another, and hackers can use that weakness and exploit it to their advantage. This is why software companies release regular updates to patch any security exploits so they can’t be abused.

In addition to anti-virus software, firewalls and other common protection tools, you’ll also need to train your staff (and yourself) on how to deal with social engineering. This includes accidentally giving your password to someone, accidentally clicking on a phishing site or even dropping a piece of paper that has their passwords on it.

In short, there’s a lot to keep in mind when protecting your computers and technology from outside threats.

Hardware failures

Hardware Failures Can Bring a Business Down

If you’re a startup, then chances are you’ve got a single computer or device that is capable of holding your important information. If you’ve contacted an IT service provider for businesses, then they’ve probably told you about cloud storage as well. Sadly, despite all of these countermeasures, hardware failures can bring a business down.

For instance, if a fire tears through your building and takes down several of your computers, then data on those devices are lost unless they’re backed up to the cloud. If you’re currently working on an important project and your laptop suddenly fails, then you’re going to need a replacement device.

These are the types of situations that you can get into should you not be prepared. This is known as continuity planning and it’s an important part of understanding how to keep your business running amidst adversity. If you’re a serious business owner, then you’ll have several continuity plans including ways to continue working without the help of a computer.

As much as computers can help your business, they can also break it. So make sure you’re prepared to not only invest in computers and technology but also the means to protect your workflow and data.


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